Suffering is a Creation of the Mind

Posted: March 23, 2012 in CAUSES, Creative Writings, Table Of Contents

(this is the story of a loving soul’s climb through Dante’s Inferno. We hope it will inspire and be shared with anyone going through difficult times.)


Most of my stress is rather cumulative and I am doing my best to let go of it and move forward. The past year and half I experienced a lot depression and anxiety. I did not feel like myself at all. My health was very rocky.


I have a chronic health issue since childhood and I have to take care to get plenty of rest and relaxation to maintain my well-being. My unhappiness was due more to things in my personal and home life, rather than work, but that bled into my work and creative life for obvious reasons.

It all just wore me down and I did not really speak to anyone about my sadness. I could have chosen to respond differently and more positively to the circumstances that existed beyond my control. I did not remain in my power and essentially gave up my power, and slowly felt my inner flame growing very dim.

There were a lot of changes in my life–moving, new relationship, new home, new jobs, and prior to that I was in a very empowered place and doing some intense spiritual exploration into new territory.

Then came many changes, and I headed into some sort of death. Perhaps it was a metamorphosis, or perhaps I deluded myself and stopped listening to myself. I made many compromises.
I was not always in this state.

Sometimes I would awaken from it like I was emerging from the great abyss of the ocean, the sun pouring down on me and everything illuminated and I thought, Ah! I will never go back down there again…but then again the currents would pull me down and toss me about helplessly.

This blackness felt so out of my character, what I believed to be me… I was bewildered. I really felt perplexed at my own doom, but couldn’t stop the train from heading off the cliff. I have felt great sorrow in my life and great happiness, but not for a long time have I fallen into such a gloom for so long.

The optimist in me usually always sees the light at the end of tunnel. Somehow, it was all going dark in my mind’s eye and I couldn’t imagine where it was all going or if it was going anywhere or headed to an end and sometimes I did not care. I couldn’t find my clarity of vision, or see beyond the clouds a new dawn.

When I look at things on the surface, it all seems very trivial. I have so much to be grateful for. Most suffering is a creation of the mind. There are things I must let go of and will. We carry so many unnecessary weights in life and don’t need to.

It is all about acceptance really. Accept what others are and accept yourself.

So it’s a new day. The past is to learn from, not to harbor and the future is a vast universe of possibility, but the present is the sweetest nectar to be relished…every morsel and contained all in one.

  1. tami says:

    Very well put. I too have suffered in silence in the depths of that darkness, but your right, suffering IS a state of mind. Everything we do in life is a choice. When tough times come; & they always do, it is the way we choose to look at & choose to handle the tide rushing in, that determines if we swim, sink or float onto the next part of our journey. One thing I try to always remember is that whatever the circumstance is, it only has as much power & control over me & my life as what I allow it to have. We can choose to allow things to interfere & disrupt our lives & emotions or we can choose to accept that for whatever reason it happened & no matter what the situation, we choose to let go & give it to God in order for Him to be able to use it in our life or the life of another. Besides, he’s the only one that really knows what to do with it anyway; He’s known from the beginning of time how He was going to use it in your life. So, best advice is to accept the situation, smile graciously (as hard as it may be at the time) & give it to God, asking Him to take it & use it in your life the best way He sees fit & then keep moving forward along the path He has set out for you. We must learn to get out of Gods way in order to allow Him to work.
    Good luck & God bless my friend. If u ever need to talk you know how to reach me. 🙂

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