Monday, Dec. 26th. A friend from my high school soccer days has parents living in Culver City so she was available to meet for lunch today. I rushed my morning swim and weights to bus up to the Carson City mall and hang out a while before heading to work.

Linda helped identify some key branding concepts after we enjoyed some nice lunch conversation and then we went our separate ways. Carson City was full of small specialty shops. It was upscale like Rodeo Drive in some areas and then in another section there were middle class chains like Macy’s.

It was quite a challenge getting from Manhattan to Carson City and then to Boyle Heights for work all by bus. When a person with a scooter needs a ride it takes 5 extra minutes on and off and on this day there were two such riders. Time just seemed to fly by and it was 4 by the time I started working.

The week was full of double duties again as acting CEO while Will enjoyed time with his family in Ohio. I only got to workout 2 days, yoga 2 sessions, and lift one day. Thursday, I got an hour soccer workout in with some 20 something club players. That was the highlight of my personal week.

This was the busiest shopping week and the last of the year so my whole week was full of tallying financial numbers.

On Friday, by the time I did the FedEx drop, open a PO box, eat, transfer payroll payments and pack it was 7:30.  By the time I was on the couch relaxing it was 9:30 and I needed to rest up for a wild NYE at Universal Studios and City.

Sean went to the gym while I swam in our pool Saturday morning and then we headed to Chinatown to park for free. We took the train to Universal Studios but failed to meet any attractive girls. We paid $15 to get in to City walk shopping village and shuttled up the hill. It was another $77 to get into the theme park so we just walked around the free concert stages.

We got in the front row and sat down for an hour waiting for the music to start. I kept noticing some very attractive girls a few rows back and closer to the MTV camera but I didn’t try to push my way to them. I regretted not getting closer to get the name on the jumbo tron more. I did get it on a few times when a camera zoomed in on my phone sticker while a band member stood by me.

Sean had a genius reaction! He put a card in the stiching of Slashes hat and it stayed there for the last hour of the show. The cameras zoomed in on it every few minutes. It was the best marketing ploy ever. We plastered the tables with cards and then I struck up a great conversation with 2 Russian model sisters.

Sean and I talked to them all the way to the train and then on the train to Hollywood Blvd. They didn’t want to get a drink with us but I did get them my numbers and we talked about driving them around the beach for lunch the next day.

The models ended up being the girls I was checking out behind us the whole concert!

As we were walking the stars, two more hot girls asked us to help them get the ones dress out of a purse zipper. We ended up talking for several minutes and gave them my numbers.

If Sean was more confident I would have told the Russians to come swim in our pool and stay the night so they could have breakfast on the beach with us.

As we arrived back to Union station we got separated. Sean ended up going the wrong way on a train while I sat on the platform waiting for him. He got frustrated with me cause I commented his new years resolution was to lose weight while talkin to a girl he liked.

It lead to fait though cause I met a great girl named Ashley on the platform and she told me all about the Rose parade and then offered to meet for lunch after the parade. She even texted me after saying bye to tell me goodnight.

Sunday, I made us blackberry pancakes and then headed to meet the Russian modeling sisters Ana and Lesha at Manhattan pier. We spent the day layin on the beach and playing volleyball and then they had to catch their bus back to Hollywood before sunset.

After they left I mingled with Husker alumni sitting next to me. They just retired in LA from North Platte and their beautiful sorority daughter was wearing her house sweatshirt making it easy for me to profile and pick them out of the crowd.

As I watched them from the pier, the father had an embarassing moment. He was changing behind his towel facing his daughter when the wind blew his towel off…. talk about an image burning in that poor girls memory.

After watching the sunset and completing another weekend without true love I returned home. Sean had prepared the most amazing fresh veggie platter with a cheese samon and brocoli baked in a crosaint. It was my favorite gourmet SP meal yet.

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