*What is the vision of Helping Hands Network – what kind of future do you want for
Using technology to solve problems in our communities. Our supporters connect with any like minded people they meet and bring them into the network so we can make bigger impacts.


*What are the core values of Helping Hands Network – what values matter most for the journey toward that future?
Team work, minimization of waste, efficiency of resources and community sustainability


*What is the mission or mantra of Helping Hands Network – what does Helping Hands Network do to turn that future into a reality?
Over and over again through our social media outlets, I see our supporters working
together to create the needed changes. Our blog is full of stories and results that I
love sharing with anyone who contacts us through Netvibes.com/HelpingHandsNet


*How can people get involved with Helping Hands Network?
Social Media via the Netvibes.com/HelpingHandsNet


*What are your strengths and how do they play out in your personal life, at work, and in the community?

Motivation, leadership
My life and my work are one in the same. If yours are not then you are in the wrong
field. Every day we have an example of how our efforts motivate and lead in
communities everywhere. Using the foundation of the arts allows our reach to expand beyond comprehension. Be it our publications being read, song lyrics telling our stories, social media posts, podcast recordings, google picture albums, wordpress
blogs, youtube videos and so on.

*What core values does Lincoln put into action that make Lincoln a great community?

We are a national group and we are just getting started here in Lincoln but I have
already had a chance to network with great causes like the Chisholm organic dairy
farm, community garden groups, an IRS harassment case, injury and disability causes and a few others.

The Lincoln community has great opportunities if one knows where to look. This a prime example of using our social media tools. We build group activity pages on facebook and then use them to organize these community opportunities.

Being in a region where it is too cold to recreate outside 4 months out of the year
has built some not-so-healthy communal habits like the lack of interest in outdoor
group gatherings but for the most part, Lincoln is far more positive in the wellness
category then other communities of similar size and location.


*What is Lincoln’s message to the world and in what ways can we grow to make the world a better place?

Unfortunately, growing is not the answer. It is not human nature to understand that our population has long out numbered our resources. Survival instinct has created this too big to fail economy based on capitalism and money. I know my reply is off the intended path but I answer this question the same for every one who asks.

Everyone needs to grow their own food and create their own resources such as fuel and energy if we are ever to return the balance and “make the world a better place”.


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