Saturday morning light (4/8) gave me a chance to survey our surroundings.   Its a great feeling to wake up warm, dry and under a glass roof with views of the forest. Jason’s round house sat on the very top of the mountain over looking the village down below. The walls were made out of a giant tent canvas and lined with wood lathe strips criss crossing. Windows were clear plastic attached to the tent canvas. The kitchen counter was a beautiful sanded concrete.   He was in the process of connecting a porch to connect the out house and shower instead o.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    f walking a few steps outside at night etc. As breakfast was started over a propane camping burner Jason showed me an upside down rope he used to stretch out his back in the morning. I do the same thing with yoga positions so I didn’t see the need for it myself.  After we were done with breakfast we went outside and started burning brush he trimmed to limit fire hazzards around the property. He showed me the water tank system.  It was a a giant raised platform with a drinking water tank and a nutrient tank and a gray pond water tank for hose needs.   There are organized work parties on Saturdays at 10am so we headed down the mountain to go help cut fire wood. On the south side village there were about 7 guys gathered around receiving instructions on the plan. We split up and headed out to the field to start cutting wood.  The group was made of Chris, Roland who was the north side village leader, Rahibibi who was a buddhist living outside the village but liked contributing. There was also a guy who suffered verbal ability damage from cancer treatments and his large bull dog. He was difficult to understand but we made it work.     After we were done cutting firewood we met up with all the ladies for lunch. There was a guest showing how to make leather mocassins who the previous week showed how to tan the leather.  The children were decorating eggs and baskets. I laid down to meditate while absorbing the energy of the childrens laughter.  I next headed back up the mountain to help Jason burn more of his brush pile. He was gone so I built up the fire and then headed back to the Cric house area.   I was invited to the Cric house for dinner and given instructions on how to prep garden beds with compost and shown where to plant some rasberrie plants.  After working a few hours on the garden the dinner bell rang. Once for 15 minute warning, twice for 5 minutes and 3 times when ready. The food pantry is stalked with no problem as the local markets set plenty of expired food out nightly in the area. While the ocassional sweet desert or pizza would show up, it was usually limited to bread and produce.   It was frustrating watching my new friends be more excited about their dumpster runs then their crop growth in the green houses.  They are blessed enough to have a year round green house food supply and several of the other villagers focus on growing food but the Cric house had not dedicated anyone for it.  After dinner everyone finished up conversations and splits up to return towards their sleeping areas. They become pretty quiet by 11pm. This night there was a big brush burning party by the Wild Nest so some of us headed that way.  As I approached the area you could see all the trees glowing orange in the night from the flames light. There were about ten massive brush piles circled around and 3 burning at once. Around each burning pile was a group of 10 people talking. I joined in and as one conversation duled I moved to the next.  After awhile I took a seat on a log and played some harmonica. People would be drawn by the music and gather around. One very attractive woman and her 3 yearold would spend quite awhile keeping me company. At one point my comfort zone was challenged as she openly breast feed her little one. I would become less phased by this by the end of my stay as it was a common seen throughout the outdoor community. I was used to it around the first year of life but not the older todlers.  Around midnight the fire department showed up after a concerned passer by reported the high flames. They were impressed with our ground safety preperations and asked us to put out all but one and then went about their way.  I helped rake and shovel dirt on the surrounding flames and then headed to my dry warm couch.     Sunday (4/9) When I woke up it was sunny so I quickly did a set of in door sit ups and spine stretches before doing a full hour of yoga and push ups in the garden. By 9 everyone gathers in the kitchen for breakfast and someone signs up for food duties on a meal wheel on the fridge. They would usually make eggs and toast and I prefer fruit and oatmeal so I would wait until they cleared out before preparing fruit I had in my food sack.  After breakfast I headed over to the barn section where Joy and other moms were preparing easter activities for the children. It was nice to partake in family activities on the holiday rather then being alone like most recent holidays.  As the activities and lunch came to a close I returned to   I checked in with some friends and then turned on a video about the illegal formation and acceptance of the federal reserve and irs income tax as I drifted to sleep.

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