Monday 1/2/2012.

I took the train to the end of the parade route in Pasadena and then biked the entire parade route with the floats when I could get away with it. For my family watching on tv you could see me when they zoomed out at times. I wandered around the floats and got some good picts. I put my hat on the fence while removing my shirt and didn’t realize it until I was about 2 miles down the route.

I got some great photos, My favorites where those that showed the after effects with the streets covered in litter and the gian empty bleachers.

I headed for the stadium to tailgate next. After handing out some Shhmokewear cards and circling the stadium I got a bunch of water for the protestors from a nice Oregon lady running a tailgate party.

After handing filling up there bottles I picked the USC tailgate to watch the game. It was a great party put on by a bunch of LA County sheriffs. They where hammered and handing free barbaque and beers like crazy. They accepted me quickly after I started placing $5 side bets.

Another visitor passed out in their chair so the deputies picked up the chair and put him in the back of a pickup in the next row over. We played the bean bag game through halftime and I got the hottest single girl in the crowd to partner up with me.

Late in the game, Wisconsin had a turnover that ended up being the losing factor for them in the 35-48 loss. I then biked ahead of traffic to the sports bar back on main street to watch the Oklahoma St. V. Stanford game


The work week was normal until Will got back Wed night. A lot of our time was spent trying to get Brian to agree to a resolution agreement. My weeks big accomplishments were the completion of the balance sheets and beginning of Annual meeting agenda and statements. This included calculating company value and stock value per share.

The weekend started with no big plans but we considered going hiking and camping in the Malibu hills.

I was tired of not having a womans company on the weekend so I decided to focus 100% of my attention on finding a girlfriend in South Bay.

Friday I went to the Sharks Cove sports bar. I got online and renewed my singles ads and said hello to several girls signed up for the meetup hike the next morning.

Saturday I went back to the  Sports bar to watch the Lions lose to the Saints. 3 beautiful college ladies sat beside me and we kept each other company through the game. Two of them had ties to Nebraska so we kept the conversation flowing quite well.

After the game was over the bar switches to a live music scene. During the switch I went to the coffee shop in hopes of finding a more intelligent conversation. With no interesting girls to be found I returned to the bar. By midnight I gave up and biked back to the house half snookered and lonely.

Saturday morning I hit the pool and hot tub and Sean went to a morning boot camp workout. He has been doing a great job of sticking to his workout resolution. I went biking around the neighborhood and prayed I would meet a good girl in the botanical meditation garden.

After striking out there, Sean picked me up to go try another meetup hike in Griffith park. This one was going to a Pine forest location that was new to me so I was excited.

I met a few interesting ladies but forgot to bring my information so I didn’t hand my number out. The most attractive prospect was a nice Asian mom from Austin. I told her my profile pict on meetup so she could find me easily and then introduced her to Sean and looked for another friend to make.

I was not getting a great vibe from anyone so I often wandered solo to give others a chance to approach me. The few that did where not relationship material so I felt like the afternoon was wasted.

Saturday night I went back to the Gardens and beach but again met no one of interest.

Sunday, I went to the Del Amo mall down the street and spent the day wandering whole foods and athletic stores introducing myself and handing out my number. Again, I felt like I struck out. I watched the sunset and moon rise in my favorite garden while checking for replies to my ads and then went home sad again with no hope for the future.

Next week it will be back to camping in nature and a shallow shot at finding happiness for several more days.


Poetry For the Week

Your life is never what you want it.
So far from perfection.
You close your eyes and picture the changes.
Imagine the missing pieces.
Let the lonliness transcend you.
Its so brooken, yet so near perfect.

You wander the streets with your eyes wide open.
Looking in the isles of the market,
the empty chairs around you,
the beach blankets surround you.
No one beside you…
Its so brooken, yet your life is so well spoken.

Once upon a time you found it.
But time and time again love is lost.
Is life’s destiny to serve others without a ground?
Its so broken, yet you get your fix by combining it all.
Love, happiness, & dedication to pursuit of a healthy community

It is all within view. When will you grasp it?
Reel it in and become one. Embrace it.
It appears so broken, but look beyond the wall.
Through that crack in the mirror is the future.

A future so bright, yet so pleasing,
You don’t need to shade yourself any longer.


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