Software is constantly changing. Problematic virus’ and bugs are always circling your daily computer actions through social networks. To prevent problems from attacking your computer you must have the right defensive tools in place and if you do encounter problems, you must have the right tools to treat them.

Here is my most current list with PC links provided. You will have to change the search if you want the MAC files. IF you find my work helpful, please donate a couple dollars to our Helping Hands Causes by PayPal paid to user id:

1.) Use google chrome for your browser with the free “adblocker” plugin

This will remove 99% of the ads the common internet browser encounters


2.) Peer Blocker

This program protects your privacy from internet service provider employees snooping at your browsing activity. It runs algorithms that bounce your IP addresses around to make them harder to track. There are some bugs so you may need to install the previous program by the same group called Peer Guardian. The Net Neutrality Movement is fighting for your right to share digital content that is either public property or you have rights to. A large portion of people involved in the digital content industry would prefer to find a way to control these transfers but until the answer is implemented, most of them are trying to crush everyone fighting for the rights of the people. Follow:

#NetNeutrality on Twitter (PeerBlocker creators)

Robb Topolski (Case study vs. Comcast found in documentary)
Chief Technologist,
Open Technology Initiative @ New America Foundation
202-596-3426 (desk)   202-986-3696 (fax)
1899 L. St NW #400, Washington DC  20036
personal messages to:
Southeastern Mass 508-258-9284


3.) BitTorrent;1

A lot of the tools you need can be found with the help of fellow computer geeks sharing them through networks as torrent files for quicker user to user (peer to peer) transferring.

BitTorrent is my favorite program to use for this. Once you install the program you then put what ever you are looking for into a search engine like and add the word “torrent” at the end. I recommend looking for sources within portal.


4.) SpyBot Search & Destroy;1

IF you are experiencing any activity out of the usual or error alerts, chances are that you somehow clicked on something bad. Use this program to help find the problems and remove them.


5.) Windows Washer[CRACKED][DemonoidFan]

You may encounter error messages mentioning “cache” or memory problems. A lot of us forget to clear browser cache or don’t have settings set to limit how much data remains in our temp files and such. It is also important to consider what passwords and auto-fill data you allow to remain on website forms. Even if you never let someone else use your computer and it is locked up in a safe when you are not around, it is still a good idea to not store delicate passwords. This program will make sure all of these problems are taken care of.


6.) AVG FREE Anti-Virus;1

I have never read of any complaints nor have I ever had any problems with this anti virus program. Don’t spend money on one that tries to charge you renewal fees every few months.


7.) WinZip[ChingLiu]

Use this program to secure any private files by locking them with a password.


8.) VLC Media Player;2

Sometimes you will find files that do not play in Windows Media player or their audio is set very low. This program usually fixes these files.


9.) File Shredder

Use this program when you want to make sure a private file is completely gone before handing over a hard drive or entire computer to some one you don’t trust etc.


10.) Drive Defragmentor

Search under Admin Tools options

Schedule this System task to run every week to keep your drive in peek condition


11.) Tweet Deck;1

This program allows you to keep tabs on the latest news events using twitter just like you would use a stock ticker to follow our bogus economy stock market and fake federal reserve financial system.


12.)PDA Net

In case you do not use TMobile which allows free tethering and hot spot hosting, this program allows you to use your phone to push data through your computer with only a yearly $15 renewal donation. Hope you did not foolishly let your old unlimited data plan slip away with your last phone upgrade and contract renewal?



email me today!  tfrentz@hotmail




(as I deal with problems from my readers I will post helpful notes here)

PROBLEM: Wireless Config Not working due to Microsoft Zero


This behavior occurs for several reasons. Some computer and hardware manufacturers provide their own configuration software that replaces the Wireless Zero Configuration service that is provided in Windows. In that case, you must use the software that is provided by the manufacturer to configure your wireless network. If you want to use the Wireless Network Setup Wizard or the View Available Wireless Networks feature to configure your wireless device, see the documentation that came with your computer or with your wireless network card. Use this documentation to determine whether you can use the Wireless Zero Configuration service to configure your wireless network. Sometimes, you cannot use the Windows functionality.

If your computer or your wireless network adapter did not come with its own wireless network software, follow these steps:
Click Start, click Run, type ncpa.cpl, and then click OK.
Click Network Connections.
In Network Connections, click to select your wireless connection, and then click Change settings of this connection.
On the Wireless Networks tab, click to select the Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings check box.

To start the Wireless Zero Configuration service, follow these steps:
Click Start, click Run, type %SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc /s, and then click OK.
Double-click Wireless Zero Configuration.
In the Startup type list, click Automatic, and then click Apply.
In the Service status area, click Start, and then click OK.

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