HIKE Day 9/10

Posted: April 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Day 9 4/25 Thursday

My friend Elena was very hospitiple and offered me everything she had to share. It is so great to have friends who give you unlimited access to their lives.

She dropped me off at the Santa Monica cliffs and I went about my blessed day protesting oil along the beach, pier, boardwalk and surrounding. I was approached by many interested people and all of them supported our efforts to stop the TransCanada invasion.

By the end of this day of silent demonstration I had handed out all my flyers. As 6pm approached I went to a whole foods store and picked up wine and goodies to share with the evenings full moon wine hiking group and then met up with the car of friends driving to the Los Leones trail head.

My Minneaplos cousin Jen, had just moved to LA and she was available to join us but was going to be 30 minutes behind us.

10 people had already departed down the long moderate trail so the 4 of us in our car were joined by 3 other late arrivals to take a very difficult short cut trail. The long trail took 1.5 hours to the summit while the shortcut was about 30 minutes of brutle climbing.

As we progressed, I continued to look back hoping to see my cousin and her girlfriend. I was also hoping to find a mature field of white sage.

Just as I began questioning whether there ever was going to be an end, the bush cleared to reveal the picnic area of the summit and our other 10 full moon party-goers.

I quickly scouted the area for sage and then joined in on introductions. On the far end of the group there was a guy with his back towards me who had the Scott Krynski (Buymore Geek from Chuck) hair due. My parents generation know it as the the ( ) due.

As I positioned myself better I realized, it was Scott. I got to meet him back in March of 2012 when he did stand-up during Shhmokewear Comedy night at a penthouse club. I got a picture with him and talked briefly in 2012 but this was going to be a 3 hour social opportunity to chill and learn a lot from him.

As we laid out the picnic blankets and rested our weary legs everyone placed their goods in the center and the drinking commenced. Scott and his lady sat directly across from me so I was able to talk to him the whole time. As the sun set over our view of the entire LA coast I powered up my phone hoping to get my cousins # before the power died again. I got the first 6 #s before it shut back off for good. I had to accept that fate may not bring us together on this visit.

I holared down the mountain for her as the Blood moon rose over the skyline. I noticed their light and kept a close eye on it as it got further away. They had decided against making the difficult climb in the moon & cell phone light.

I returned my attention to my friends and conversations with Scott. Most of the group was intriqued by my oil protest efforts and questions kept coming my way through the night about renewable energy, living a yogi minimalist life, the Pipeline and about life inside the 420 culture.

Around 10pm we all packed up and began the 90 minute hike down by moonlight. I was a bit buzzed and couldn’t feel my feet much but I did notice a field full of young Sage brush to harvest enough for my tea needs. When harvesting this spiritual smudging plant it is important to think of it like you are moving a soul around. You say a blessing before harvesting and only remove up to 25% from each plant so it continues to grow healthy.

Scott and I talked the whole way down about Ojai springs, Machu Pichu, our career futures and a few other things. His cell phone light saved my drunk butt more times then I would like to admit.

We reached the cars at 11:15 and everyone said their good-byes. I was invited to the full moon rave at the Artist colony called the Brewery but didn’t want to mess with late night public transport. I passed out as soon as I hit the couch once back to my hosts place in Culver City.

Day 10 4/26 Friday
I helped my friend transplant some Sage and Mint and consulted her on garden plans then we went to this wonderful french breakfast cafe. From there we went to her work by the beach and said our good byes.

I spent from 11 to noon charging my phones at a coffee shop and then was out of beach time. It would take 1 hour 15 minutes to get
to Sung’s; 15 minutes to get my pack and get back on the train and then over 1 hour to get downtown to my 4pm bus to Vegas. On the oceanside bus I sat beside USA olympic recruit/USC #7 volleyball player () and we chatted about sand volleyball and Jenny Kropp all the way to the train.

After getting my pack and getting back on the bus I started watching the clock fiercly, knowing I was cutting it super close. One train delay or no delay by the Vegas bus would leave me scrambling for options like another bus. I called their support desk to check in and beg for them to wait. All they could say was good luck.

As I arrived to the southern edge of downtown I had 17 minutes to get to the bus. I had 11 minutes to go on the train and then hope I could run 9 blocks in under 5 minutes.

It was down to the wire but I made it! Once on the bus the lady beside me had to put up with my sweety smell. She was not shy. Within the first hour I felt like I knew her life story from chilhood in Florida to life battling the flawed 1%’s legal system as a Vegas dancer, movie extra and gambler.

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