Posted: July 5, 2012 in Creative Writings, Table Of Contents
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As a spiritual holy man, preacher, deacon, bodhi sava, story teller, guru, yogi, missionary, adopted native indigenous spirit, shawman and whatever other name all of you have placed upon my being… my visions inspire stories which then encourage others to create change in their environments.


This page is collection of my raw visions in the process of converting them into my comic book series of stories.

Somewhere I have a written diary of my visions which I hope to copy here soon.


JULY 4, 2012 – 3am

Seven years prior at the exact same time, my father, Jerry Frentz, was laying in a respite care bed entering his current bodies final sleep. Around the 1am time frame, the two of us had returned from a day and night of doing items on his bucket list and shooting fireworks amongst our Nebraska friends and family… all knowing it would be the last time they would be able to converse with his current being.


Every 4th of July week, I practice a deep meditation in honor of my father and this night in 2012 I would be blessed with a vision so real, my prayers were answered and I was able to be with him once again. Conversing, laughing and sharing love among several family members which many of, had transferred to new beings as well.


In the dream/vision,

both my divorced parents and my siblings were sitting in a picnic gazebo at a family reunion and I was helping my mom identify a young female cousin by asking pops if the cousin had a cast on her foot at their weeding. Mom has only been to my fathers family reunion 1x in the last 33 years and faces have changes so much. May be a sign that mom, brothers and maybe a sister will go w me for my birthday this year?!!

Next vision was dad showing off some hunting trophies and a half stuffed 2 legged Bore on a plaque skipping to life as the children gave it chase. We all shared laughs as someone joked to never stuff trophies w 4 legs or on wheels.

I remember seeing lots of my Minnesota family in the vision.

The fun seemed to last so long but yet when I awoke, all I wanted was to be let back in to the vision to give my father and family a hug. Instead, it was like I was at the next table over and everything was a haze. No matter how hard I tried to concentrate, I could not get any closer.


In short, a prayer to be with my father again, was answered and I am very grateful for that on this holiday week.



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