The end? is near

Posted: March 22, 2012 in Creative Writings, NEW FRIENDS
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Hypnotic crashing waves,

Gentle rays of terrainian sun,
Never ending warmth of santa ana.
The end is near… for now.

Loving friends,
GREAT causes in need,
sponsors in the mist.
the end is near.

Accommodations comforting me,

Hot tub, garden, pools and the never ending beach,

I don’t want to give you up.
Volleyball, soccer, nightly concerts and parties,
please fit in my trunk.

I try so hard to not take you all for granted,
I live without you half my year,
but all of you fail to connect me with what I need.
What I need?
Ohhhh what I need I have not held here yet again.

Eight years of following one cause to the next,
from the food war in Nebraska,
to the Native reservation corruption and suicides in the northern plains,
to the evil doctors of Brainard Minnesota,
to the murderous woman between New York and Phily.
You all misguide me.


I chase the hurricanes of New Orleans,
to the tornadoes in Joplin,
to the forest fires of Texas,
and ride the waves through the Pan Pacific.
All to fall deep, deep in love,
just to be broken time and time again.

I pray the magic of the SoCal hot springs,
the aura of the moon goddesses,
the family of the gathering tribes,
the expression of the burners,
the power of the Canyon ranches,
the sounds of the Agape,
the prayers of the yogi meditation fellowship,
ALL will bring me the one.

Several surround me,
a few embrace me,
but only one tried to love me.
and now that the end is near,
you grow on me.

I think about life with you,
about a life with all of you.
So many things in common,
so much warmth you shine upon me,
your energy draws me near like the moon to the earth.

Are you available?
Are you really capable of loving me for me?
The time is not right, there’s someone else.
And so it continues,
the countdown goes on,
new causes cry for help & the move is in motion.

The end may be near,
but perhaps you will be available and capable again soon.
there is no end to our circle,
and just maybe the good bye is really a SEE YOU SOON?

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