Monday Feb. 20, we left at 8am to pack the Shhmokewear event boxes and pick up Will and Raou Raou. It was nearly 2pm by the time they were in the car heading down the road. I contributed a weeks worth of food from the grocery store at the last stop before Sin City.

We got settled into our Casino and scoped out the trade show setup. SP and I walked Circus Circus, the Strat and back to the Riv while Will and David went to a party with one of our customers.

The Riv’s dollar hot dog and penny slot room had been turned into a club room. The Sahara was closed down and the Circus’ Subway jacked their prices 40%.

Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, started by us having training in the room over breakfast and then getting our booth setup. Our partners arrived from Fuma Cigars and pipes and we all got organized.


I then went walking about to network with possible partners and mingle. I made a new friend named Lisa who had never been to Vegas, so I invited her to our hip hop party this night.

The event went great for day one. While we only achieved 40% of our goal in confirmed orders, we did have enough interest for advance orders to meet day two’s goal.

After the trade show closed at 6pm we played pinball while waiting for the parties to get jumping. Our beatboxer promoter, was performing at a show downtown at the Las Vegas Country Saloon.

Pinball @ the Riv w/ Willy

We got 10 of our associates together and off we went. Downtown is a spot you don’t want to miss if visiting. The Fremont square has the famous video screen ceiling used in tons of movies and there is a large mix of shops.

Fremont Square

Fremont Square

The club was jumping with performances by Swisher Sweets, Los Marijuanos, and Phoenix who is under Linkin Park’s wing. We took a lot of pictures and networked. Mammal came on from 1:30-2:45 then we all headed back.

Champs After Party

CHAMPS after party

Wednesday, we had our best sales, doubling Tuesday. After work we split up as Will was checking into a new casino to help network. It was 8 by the time we got to the room so I laid down for a nap. I notified some friends that I would checkin at 10:30 to meet for the GLow company party at the Palms.

I was extra worn out and couldn’t muster enough energy to go out. SP tried to shake me but I was too far gone. It was 6am the next time I looked at my phone.

Thursday, I got up early and did some pool side yoga then SP and I hit the breakfast buffet to start the day out. Then I went and watched the Taikwandoe tournament for a bit on the way to the booth.

We passed our goal in sales for the day and then packed everything up. Most exhibitors were anxious to get home so there were no great parties scheduled. We rested up and got packed and then hit the casino floor. I broke even on black jack even with the distraction of the Rio pole dancers. I play one stack for 30 minutes. I move the winnings into a new stack and then at the end of 30 minutes I bet at least half of my winnings. Will was focused on a girl and SP went back to the room.

Friday, we followed up with our leads and then cleared out for some fun. We took picts at the Pawn Stars shop first. The old man or a customer had a Roles Roice in the lot that got backed into so I stood in front of him to get a picture.

Going to Pawn Stars

Next we went to Ricks Resorations for more photos and then SP dropped me off at Red Rock Canyon just 5 miles out of town.

Rick's Restorations

From the highway it was one hour to the mouth of the canyon, then the trails start climbing. I took several paths before figuring out the easiest route. I surveyed several camping spots before finding the perfect location. Just off the path was a clump of spruce tree’s providing privacy and wind cover as well as the perfect distance for hanging hamocks. To the west of the tree’s was a 10 foot flat boulder providing cover from the canyon winds as well as a heat reflector for my fire. There was the perfect view as well as a flat spot for the fire and cooking.

Camp Red Rocks

The last 2 hours of sunlight I hiked around collecting firewood and taking pictures. As it got dark I started the fire with my sparker. I played my harp to scare away any predators and then urinated around the camp for extra protection. Just for extra precaution I sharpened a safety spear.

Through the night I used up one battery checking in on facebook and then 75% of my laptop battery working on my comic book. The view of the stars was great but I caught no glimpses of shooting stars even though there was a predicted meteor shower.

About 2a the fire had burned out so I got up to restock it.

Saturday, Feb. 25, I was awoken by 2 super early climbers at 6:30am. I got up and had a PBJ while collecting firewood. I got my gear sorted and did some wake up yoga on the cliff above camp.

Cell phone signal?

Then I walked 30 minutes back toward the entrance so I could trade some grapes for water, not knowing how far I would have to hike to find more.

I hiked up the canyon about 2000 feet to the highest point I felt comfortable without a spotter. Along the way there were several fresh water swimming holes and filtered stream water spots to drink. I jumped in cleaned up while a nice lady from Mammoth and her dog kept me company.

Oak Creek hike

At one point I was eating lunch and laying out on a flat rock in the sun when two bob cats scurried up above me.

I continued hiking and playing my harp while working my way back to camp as it got dark. I did some yoga, read a bit and checked in with facebook updates before starting my fire and prepparing dinner.

The wind woke me up about 4 as the ocean tide breezes blew through. My boulder wall and spruce tree kept me covered from them great.

Sunday, Feb. 26. This morning there was a couple super early birds who woke me up while it was still dawn at 5am. It was also about 40 degrees so I got up and stoked the fire to warm up.

Now knowing water was available 30 minutes up stream, I was able to save the time from asking others. I instead, made some oatmeal for breakfast and then located a good spot to make room for lunch.

I spent about 2 hours climbing to the point where I could not go further without rope and then watched the others around me use their gear to scurry up the 1000 foot wall to the peak.

Climb baby climb

Next I went to get water to dump in my pot for dinner. When I returned it was still cold so I did some lifting and push ups, pull and sit ups to get my body temp up.

I hiked back into the canyon until reaching a water hole in the sun. I filled up my bottle and then did some more workouts to get sweatie before jumping in to bathe. It was cold but refreshing to get 2 days of camp smoke and grime off me and to have clean feet and moisturized hands.

Watering Hole

I climbed up to a flat ledge high above normal hikers view and stripped to work on my tan. Every once in awhile, a black and white creature would poke her head out of the rocks near me to see what was up. She was the color of a racoon but the size of a cat.

I laid out for the next 2 hours and ate lunch until 4 when the sun starts to dip behind the mountains. I returned back to camp and did some yoga as the sunset. I helped guide a few climbers to the main trail and gave them my number then played them a good bye toon on the harp from my perch high above as they vanished into the painted desert below.

The night was warmer then the day as the wind stopped. I sat by the fire, eating noodles in my hamock. As the never ending darkness drifted on, I wrote an article about the top must have phone apps, played some music, text my loved ones and faded away into fantasy land dreaming about sharing these romantic times with a loved one.

Exciting trails to hike!!


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