Monday (April 10)

I woke up to the mountain top birds and sun lit sky light of Jasons yurt. While Jay made breakfast I went out and enjoyed a nice open forest solar shower.

I then drove Jasons backup vehicle down the mountain so it would be there for his sister to drive up later that day.  After my normal morning yoga workout in the sunshine and breakfast I went to meet Seth. He took me out to the hops field to cut trees for a trellis system he was erecting.  I enjoyed cutting them with hand saws and then helping drag them around to the holes they would be placed in. This took most of the day.

After we were done I was invited to the community meeting and dinner. It was great to see them so organized. The meeting was led by a coordinator with a timed agenda and a minute taker by her side. When a subject went over the time aloted there was a vote to adjust the agenda. When community feedback was wanted there was a selection of thumb signals to show levels of tsupport. When someone agreed with what was being said you would snap or shake fingers. The topics for the night included the organizing of a May Day and Beltrane festival and updates to the extended guest policy. After the meeting, Jason gave me a ride back over the Cric house.  I turned on a video about the illegal formation and acceptance of the federal reserve and irs income tax as I drifted to sleep.


Tues. (4/11)

Most days here it is partly cloudy because the warm dry desert air collides with the cool wet air from the ocean rain clouds build up. During this time in spring it will sprinkle at some point most every day.

Today we went out to the field and I used an antique hand drill to put bolts in all the poles. It would rain hard at the end of the day so I switched back to the garden.  The night was just like the others with the exception of a large dumpster find. They brought back a crate of pickle jars, 2 boxes full of 10 pizzas and a box of produce.

Wed. (4/12)

The rain clouds decided to open up to day so most of the day I was running back and forth between writing on the porch and shoveling compost on the garden bed.

I took advantage of the down time to shadow the dairy experts Scott and Aubre to learn about making butter and cheeses.  The night was filled by my normal Cric house routine except I made everyone a nice pasta soup for dinner.


Thur. 4/12

It continued to rain so today was a repeat of yesterday with the exception that tonight there was a social gathering to celebrate passover.  Around 6, about half of the village got carpools to the south side Vic house for the party. The rest didn’t want to walk in the pooring rain.

Once Jason and I got there we helped set up the food. We used blankets around the floor to eat on which had some stressing out about spilling their wine with 10 children running around wild. Somehow no wine was ever spilt though.   The event started with some Jewish members projecting the story of passover on the wall and then we shared matsa dipped in horseradish and a sweet dip made to offset the spice.  After that the hosts led us in some singing and then passed some breaded fish dishes and breaded soup around.

After dinner we helped with the dishes then we said our good byes and I had Jason drop me back off at the Cric house.


Friday 4/13

It was my last day so I offered to help a few random people outside of my Cric group. When I wasn’t working on the gardens I was helping move big redwood lumber planks.

Towards the end of the day I started handing out thank you tokens to those who gave me the most of their time and said my good byes. Jason had an appointment in Santa Rosa so it worked out he could give me a ride to the Farm House cafe.


Sat 4/14

I woke up at 7 and had enough time to get a quickworkout in and breakfast before catching my ride to town. I left my hiking shoes for Jason or Seth since I was done with them and off we went. I had Jason drop me off at the cafe where this adventure all started at.  The Farm House cafe was right across the street from where my friend that invited me actually lived, so it was the perfect spot to have her visit me.


While I waited for her to show up I helped the owner and staff bring in supplies and then ordered breakfast in exchange for loitering there 3 hours. I was only going to be able to mingle with Kai for about 20 minutes before my carpool would arrive. What little time we did have we took advantage of.

As 10:30 came and went my nervousness grew that my carpool would not show up.  Before I got too worked up, here came Ben around the corner. He looked just like the normal nomad, scruffy and full of self expressionist character.  All 3 of us continued in conversation a few minutes until Kai needed to return a phone call. We concluded our good byes and loaded up in B’s van which was crammed full of gear.


Our drive was a long 11 hours but we managed to keep the conversation going between talks about his classical guitar career, travels to Cuba/Venzuela/Spain and the relationships that transpired. It was enjoyable to get time with a 27 yearold that had experienced the world.

His stories about being raised on a sustainable farm with no materialism was especially enlightening.  I really appreciated that he was willing to accept a trade worth exactly the amount of fuel I was costing him ($50) to go out of his way which was 250 miles and 4 hours.  As I approached sin city, one of my best friends, Ryan, sent me his location to be dropped off. About 50 of my dart friends were at Ballys casino.  B and I exchanged blessings and I was on my way for another chapter of adventure in Las Vegas.

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