Things Just Work Out

Posted: May 16, 2012 in NEW FRIENDS, Table Of Contents, TRAVEL / Gatherings

THINGS JUST WORK OUT… most of the time!

I am always amazed at how things just work out for me. If I get a flat tire, it leads to meeting someone super cool who pulls over to help or picks me up hitching. If my friends are too busy to give me a ride when I ask, I somehow get a ride from the unexpected.

This Friday I went to Lincoln to sell a book and then move the ’63 Plymouth show car to a location 30 miles closer to my mom. The book sale went fine then I drove out by Rokeby to service the Plymouth and drive it to Emerald.

By the time I got the car to Emerald it was 5pm and the wonderful person allowing me storage, just happen to be going back by Rokeby (30 miles away) for their grand son’s baseball game at that exact moment. Hitching and walking could have taken my until dark I got extremely blessed.

This then allowed me to get down i-80 to Council  Bluffs for Rockfest. Along the way, a biker pulled up beside me honking and waving. It was my awesome friend, Kim “Sugar” Stutzman. I followed her off the interstate and chatted for a few and exchanged hugs.

Then, out of no where, another one of my best “brother like” friends (Josh “the kid” Kenny) came out of a bar and I got another wonderful surprise. The day was turning out AMAZING!!!

From there I made it to Rockfest in time for Rob Zombie. I was a bit bummed that Alice Cooper had just finished opening for Rob though. The Coop was the main reason I wanted to go but oh well.

I rapped up the night at the Show and again bumped into a couple of my card playing friends until crashing around 4am.


I started with some yoga from 8-10am at the Con-agra water park. Then chilled with a book about Southern Myths while listening to artists at the Omaha Farmers market.

I had to leave at noon to meet Farmer Mick in Burt county to begin setting poles for his barn extension project. (picts coming soon)

After working with him until 7, I then went to Sioux City for some club dancing and card playing until crashing at the Winnebago.

IT WAS A FUN 24 hours!!!!

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