Las Vegas 2/27-3/4

Posted: March 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Monday Feb. 27. Woke up from camping in Red Rocks Canyon on the west edge of Las Vegas. Stoked the fire to warm up and then made breakfast.  Packed up camp and said my good byes to all my wilderness friends from the past weekend. Sure do miss the owls who kept me company and sang me my lollabye at night. 3 nights sleeping in a hamock is about my limit. I’m a cuddler and that’s not an easy position in the hamock plus I’m too tall for the bananna position. I lose to much blood in my feet.  I made it to the hikers parking lot after an hour of hiking and then a few minutes laters a great man with Nebraska ties picked me up. Jesse was driving his 16 month old son, Aaron, around in the country to put him to sleep. He married his high school sweetheart after following her to Omaha where she attended Creighton. She took a job in Vegas as a dermatoligist and he enjoys having Mead and the Canyons just outside town.  He took me 10 miles in to Tropicana street to catch a bus to Excalibur to meet my mom. The buses only go 30 minute cycles and cost $2. I was about to give up when the bus finally showed up.  The zipper finally gave out on my 10 year old pack so I limited my strolling until my mom got checked in to her room so I could ditch my camping gear.  I hung out at NY/NY where the coffee shop has a plug in and free wireless for charging and photo uploading.  At 7:30 I went over to the sports bar by the Excalibur check in desk and around 8:15, mom and step dad came around the corner. We exchanged hugs and then checked into the room.  I was looking forward to a shower and hot tub experience but like most casinos, they close at 10p and cost $10. Even the tubs pool side and pools at excalibur are closed from Dec. To March. You can lounge in the chairs from 10am to 5pm.  In the morning on Tuesday I went to the gym but forgot my shoes and had to go back to the room. I got detoured discovering there was a $35 poker tourney from 9 to 11. I got 4th out of 42 for a quick $95 then we went to lunch at Denny’s next to the MGM. Prices were same as the other national diners.  We went to Fremont center after lunch and I found Hogs and Heifers biker bar and the Ace Loan Co. On the side of 3rd street. You have to check out this 1960s pawn shop sometime. Everything is covered in dust and unorganized. When you walk in you get floored by the smell of moth balls. Aww the reminder of my days at grannies house. The poor old lady owner has not sold anything in months. I wanted to buy some silver but I couldn’t find an easy route to get it out of the display window without restacking broken VCR parts to get to it.   We jumped on a city bus to get a cheap tour of the Henderson area nearly 30 miles away. This gave me the perfect chance to complete all my customer follow ups. We got a nice sunset view over the city. Once back, I changed out of my gym clothes and into some club wear.  I started to go listen to some jazz at the Orleans but it was cold out and the bus was going to be a 30 minute wait so I went to the NY Piano bar instead. After I had enough laughs at drunk girls expense, I went and finished the night playing Black Jack split. I had a perfect round and ended ahead $100 with the help of a nice $90 on the final hand of the night.  Wednesday morning, I went and played in the early bird poker tourney finishing 4th again for $65 and then spent the morning in the gym. As the US v. Italy game started I laid out at the pool and then finished the game at the sports lounge with a movie screen and surround sound as the US beat the Italians for the first time ever after 11 tries.  I then went to the Orleans to listen to some Jazz. The Orleans has a 13 screen theatre upstairs and costs $8-10. It also has the best liquor store because everyone knows consumption is a career in NOLA and the casino has to represent. It also has one of the most active poker rooms. The scene majority is seniors.  I made it back to Excalibur in time for the 5p tourney thank goodness because I ended up winning and pocketing $433. I got step dad to come watch my final but mom was cranky and stayed in her room. I took Cliff to play $100 of my winnings on roulette and dinner. Mom came down but was gripping more so I had to go back to the 8pm tourney and leave her to return to her cave.  After the next tourney gave me a trip Queen vs. Full house bad beat I took the sky walk to the Luxor and Mandalay.  Ri Ra Irish Pub between Luxor and Mandalay Bay sky walk is great. I love live Irish folk so I chilled there before returning to my night cap Black Jack Switch table.  A cute girl tried to pick me up at the bar and since I was friendly I even talked to her as she creepishly followed me out of the skywalk. I eventually told her I had to find my girlfriend and gave her a hug good bye. It was a nice challenge for me to prove I am interested in someone I do not want to jeopardize future potential with.  Thursday was a nice 70degree pool day. I explored the local options. Excalibur opened the pool and hot tub but there was no one around and the environment is lame. The Luxor and Mandalay water park was closed but in the far corner I noticed a secluded beach club with a good party going down.  I eventually weaved my way to the entrance. They make it a challenge to find to limit non quests from using it but they don’t check for room cards. They just don’t give out towels to non members is all. It also helps to be looking sexy cause you will get in a lot of places for free.  For example most shows give free passes at the last minute to those who look good and are at the door as the show starts.  Thursday night I spent most the time with family and then finished the night with an AC/DC cover band at Skynyrds place.  Friday, I walked the family to the airport shuttle and then laid out at the pool until 2pm when it was time to catch my ride to LA.  Vegas is not a good place for me when having a love interest elsewhere. I had a lot of girls approach me but I focused on family and work time and stayed out of trouble. You either need to be single or bring your love with you if you intend to escape with a clean conscience.  Good luck.

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