Monday there was a protest march focused on the Fed Reserve that the Shhmokewear team was going to catch but we decided we had too many things to get done for work so I took a new bus route that shaved 30 minutes off my travel straight to work.

I worked as long as I could on 3 hours of sleep then biked to get groceries. Before passing out I texted Rabella good night and that was the last thing I remember.

Tuesday was a basic business day. Had a few rare events happen. An old partner who owes me over $80,000 (Roland Pinto) replied to an email after a year of silence. Same old reply though where he makes a broken promise. I got my mom a payment to deliver to the bank to clear my credit report today as well. The IRS audited and tricked me into being liable for a $2000 donation to their fake national debt interest back in 2008. After they emptied my bank account the TierOne/Great Western Bank charged me $250 for rolling overdrafts while I was out of touch. I finally gave in today and gave them $60 so I have a clear record. Now that I have a reason to sue them I am going to use this example to practice my legal abilities.

For the evening I took the 45 minute bus commute to jog with Rebella in Santa Monica. She likes to stop and sprint rather then jog a steady pace so it was a nice balance to my normal weekly run.

The next morning I had to force myself out of her bed to catch the bus in time for work. She was very persuasive to keep me for breakfast and coffee. The first bus had no room for my bike so I waited for the next one while eating at Jack In The Box.

The ride from Santa Monica to Boyle Heights along Wilshire is a lovely ride. It takes you through Beverly Hills, past the Tar Pits and museum, Hollywood and some popular downtown landmarks.

I worked until 5 and then went around the parks to the north until I found some futbal players. We played 2v2 until 6:30 and then I headed home.

The next morning I took some extra time to work in the yard and lift after yoga. The morning NPR talked about a critical injury to an Oakland Occupier being hit in the head by a pepper spray can from police.l It also talked about the Maryland Police Union was standing in support of Occupiers while Boston was having American flags disrespected by their local PD.

After work on TR Alejandra and Scott went with me to visit 2 local buddhist temples and a Japanese ?. Will picked me up on the walk back to get a burger and have our weekly talk. It was a stressing time as one customer stopped a $2000 check claiming incomplete shipping while another a second situation involved a supplier with poor street smarts.

I then gathered my costume and headed for the train to Hollywood for a Media and Music party at the W Hotel. I had an hour to mingle before my date arrived so I met several interesting people including creator and voice behind Daniel the Turtle as seen on YouTube/madBeanz. About half of the people where in costume and it was easy to start conversations since I was in character as Gandhi.

The Rangers where about to win the world series with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th with a 2 run lead as my date entered and I switched my focus. She was not interested in meeting the others so we walked up to the music party and met a few musicians and enjoyed an open bar. I took some fun pictures as we looked over Hollywood and Capital Records from the balcony.


My date had a few differences about posessions and materialism and dress so my interest is being challenged. She drinks water but is picky that it is carbonated and pays $5. I challenge her that I think she would not enjoy camping and nature but she bets and insists otherwise so I invite her to go hiking this weekend. Despite my refusal to drive her places she invites me home for the nite so I accept. I am left in a uncertain position that my Arabic promise to be monogamous will be short lived but must go about my days without worry.

After coffe and a morning wake up call I headed for the bus. I had a pay it forward commercial moment on the bus. When placing yourself in public you are presented with many opportunities to improve the lives around you. A middle aged man with a bad hip gives up his seat for an elderly gent; athlete gives his seat to the middle age man; a lady moves her bag to offer the last seat to the athlete. =) I was also reminded to carry flowers or bamboo for crying children and others of in need of peace.

I was 2 hours late for work but that just means I work 2 hours later.
I ended up doing a whole sale order and then taking it to the downtown FedEx drop and then Home Depot to get a Usb hub.

We usually have a week summary meeting from 1 to 2 but I didn’t get back until 4 so the meeting took until 5 and then Will and I went to the bank to get me pay before jumping on the train.

Friday night, we went to Hermosa Pier clubs for costume parties. Neil was a Pirate and walked past security with a real knife. Sean had a zombie mask with a biking outfit and I had a jedi cape and Ghandi Sirong with a yoda green funny hat. The clubs were fun and Sean was his usual out-going self attracting drunk guys looking for a fight.

We eventually passed out around 3. The next morning I didn’t have any specific plans so SP and I spent the day doing errands. After dinner at the best Vitnamese place in South Bay called,, I headed for Rabellas. The next morning she took me to the best mediation gardens I’ve ever been to.

The Lake Gardens where full of symbols of five of the 6 global religions. Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Muslim but not Wican. There are flowers everywhere and different prayer rooms and meditation areas. We took some cute pictures and cuddled and meditated and then I drove her covertible CLK Benz down Sunset BLvd and along the beach on PCH. It was exactly like this scene in “From Prada to Nada”. We stopped at the beach for a while to watch some Dolphins and make out on a sideways tree. It is not very often you get to watch the Dolphins and Whales from the beach so I stayed unil they left our view.

I was 2 hours behind schedule to leave for the Green Festival at the convention center downtown so I held off her invitation to take a nap, carried her to bed and tucked her in before leaving.

The first 3 buses had full bike racks due to the beach pickup points being right before Rabella’s neighborhood so I had to wait nearlyh 40 minutes to get moving. Once I finally arrived at the convention center I had 30 minutes to walk around with Sung and get a quick look at all the vendors. There where so many attractive women I couldn’t focus on business networking. Another highlight was the entertainment. I followed the beat of drums and chanting and a beautiful dancing gypsy to the presence of the Agape singers. The Agape are a spiritual gathering group that meet Wednesdays at 6 and all day on Sundays at 5700 buckingham in culver city. At the invitation of the beauty I will be visiting Wednesday.

After dancing with Agape we headed home. For the first time, the neighbors had organized a Pilada at the park across the street so I got a good 11v11 game in while Sung cooked up chicken and veggies.


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