Monday came and went with no hello from Julia so I had a feeling she was uncomfortable with her friends knowing about me as more then a friend. I turned my attention back towards meetup for the weekend.

Work had one fun twist this day…A hello from a fashion rep of Snoops. We continue to nudge towards getting connected with the gonja father.

For the evening, Will and I went to join the Topanga Earth Day committe. The group was full of wonderful earth spirits with unique wellness skills.

After the meeting we acompanied the host to her house to chill around the fire. Lisa Ciaci had an amazing canyon farm. She had 4 rental cabins all occupied and paying 70% of the properties mortgage. The rest was paid by weekend ranch Bed and Breakfast and spiritual ceremonies.

The inside of the main house was redesigned in a southwestern flare, complete with native american items from different western tribes. The furniture was all natural hand made farm wood items. I left Will and Lisa to cuddle in private and found my way to a spare bedroom after a great conversation about Frida.

The next morning I got out and did some yoga and then walked around the farm with pups and the horses. I picked up some recycling laying around and selected a few rocks for the garden. One of the committe members rented a cabin so she said hello as I passed by. We ended up talking about their food garden that was not protected in a winter greenhouse. I asked if I could save the strawberries by giving them refuge at Shhmokewear and so a trade was born.

As the time came to part ways, we stopped at a local diner for breakfast and then headed towards the Santa Monica court house to make payment arrangements for my bullshit crosswalk infraction. I had to choose between dodging an on coming car and not entering the crosswalk with someone 5 lanes away on foot. There just happen to be a cop looking to fill his quota in view and a $234 donation to the city was born.

I was given 60 days to make payments or schedule a court appearance to plead for community service. In LA there is no phone support and no printed fees. It is reviewed and then assigned a value and delivered by mail 3 weeks later.

We spent the next few hours walking around the Meditation Gardens on Sunset and then along the upper Santa Monica boardwalk trails. We had seafood gumbo at a nice Caribbean grill, visited our Shhmoke shop and booth on Venice beach and then took 3 hours to cross town through evening traffic. We ended up stopping at a Papa Johns and ate Pizza while enjoying the view of others in the traffic.

As the night of the 6th winded down I got a message from Julia explaining her life was a mess and the stress kept her from feeling like seeing me this week. Who knows how long that would last?

Wednesday was a normal work day and usual volunteer night coaching the local kids soccer skills.

Thursday I did some extra gardening, biked to watch a local high school soccer practice and then enjoyed a camp fire under the moon.

Friday, the 9th, I finished up our Holiday sales email and didn’t get to the bus until 5:45p. The bus ride home took me past all the beautiful Xmas lights in downtown and the holiday carnival at the Staples center. I was tempted to get out and explore but had my mind set on biking to the beach under the full moon and enjoying the Blues club at Hermosa. I knew that if I found an after party I would still be up to enjoy the lunar eclipse. I also had the option of going to the Moon Tribe Rave but wanted to focus on meeting a girl by home for the weekends.

Sung and I went to a Chinese buffet and I gave his number to a waitress he liked, then I biked to Manhattan beach and found a great Dave Mathews cover band to dance with all night. I only saw one girl of interest and of course she was married.

Saturday we cleaned house, watched Barcelona destroy Real Madrid 3-1 and then headed down to the AdultCon convention with Will to push our products to adult stores.

Will did not clarify he wanted to be there at 1p and it was 4p when we arrived. Instead of going by himself and meeting us there he used it as an excuse to not go at all even though we had until 9 pm to solicite shop wholesalers.

We were already in the car and didn’t like Will’s negative energy so we just went to the hispanic central farmers market for some dinner. I love the potatoe cakes stuffed with cheese! I also got a pound of dried fruits for $3.50.

When we returned home I just edited travel pictures and watched some movies.

Sunday morning I had a good reply to my workout partner listing After we exchanged some emails we decided to set up a TR tennis meetup.

Sean helped me find some good tablet laptop deals and then I was off to the holiday festival at Manhattan Beach. I edited more photos at the water fountains and then biked the strand until I found a good group playing volleyball. I sat and edited more while waiting my turn to get in the rotation.

As the time approached for the music to start thousands of people continued to amass until the beach and 4 surrounding street blocks were full of nearly 30000. The energy was amazing. My new volleyball friends shared their picnic goodies with me and then a few of us did some yoga as the amazing sun set with xmas lights from the pier in front of it. I got some amazing photos!

I then jogged the beach for awhile before wandering the crowd. Sean didn’t know what I meant when I texted him vball so he got frustrated and went back home after failing to find me at the festival. I was talking to a wonerful girl named Chelsea Mackin about food freedom when Sean paged to tell me a laptop seller replied to setup an exchange at a restraunt half way. My current laptop screen that had been broken by our buddy Neil has reached a point where I can no longer use it effectively.

The exchange went smooth with Dana and her 20 something boyfriend. She was nervous as I explaind we would have to break the seal on the unopened box test it. I showed her I had the money to ease her nerves and I encouraged her man to join us in the car to plug it in and boot up.

By the time we got back from Long Beach the fireworks where done so we went home to test the laptop. It only had Windows Starter and I gig of ram but it had an upgraded processor so I decided to sell it and find another cheap one with Ultimate and 2gig ram.

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