Las Vegas 4/15-4/20

Posted: April 26, 2012 in NEW FRIENDS, TRAVEL / Gatherings
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I have written so many details about Vegas that this one is limited to just the highlights.


Sat. 4/15

After being dropped off by my Sebastapol car pool savior Brendon, I entered Ballys casino. The National Dart Association was having their championship tournaments and 50 of my friends were there. Most I had not seen in 5 years since I quit playing the pro circuit.  I went around and spent a lot of time with each and had them sign my travel book.

Ryan needed to be up early to play in a tournament so we just went to Imperial palace where he was staying for the night and played around there. In between our fun I was able to get some CL ads up and reply to other possible fitness clients.


Sun 4/16

I watched Ryan play darts between a fitness session and lunch, then we walked the neighboring casinos until we couldn’t muster the energy for one more step.


Monday 4/17

I started my normal Vegas routine today. 9am tournament at Excalibur, 11 at Luxor, workout and yoga session, then pool exploring all day until Ryan was ready to go checkin at the condo.

It was midnight by the time Ryan was done with darts so we called it an early night at the condo. He ended up getting 4th place in level 1 singles cricket which is actually the 3rd highest level behind Masters A & B. There is 64 entrants in each level so he placed 132nd in USA.

I used the early night to relist some of my fitness trainer and yoga instructing ads up on Vegas classifieds. Running private lessons get’s me one customer a day which is all that is needed to survive in Vegas.


Tuesday 4/18

Today I woke up with bad stomach pains because I ate 7 junk food items mostly made of genetic modified poisons (GMO). I spent all day in yoga poses that massage digestive organs near the bath tub drinking chamomile tea and nibbling on a bananna.


Wed 4/19

I was back to my normal self and thank goodness because today I would get to spend the entire day laying between two of the most beautiful Chicago godesses in nothing but the sexiest swim wear by the Excalibur pool. Sure they were likely buttering me up to drive them around and buy them things but I took full advantage of the situation.

Ryan chose to hang with the boys playing at the condo rather then come meet us at the pool, a decision that would ultimately stop us from sealing the deal.

From 8 to 10, we got the boys together to go watch the Fremont Light shows. The girls wanted to stay behind to eat and get ready for the clubs so I gave up on trying to meet up with them. While on Fremont street, we bumped into several others from my dart days. It was nice to get some social time with about 10 people I had not seen in years including Omaha’s comedian Keith and the Lincoln Knuth family pictured below.

Everything happens for a reason but it was sad flirting with the Chicago beauties all night and not getting them to come party at the condo. They chose to dance at the Gallery night club instead of meeting up with us.


Thur (4/19)

Bummed from the sour closing of the previous night, I declined the girls invitation to come spend the day with them at the topless Moorea beach. I couldn’t take another flirty day with them leading to god knows what. I politely replied to their texts through out the day while exploring 7 pools south of Ceasars.

The afternoon was soaked up at the Ceasars pool where I would be surrounded by 6 attractive divorced ladies partying for the life freeing change. During a brief moment of silence a gay guy neals down at my feet and asks me if he has seen me in LA?  Apparently that is Vegas code for action, because after I kept the conversation going, he told me his room number and asked me to come up. At least someone doesn’t expect you to spend all your money on them before getting to the p

oint around here.  I wished my new friends the best and then we all went our seperate ways as the pool closed at 7.

I found the sports bar to sit and write this chapter and then went to find Ryan at Ballys.  Ryan wanted to play Black Jack so I went looking for food. I stopped into O’Sheas Irish pub and watched a beer pong tourney while eating a salad and charging my phone.  When Ryan was ready to stop I checked in with Sylwia and Faye. I was hoping to get them to hang out without going into an expensive club but that was where they were heading.

Unfortunately for me, I would of had a 2 hour shuttle delay to go to the condo to change into some of Ryans nice clothing.  We apologized for not catching up with them and headed home.


Friday 4/20

After we packed up all of our stuff Ryan wanted to explore Mandalay, Luxor, and Excalibur so I gave him the tour of my stomping grounds. We spent the final hour of our time together playing black jack. We caught a lucky shoe and within 5 minutes I made $65 and by the time we were done we finished ahead $200.  We went out to the truck, got my stuff, said our good byes and then I went to the bus stop to catch my ride home to LA.

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