Monday I went to do yoga at Runyun Canyon and hike with a friend. She offered to give me a guide of Santa Clarita so I went along for some R&R. It was an area I was not familiar with.  Tuesday we went to a hike around an old retired horse ranch. It was a 6 mile hike with shade and nice sunny peaks. There was also a large field of white sage which only grows in selective locations. It was only the 4th location I have found in all my exploring.

On the way home I met a wonderful actress/model who was unusually talkative. She didn’t volunter her number so I gave her mine and prayed that I would hear from her.

Once I returned home I had a memory chip waiting for me for the laptop so I would spend the next 3 days upgrading my laptop to windows 7 pro from the Starter edition. If you need to do this, use the method where you enter a “anytime” serial number rather then a series of complicated bios and command prompt tricks.  I backed up my info out of caution and it was needed because my boot master file was corrupted causing the data on the primary drive to be formated.   I eventually got the laptop stable by Friday so I went to meet Shhmokewear Will to progress on the closing of our contract and then I went back to Santa Clarita to get away from the city.

Spring had arrived which means 6 out of every 7 days through March are cloudy and wet.   The entire weekend was stormy with hard winds so I stayed at a friends and got a lot of writing done and finished sewing my hippy shorts.

The next week I was planning on heading to Lake Havasu but two girls asked me to dance with them at the weeks Greatful Friday event which included a spirituality workshop on “three little words”.  So I took the extra time to order a hammock and nite bag for the trip.

Monday the 19th would also mark the beginning of a wonderful friendship with daily contact up to the present moment.  The actress would turn out to be very spiritual, well educated in literature and a delight to discuss the world with.

When Friday arrived, she was unfortunately ill and being cared for so going to make her hot soup was not an option. Instead I went to the event to meet up with my dancing friend from Azusa. We would have a wonderful night. I walked her to the car at 3 and then went back to dance until the sun came up with my tribe friends.  It was fun yet another heart break of a night, going home single.

It was Sunday before I knew it and I started looking for rides to San Fran to get to the Yogi commune. I was about to take a ride on Monday or Tuesday but was then asked to spend a day with my friend before leaving.  I would take the 26th-30th to get 2 issues of the comic well organized and I got the story book organized and printed so I could edit it on the way to San Fran with out my laptop.  Saturday I got up at 6 with excitement for the day and passed an hour by going to an REI used camping gear sale. I scored a $80 pack for only $19!

I arrived in Santa Monica at 1 and my exploring partner would arrive at 1:30.  We walked the strand, talked over some Indian/chinese at Mau’s kitchen and then relaxed on the beach deep into a philosophy talk.  The weather kept us from making it to the Meditation garden and made us too tired to go dancing so we went to the store and got food to cook at her place instead.

As I learned she was short of work, I offered to use some of our food grant funds to stock her fridge plus I was eating some of it any way.  After our meal and movie we discused that it made sense to stay the night so I could get to a church just 10 blocks away early in the morning.  Sunday, April 1st.  I did my morning yoga and then took my friends kitchen trash with on my way out. My first stop was CBS Studios and the Grove Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax.

The place was amazing and even though it was in the middle of yuppy celebrityville, the prices were fair. There were over 100 vendors. It reminded me of the Texas flea market. The land and businesses established here have always been owned by the Gilmore family.

I passed out some Topanga flyers and ate a bananna and muffin then walked 10 blocks to the church.

I was expecting an Agape spiritual experience but instead it was Christian Rock so I cut out early and took 2 buses to get to Venice Blvd and then walked 15 blocks towards the Center for Hare Krishna Consciousness, New Dwarka Iskon temple.

Along the way I was drawn to the Royal T Art Gallery and cafe. Inside they were having a vintage goods swap meet. Good vibes surround those using barter to replace capitalism.

As I continued on my journey I ventured into a Masonic temple to discover This spiritual gathering was all about prayer through rythm, dance and vibrations. About 50 people were dancing around me loving each other and massaging and doing interactive chanting. Another first for me.

Next door was my final destination, the Hare Krishna conciousness, New Dwarma Iskon center. They were setting up for a fire celebration in the yard so I had time to eat lunch at their buffet from 2-3. As a beautiful indian princess walked by me, I asked her to tell me the story of the days events.  She was very kind in explaining it was the arrival holiday for a god dheity and there was going to be a fire celebration and then Iskon entrance with flower throwing and song and dance all night.

The fire celebration was amazing. First the group walks a pilgrimage with drums and chants to announce the beginning. Then the sand is drawn and blessed, then the spices are added and color, then bits of wood and oil corolate with certain prayer chants. Flower and fruit blessings and grain is tossed to the fire in offering to the spirits.  The closing sees the groups wrists wrapped in red hemp and then they circle the fire smoke in song and dance.  My host princess would visit me a few times to guide and encourage my participation. At the close I took her picture and gave her my contact in hopes she stays in touch.  She then led me to the temple to continue in song and dance. We duplicated a lot of the same offerings as outside. The princess then came back to me and whispered in my ear that she had a vision of me while at the alter. She asked me to stay put while she went to get me a gift.  I went to my bag and all I had to trade was some Sage. I told her that it was used by the natives to clense and purify. She brought me a flower leigh and Radhanath’s The Journey Home book. We then continued to dance and celebrate.  In the middle of the ceremony there was a 15 min story telling explaining the history of the dheity being celebrated.

My new friend then went to the kitchen to help staff prepare for the after party meal. After closing prayers the rest of us followed to the kitchen.  The Indian combination of spicy rise, fried bread, pickled slaw, cooked peanuts, and rice raisin pudding was full of wild flavors. I then sat by the door and held up my sign asking for a ride to the bus station.  As 8:30 neared I went to the temple and picked out a happy couple and asked them for a ride. The man hesitated but then he realized it was a chance to look good in front of his wife and told me to get in.  I was on my way home safely and the walking was done.

I got my mom and my actress friend on chat and shared my days adventure.  It was now time to arrange my ride to the yogi commune north of San Fran.

  1. That place you went hiking looks beautiful. I’ve been looking for a new place to hike since I moved Up here

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