Hike Day 7/8

Posted: April 25, 2013 in Uncategorized

Day 7 4/23 Tuesday
We got up at 7:30, ate some oatmeal and I was out the door by 8:30 heading for the Shhmokewear office.

After a few train hops I was in East LA Boyle Heights around 10:15. There must have been some budget cuts because there were no more paper ticket sales, only plastic bar code cards and I never saw any inspectors.

When I walked up to the office I had a hard time maneuvering around all the items piled around the garden features. It had been officially hippitized.

As I entered the office I was greeted by Scott at his prep station. As my voice resignated through the hall, Will came crawling out of his office all droopy eyed. He was soon followed by 3 more staff residents; Lee, Tim and Jesse.

I kept the guys company while Will prepped for the day. We went over a bunch of business items and he handed me an article to edit. Anytime he needed to redirect his attention, I turned my focus to the article so we stayed productive.

By 1 he was ready to go do some errands and eat. We picked up his assistant Gloria from her place and then went to get office paper on the way to a Mediterainian grill for lunch.

It was 4 by the time we got back and we had covered most of our meeting points so I wrapped up to head to my pick up point. Sung was going to meet me at the Culver City depot to drive us 30 miles to Ojai but when I checked in he changed his mind and didn’t want to go.

By then it was too late to train to Clarita and hitch over so I had to flip my plan for the week. Ojai was out now that I only had 24 hours to enjoy while using up Tuesday to get there and Thursday getting back. I decided to spend Wednesday at Venice and Thursday at Santa Monica now instead and I could stay at my friends house there instead of bothering Sung any longer.

I grabbed a train back to Sung’s for one more night. He asked me to accompany him and his girl Launi, to a new Indian restraunt for dinner. He dropped me off after dinner and then headed to her place for the night.

I didn’t get much writing done before I passed out. I was so looking forward to sleeping under the stars in the hot springs but a warm couch and TV would have to do.

Day 8 4/24 Wed
I woke up, made some nice warm oatmeal with the comforts of kitchen access and then packed a day bag with snacks and some jewelry making supplies. I spent about 2 hours uploading photos and blog updates and then was out the door about 11.

Took the train to LAX station then the Santa Monica blue line to Venice. Spent the day walking around my protest shirt and even got in the background of a Bob Sinclaire DJ video with a piano and models.

My host would be over to pick me up at 10 so as it got dark I relaxed on the beach with the sunset and some hemp weaving.
From 9 to 10 I got a beer and watched the Lakers game until my ride arrived.

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