Monday, Feb. 6th 2012.
I had to start my day by taking the 5 hour round trip from South Bay to Santa Monica to pay my BS traffic citation and then bus another 15 miles to SI in Boyle Heights.

The city of Santa Monica and most courts in big cities are under staffed in the present economy so mailed payments can go weeks without processing. I learned this was the case with me and only one of my $50 payments were recorded. I had to pay the $184 unaccounted for and then deal with Chase to cancel and refund my money order.

While I was in line a lady walked in front of two of us sitting on the bench like we were not there. The other guy cut her off and gave her some looks. About 10 minutes later he was astonished I did not react so he told her I was in front of her politely and she said she didn’t realize it then appoligized. We exchanged stories and her $480 ticket for running a yellow light on camera was much worse so I told her I was in no hurry and it was against my monk beliefs to seek retribution.

The manager behind the counter overheard my story of being an unfair victim, monk missionary and having a lost payment so on my way out she caught me in the lobby and offered to run a trace on my payment and wait with me as I got confirmation from the bank for cashing.

My Helping Hands story had remained with her since my first visit in November so she went out of her way to catch me. Her kind soul is one we rarely encounter in life and a great example of who I return extra love towards. I asked her what her deepest stress in life was so I could pray and seek solutions for it.


After I was done at the court I caught the bus to Shhmokewear. As soon as I arrived at SI Will was ready to go to our Topanga Earth Day meeting.

It was nice to see some new faces like back stage coordinator and silk dancer, Sparrow. We made a lot of progress on individual committee goals. I got more connected with recycling and obtaining seed packets.

Once we got back to the office we had a meeting with the Shiggar supplier and negotiatged a shared CHAMPS table to reduce or costs 66%.

Tuesday was a normal day of garden yoga and late night work. Wednesday I was back to training the neighborhood kids soccer.

At the end of Thursday we went downtown for display supplies and then had chinese food next to a gorgeous girl who was interested in handing out our promo cards.

When I got back I looked up the H.E.L.P. Horse rescue ranch and posted their recent donation by a Helping Hands Supporter. I was then notified that the founder, Jerry Owens, had just passed away. I changed all the facebook and website notices so the progress of supporters would continue to the next closest rescue organization.

I then put together a press release to spread the word that Jerry’s life work was going un-noticed and a historical memorial should be erected on a spot of the ranch before a housing developer bull dozes everything.

Friday, after connecting with some Holland buyers, I headed home. We were going to a singles party for Mardi Gras in Longbeach this night.

The party was full of rich retired beach house cougars so we stayed just long enough for SP to practice his moves. Danny Woo came along and locked up at the bar the whole time. I was proud of SP as his confidence was up and he mingled with a target I pointed out.

Saturday we got our work done by 3 and then hit a dead head show at the lighthouse on Hermosa Pier. It was rockin and I was surrounded by over 6 godesses’ at any one time. Three of them came up to me with #s in hand on their way out at the end.

From there SP wanted to head home so I said I would take a cab. I wanted to hit the Blues Club Grammy party and dance club all night. I met recent divorcee named Timmieu who kept me company and danced with me all night. She even gave me a ride home but locked up at the chance for more. I’m a second date guy so I gave her a warm hug and thanked her for the ride.

Sunday, I worked on my Helping Hand flyers for the Grammys at the Staple Center and then headed down to the biggest party of the year in LA.

Being in the lobby of the Grammys is almost as cool as being inside. Well, ok, not really but it is fun to be surrounded by Americas most loved artists. Thousands of fancy dresses everywhere. I watched a couple try to get in by taking an access pass from people leaving. They got drilled by 5 ticket checkers and waited 20 minutes before finally being sent back out of the lobby. Tickets to the grammy event where $500-2500 and the after party was another $200. So much waste and irresponsibility by the upper class.

I understand half of them are compted for the artists but the rest could put that funding into a charity like the Helping Hands Network and we good improve life for thousands of causes.

So ridiculous that events like this have gotten so far out of control financially.

After everyone had made there way into the party and I had my pictures and videos done, I boarded the train back home.

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