I was taking this week to get caught up on eBay listings so I only helped SI with the critical issues from home in South Bay.

Monday, January 30, I went and spent 4 hours of my life getting processed for a California food grant so I would have more ability to help people in situations like Julia’s.

I had to wait 1 hour in line to get in the building, 1 hour to get to the check in desk and 1.5 hours to meet my processor and another 30 minutes to complete the application. The end result was that I should get the funding by Friday. I then went to a different department to learn how the emergency services work for those unable to work and denied other benefits.

California only requires a state id with an address to give $221 and free medical to those who wait in line and complete the paper work. The system does not seem to inspire the people to get part time jobs though because if they have any reported tax income they are disqualified from the program and only given food benefits.

The free medical system saves the average american thousands per year and is very tempting to exchange in place of a tax declaring job.

Tuesday, I went and biked the strand from Hermosa to Del Ray with Sean and then got a few hours of work done at night. We ate at Hennesey’s on the Pier overlooking the beach. Tuesday’s is 2 for 1 burgers. We paid $5 each for gourmet burgers and chips and pickles. I enjoyed a soy earth burger with pineapple and avacado.

Wednesday, I was able to get a bunch done and then when SP came home he suggested we go use a coupon for dinner at a local bar’s trivia night event. The service at Suzy’s was not too friendly but the food was average. We were so far behind the leaders by the end of the 3rd round that we gave up and went home.

By the time we got home it was late and I didn’t feel like focusing on more work.

Thursday, Sean went to the gym and did errands all day while I got listings done. A web client of his has 10 guest passes on his work days at the Leno Comedy club in Hermosa so we made plans to use them this day. SP picked me up at 7 and we were off.

For the price of two $4 dolllar sodas I was sitting front center to meet Paul Reiser from “Mad About You” and Kirk Fox from SNL. Kirk is Pauly Shores best friend who helped him film “The Death of Pauly”.  There was also an amazing juggler who made the top 10 on Americas Got Talent. He juggled a bowling ball, hatchet and golf ball. He also bounced a pin behind his back and kicked it back in front and continued juggling.

Friday I needed to pay my final $134 at Santa Monica court. I waited until 2p expecting to pay it online. When I logged in the system had not credited my payments so I had to rush to the train and hope I could make it to the courthouse before 4:30.

I got there at 4:50 and made the best of the trip by enjoying the sunset from the Bluffs park.  There were some performers in the park I had not met before on this night. There was a pirate with 3 trained parrots, a cat woman and a Madonna singer.

After an hour of moonlight yoga I headed back home to focus on more eBay listings.

Saturday I did a swim workout and then continued to lock myself down in order to get all the charity items listed on eBay. If I would have completed my goal I would have gone to The Musical Mammal’s Fashion show downtown all night but it wasn’t meant to be.

Sunday, Feb. 5th, was Super Bowl Sunday so we invited friends over and made some friendly bets on the commercials. Our friend Danny Woo was a bit over excited when a Giants player with a similar name wood be called by the announcers. The more he drank, the louder he got. Somehow I was able to get everything listed by the end of the night amongst the partying.

My favorite commercials were the M&M nude party, the Sketchers Moonwalking dog and the Perfect Dream Hyundai.

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