LA 1/9-1/15

Posted: February 9, 2012 in NEW FRIENDS, Table Of Contents, TRAVEL / Gatherings

Monday night Will and I went to our Topanga Earth Day meeting and I was able to watch Alabama whip LSU from my new TMobile LGx2 while sneaking away.

The rest of the week was filled with work tasks and little night life.

I trained with the college kids Tuesday morning and helped coach the 11year olds Wednesday.

Friday, Sean came and rescued me from work and took me to a group campout at the Big Pines mountain. We got set up just before dark and sat by the fire in the 30 degree night as long as we could.

The next morning we went hiking with a couple to the peak. It was 3 miles up and took just under 2 hours. Sean went back to the car and a bit later I realized I had the keys so I headed back. I saw a hikeable gully, knowing the trail cut back below, I slid down it and cut off 30 minutes.

There was one spot in the gully where the snow was waist high and I had to climb around. I love the rush you get when you come out of the wild and see that sure sign of civilization.

I walked back to camp and got the fire going. 5 meetup friends had set up new camps to join us. Soon after making lunch our Shhmokewear beat boxer,  the Mammal, showed up. He lives in the next town over and works at the ski resort on the Wrightwood Range next door.

Gabe headed back to town a little after 7 and we started dinner. By 10p everyone was too cold to continue so we let the fire die and headed to the car to watch a movie in comfort. It was relaxing enough that we stayed there the rest of the night.

Come sunrise Sunday morning we decided to take the scenic highway 2 through the mountain passes back to Glendale pass. We packed everything up and everyone said good bye before parting ways.

Driving the mountain peaks was amazing. The terrain is similar to Colorado but the climate is Mediterainian and has a limited 30 degree temperature swing year round. There were several spots recovering from fires and overall the 50 mile stretch from Wrightwood had only 2 businesses with resources. Our highest point reached 8400 feet and was so rugged that the road department left emergency vehicles on pull overs every 15 miles during the winter.

As we past from the east to west side of the San Gabriels there was one final ranch camground and cafe and then the city skyline was back in view. Once you see signs of the city all the thoughts involved return and you lose that feeling of being out in the wild.

We took a lot of great photos and then turned on to the freeway. Once we returned home it was time for the wonderful moment where you wash all that weekend of dirt and camp smoke off. One really learns to appreciate the primping after days of living wild.

We relaxed in the pool, ordered a pizza, and then I cut my hair and shaved. We ended the night with cookies, ice cream and the Giants beating the packers with Sean’s friend Aaron.

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