Nothing happened on Monday the 10th but Tuesday was a full moon and it was my first time being invited to the secretive Moon Tribe gathering. The tribe is a made up of all types of free thinking spiritual minds that celebrate for a wide variety of reasons.

Some of our group left in the middle of the day but several would not get off work until later so we had a second bunch leave in big momma around 8. The destination was in the Mojave desert about an hour west of Las Vegas.

We knew where to turn off the paved road but finding the right route through winding paths in the sand was a problem. We took a wrong turn and were several miles in when we hit a real soft spot and got stuck. A few of us picked a hill in each direction and climbed to see if we cound see or hear the group. We then pushed the van out of the sand and made Scott run and jump in as we followed the sound of drums and light to the party.

We were able to avoid the $15 entry by coming in on a side entry so it worked out great. The spot was marked by the only trees growing in the desert within view. There was 5 of them in a circle forming a natural amphitheater. The DJ and concert speakers were on one side while the drum circle and acoustic lovers were around the fire on the opposite side. The outter edges of the camp had fire spinners, hoopers, and people with all sorts of glow things…including a remote control plane.

We set up a hammock and blanket to mark our base and then everyone split up to mingle. The people were wonderful but after dancing through to sunrise I found no one to connect deeply with so I let loose and lost awareness. My pictures of the gathering were mostly blurry as were my memories of the night.

As the sun rose all 7 of us joined back up in van and headed to the gas station on the highway. Will was too tired to drive so another Tim took over as we all slept. About an hour down the road we woke up to Tim screetching that the van died and we were coasting to a stop on the left side of the road. It turned out that Will was so out of it that he didn’t remember to pump the gas at the station!

We could see an exit down the mountain and if we could just get to the slope we could coast off the exit. We prayed big momma would start back up to get us out of traffic and our prayers were answered. As we made it to the exit we could see gas ahead so we all jumped out and started pushing like a scene from Little Miss Sunshine.

We made it to the pump and dropped to our knees in celebration. After remembering to pump the gas we headed home. We all took naps and tried to do a few simple work tasks in between.

Thursday we edited our contracts so we could move forward knowing where we all stood on expectations. Friday we reviewed the week of work and then Sung picked me up to go camping.

We had 2 locations in mind and flipped a coin to decide. The destination was to be Mugu Beach park area. It was just after dark when we got there and it was full so we found the largest campground in the area and headed for Lake Casitas.

Only about 100 of the available 400 spots where filled so we had our choice for the best spots. It was $25 a night but included several extras validating the high tent cost. The campground had showers, a water park, playgrounds, general store, electric, disc golf and even a remote plane runway.

The road went around the lake and up cliffs for about 2 miles making for a great bike ride. Sung and I road over a great spot of the disc course over looking the entire lake and took a bunch of pictures. On the way back he got a flat so I came back with the Tacoma to pick him up.

We met several great people around us and shared our fire and movies with a few. One lady and her daughter travel around booking story telling gigs at festivals. Victoria and her daughter were great company. I took Sean to the Hot Springs just 5 miles up the Ojai road and showed him the hiking trails.

Sean was a great spirit and surprised me by letting loose to enjoy the hot springs naturally the way they were intended. There where a few attractive girls around us doing the same as well. After several hours of chilling in the river and hot springs I took Sean to the trail entry and then back to camp.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed to Venice Beach. We met up with Neil for drinks and walked the boardwalk. I looked over our Shhmokewear booth manned by Scott to make sure he was taken care of on the way back to the car. When we got home SP could not find his phone and concluded he must have left it in the bathroom.

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