Monday, Will and the crew went to Venice then he was going to another Topanga Earth Day meeting so I stopped by the Staples Center to watch the Clippers v. NJ Nets. I decided to not spend the afternoon screwing around and continued on to the office.

The week before I met a beautiful girl named Kim at the local Subway so I stopped by again hoping to see her but no such luck.

The week was our lowest selling and I had to even use my check to cover all the staffs pay. Moral was low and it was difficult to focus.

I did the usual things like gardening and coaching. About the only exciting thing for the week was Mr. David “Raou Raou” and his acting premier stories and the Sundance film festival. David began filming this week and each night he came home full of exciting reflections. The director had the perfect plot and script for a first time acting musician like David.

The plot is set as a woman wakes up one morning to discover the government and media have forced her to participate in using her home for a filmed reality show. She has to accept David as a roommate and struggling street musician and try to go about her normal life while befriending him. It is perfect for allowing the couple to act natural and go with the flow.

Friday night, Will and Sean were going to setup at a party in Hollywood to sell Shhmokewear but I was burnt out and decided to go to the house and browse internet profiles. Sean crawled in around 6am soaked from working our outdoor booth in the rain.

Saturday I went to hang out at the coffee shops and met some interesting ladies. One was from Lincoln Nebraska so our conversation coninued on while watching most of the sunset.

My usual meditation spot was flooded from all the rain the night before. The pond was 6ft. Above flood stage and all you could see was the top of benches and the playground.

Sunday, we had another friend of Sean’s come over to watch the football games. Woo was a minor gambler betting on the Patriots and Niners. The Patriots won by a dropped Raven pass in the end zone and the Niners lost in OT because their kick return man fumbled allowing the Giants an easy field goal.

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