Monday Dec. 19th, I was still sluggish from a virus but I did my swim and weights anyway and watched Contagian while getting ready for work. This day was spent negotiating my contract, obtaining a new phone for the Helping Hands Network sponsored by Claxton and updating balance sheets.

Tuesday was spent doing a practice run on Will’s tasks to limit questions while he was in Ohio.

Wednesday was spent improving sales systems with Sean and then coaching my 11 year old soccer stars. It was the winter solstice so I got the Shhmokewear Entourage in the van and took everyone to a ceremony followed by a full night of live music and dancing.

The Solstice ceremony was a bunch of kind loving people sitting on the floor of a large coffee and art establishment sharing thoughts about improving the community. Bells and other Indian music vibes were being carried around those in the circle as well as burning sage for purification. After the talking was concluding, bands and DJs started playing until the sun came up.

Thursday my soccer kids had a scrimmage scheduled only a mile away so I was excited to see them in a game situation. They did great for playing kids 3 years older then them. They were ahead the whole second half before a last minute goal tied it.

Friday I got everyone paid, improved our inventroy process, edited contracts and improved forms before heading off to the Chavez community gardens and Mariachi plaza. I met with the director of the garden projects, Irene Pena and we talked about joint charity efforts for about an hour before I headed over to Mariachi.

The plaza was filled with dancers, musicians, farmers produce and other fun vendors. I was a few minutes behind on the train getting to an xmas light hike with Sung at the Greek Theatre.

I pulled up to the Greek just in time to jump in the hike line and meet Sung. The group had just finished their hot cocoa and muffins and started mobilizing. Along the hike a nice belly dance instructor and fitness coach named Anja with Czechoslovakian roots. We walked the hike to the peak of Mt. Hollywood and then the group did some trivia questions for prizes. By the time we made it back to Griffith observatory we were pretty snookered from our bottle of wine. Anja was still enjoying our company but she took a bathroom detour and a beautiful Russian girl started talking to me. It was hard to keep both girls entertained but Sean had my back. The Russian Vegan was deep in conversation with me the first 10 minutes down while Sean and Anja talked. Then I reached a good point to get back to Anja.

As we reached the end we invited both girls to come to the Korean Spa with us to finish the night. As we were leaving I noticed the most fluffy skunk ever waddling beside us.

In Hollywood even the skunks are high maintenance. Seriously, on our way to the Korean spa after our hike, a skunk was walking along the curb and it was all shinny and fluffy like it just walked out of a salon.

The first spa was family oriented and coed so they profile strictly. They asked if we had been partying and Sean let it slip we just had wine so they refused to let us in. The second Spa was more mature so sobriety did not matter. It was great to spend the evening in a hot wet sauna, dry sauna, jet massage shower, hot salt tub, ice tub, hot shave and lounge room for $20.

We returned to get my stuff from the office and then headed home. After we recovered around noon on Saturday, we went out doing some window shopping then relaxed with some movies at home.

Sunday morning, we got up at 8 and went to the beach to workout and do yoga. We then returned home for breakfast. Sean went to his moms the rest of the day and I went back to the beach to play volleyball.

The rest of the day I talked to friends and family and shared my travel blog and edited stories and photos. I was really feeling the pain from being alone these holidays. My life is nearly perfect and full of wild adventures and I live free and in the moment. I am in perfect health, with an ideal diet and strong muscular body and most say I am very attractive and have the most amazing green blue eyes….yet the biggest thing, the most important to me… the one thing I would give it all up for… a true soul mate and supportive woman….. still alludes me! 

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