LA to Santa Rosa via San Fran 4/2-4/6

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

The week started with a few Craigslist rides to San Fran but only two going further north. The first was going to the Napa Valley and a second was going with in 10 miles of my destination to Santa Rosa but it was not leaving until mid day Thursday.  I got confirmed for the TR ride and considered several earlier rides. I took the extra time to triple check my supplies on Monday.

Tuesday I spent one last full day at the beach.  Wednesday I worked on an online Craigslist ad for our fundraising services and transfered truth videos and music to my travel devices.  Thursday, I loaded up and hit the train at 11 to meet my ride in Pasadena by 1. 

My carpool host was great. J was a friendly soul who lives 20 miles north of my destination trimming weed. We were joined by a last minute rider who was more of a NY hippy who forgot more of his stories then he could tell.  I learned a lot about growing along the way. I discovered vineyards use tinsel to scare away crop damaging birds.  Once we got to Sebastapol I got a call from the community owner saying I would not be welcome to come out so late and Saturdays are best for first arrivals.  I just had my driver drop me off at the closest park and I found a bench with tree cover out of sight.  There was a forest ranger near by and a full moon so I did not dare to start a fire to keep warm.

The temp stayed within 45 while the moon stayed up but I constantly was tossing and turning. Around 4, the moon dipped and the temp fell to near freezing. I only had a sheet to wrap around myself so I had to get up and do some plyrometrics to get the blood flow to warm my feet.  At the same time the sun rose, the moon slipped behind the horizon and I started walking towards the local cafe. It was 6:30 as the farmers and I entered the cafe.

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