2013 Southwest Hike day 5 & 6

Posted: April 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Day 5
I followed the same routine as yesterday but today I had a ride to Vegas at 9am so I did a few risky things that drew attention knowing I didn’t have to sneak around for another nights stay. I cooked up some oatmeal aand then wore my protest shirt around the boaters on my way to the bathroom and back.

I decided to test how friendly the Sunday Rangers were by approaching them to check the time and mention my bus departure. They were friendly but kept an eye on me. They noticed where I went and came closer to watch me pack.

My shuttle to Vegas cost $55 plus $10 pickup. It had a 25 minute layover by the London Bridge so I quickly ran around the bridge and took some pictures.

We went through Laughlin at the end of the Corvette show and the beginning of the bike rally. On the ride my pipeline opinions were questioned by a Montana oil supporter. The kid next to me was busing back to VA. He noticed the hookah bracelet I was weaving and asked how much I sold them for. He quickly picked out one to take on his journey.

I arrived at the Vegas airport at 2 and had to pay $7 to get to Ballys. My friends were going to the store so I repacked for LA and then walked around casinos with my protest shirt for a couple hours until they got back.

We partied in the room and made sanwiches before heading out. I took my laptop so I could get some photos loaded on the blog knowing Ballys and Paris don’t have much for live music or club dancing. A girl who recognized me came over and said hi and introduced me to her friends but my shirt disinterested them pretty quick.

My friends soon headed for the room shortly after 1.

Day 6 4/22 Monday
Got up at 7 for pancakes and then went to the dart tournament area to say hi to all my friends before getting a 20 minute swim in. 11am bus departure was sneaking up on me quickly. I had 5 minutes to swap bags and take the truck keys back to Ryan and get to the bus. The driver had just loaded the bag and was closing the luggage bay as I walked up. A minute later I would have been delayed 3 hours waiting for the next bus.

I was approached by 2 more hemp enthusiasts on the bus to LA. The Shhmokewear products are a big hit everywhere I go. I would of loved to surprise my good friend Sung with my arrival but his job keeps him unknown hours so when I was two hours away I broke silence and set up dinner plans.

I also coordinated a possible social meetup with another friend and arranged my lodging at Shhmokewear headquarters for the night.

From the bus drop at 7th and Maple I walked 5 blocks to central station and hopped the green line to Sungs near Manhattan Beach.

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