Monday, Nov. 28th was a busy work day. The holiday shopping rush blessed us with $1500 in retail sales so the day was full of shipping.

I would get a text from Steph explaining she could not get back in time to see me and her other friends so we just agreed to have Tuesday breakfast. This made it less challenging to get time to play tennis with Julia.

After work I went to help coach the 11s advanced soccer skills. Around 8 as practice ended I noticed Julia watching from the bench. After practice we biked 3 miles to the closest tennis court with lights. We shared some great conversation throughout the night and I even added a few spanish words to my vocab.

She was amazingly coordinated with her feet but her hand eye coordination left me curious if she was intentionally trying to get me to flirt while helping her. We had ablast non the less. On the way back she showed me a local community meditation garden.

Once I escorted her back to her bus stop she said she enjoyed my company and we should make plans after her class in the morning. As she road away, I realized my phone must have fallen out of my coat at the soccer field. I got lucky and someone answered in Spanish and Alejandra was near by to translate. Unfortunatley she wrote the address down wrong. I rode 2 miles to 6th street before looking up the address and realized there was no 327 on 6th so I gave up.

In the morning I went by Julias class to let her know I did not have my phone and asked if we could do something together in her area tonight. After getting that set I rushed back to see if Steph had found her way to the office for breakfast. I was not sure if she would cancel since I could not check my texts. Thankfully she followed through and was just parking in front with the Stang.

I found a 329 6th street about 4 miles east of us so I asked her to go towards it while looking for breakfast. We tried to call from in front of the house with no answer and I asked a neighbor if they had any ideas without luck so we gave up and went to eat.

Finding a pancake in little Mexico is very challenging but we managed to do it. After breakfast we kissed good bye and it was back to our normal lives.

Tuesday after work I took the subway to Julia in Hollywood. She took me on a romantic stary night hike up Griffith park to the observatory. The sexual tension was mounting as we cuddled on the make out cliff. I remained curteous and avoided makinjg the first move because she had just gotten out of a life long conindrum. Helping others through domestic troubles has been a big part of my philanthropy projects so I know she needs me to be a friend above all else and be very cautious if advancing over time.

I want to try to do more things as a group with her but I let her know I am sexually attracted to her also so she does not have to wonder what I am thinking.

Wednesday, Nov. 30th was a normal day at work but after soccer practice the wind picked up. A parent brought my phone back so my life was reconnected. In the late hours a wind storm with 90+ mph winds knocked a tree down on our neighbors and took out the neighborhoods power.

Thursday I rode around looking at the damage and got interviewed for the news. Got our necklace some publicity. I went to the human services office and post office to follow up on things and then spent the rest of the day working at McDonalds. After dark the crew came to join me since power had not been restored. We took some photos in playland and found our way home to restored power.

Friday I met Julia for a walk after dance class and invited her over for dinner. She tried to get a sitter but could not so we just chatted online until bed time.

Sat. morning I headed to the Labrea tar pits and museum park. It is a great place to listen to street performers and take pictures. After dark I worked on photos in a coffee shop until it was time to go to a house party.

The house party was one of the top 5 I have been too. You walk in from a secure 1st level used for storage and proceed to the 2nd floor where met by Djs, couches and a nice stage light system. Off to the left was a rail car shaped bedroom with the movie, “Breaking Bad” projected on the wall. It was like being in my own room, surrounded by plants and budhist art and incense. In the corner was the birthday boy, Evan’s, personal vinyl mixing settup.

Going back through the dance room, I found the kitchen stocked with fresh veggies and booze. Beyond that was another sittind area and then a bathroom. The bathroom had a ladder to take you to the roof. Up on the 3rd story roof you could see a beautiful view of the downtown skyline. I was one step closer to my goal of finding a roof top dance club. I hope to find one soon before moving on.

After some small talk with new friends and looking at what few stars are visible from downtown I worked my way to the alcohol mixing station. Orange juice and ginger ale with my Sailor Jerry’s it would be.

I chilled in the movie area while talking to some few interesting moon tribers. About 1a a bunch of the Shhmoke Entourage showed up, including Blaine, Alejandra, Scott, Will and our Beat Boxing champ, Mr. Mammal Gabriel and guard brotha Vic.

It was a good setting for Gabriel to get to know the crew a bit more. In between dancing most the night, I showed off the new glass Shhmokewear to the group of attractive models and fended off their sirene like calls for free samples.

As the sun came up around 6, I drove the crew home in Big Momma, parked it at Shhmoke and then took the rail back home to South Bay just in time to clean the house and welcome Julia and her friends. We were having a day at the beach together.

When they showed up I welcomed them to discuss our plan for the day. Her friend brought 7 yearold Josefine with for the day. The energy within the soul of the child was very connected to me. It was said she rarely welcomed strangers but on this day she would end up spending all the time talking to me. I was worried Julia would grow jealous from the lack of attention I was able to share but time will soon tell.

We walked the ocean beach a mile from Redondo to Hermosa Pier and shared laughs over lunch. The little one enjoyed riding on my shoulders on the way back to the car. Once we got back to the condo we relaxed around the pool before they had to leave. I was hoping Julia could stay late for dinner and a movie and take the train home but she decided to go.

After they left I skipped my evening soccer game across the street and passed out the rest of the evening.

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