Monday Dec. 11. Normal Monday morning swim and hot tub yoga then off to work. Met Jeantine from Soest nederland on the bus to work. We talked all about our travels and I shared a bunch of secrets for getting around LA. We made plans to say hi on email and arrange a Tuesday meeting for a Griffith hike.

She told me about Los angeles limosine express inc. who is now the lowest priced ride to Vegas at $25. Once at work I discovered Snoop was playing Tuesday in south Hollywood so hiking would be tentative on my ability to get compted into the show.

Tuesday morning Julia asked me to come say hi after dance. We talked about options to meet and she invited me to a party on Friday. During the day I posted notices on several Snoop sites to increase the chance of being invited into the circle. For the evening I took the bus to the Wiltern show. After hitting the line with a hundrded cards and demonstrations I stood around the VIPs and put the Shhmokewear name in the minds of Snoops boyz who came out with the passes and to those connected with receiving them.

I picked one real cool brother named Hecter who was dating one of Snoops dancers and talked to him about 10 minutes while waiting for his pass. I decided it was a worthy recipient for the nights free product. After all the VIPs were in I went around the back and snuck in. Just like all the concerts I have written about in the past, all you have to do to find out how is contact me.

The trains were all closed on the way home because some idiot called in a bomb threat so I had to take the bus. One benefit is you can not get cited for not paying like the train but your discount is at the drivers discretion. On the other hand you may get a psycho on a full moon that stops the bus by cusing at the driver and then everyone has to help the driver remove the pest.

Wednesday was a normal day with the standard youth soccer practice. There were two parties across town by Santa Monica but I decided to relax after a good workout at practice.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened Thursday until the evening when our two Shhmokewear musicians got together at a club concert. We are getting them together for the first time to do some recordings.

Friday, I handled payroll on my own while will checked in the work delivered by the artists. When I got back I put together shipping because Blaine skipped out on work and then I updated the balance sheets before heading to the local meditation garden.

I was not feeling well so I bailed on attending Snoop’s Players Ball. When I got home, Sung took me to Pho Ever to eat some amazing Seafood Pho soup and then we chilled in the hot tub before finishing the night with movies and popcorn. I sent sales emails out all day Saturday and then walked outside and stopped in to the community xmas party for a bit. I was still battling a head ache and sore throat so I stayed in for the night. Sean went to a nice Winter Solstice gathering and a Korean spa with Will and got home around 1a.

Sunday, Sean went hiking all day and I went to a local park to edit photos in the warm sunshine. I met a beautiful photographer and then another fun girl at the local Wendy’s. She was a cheerful spirit all dressed like Wendy herself on the posters.

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