The latest smart phones can work more efficiently if they are unlocked and rooted to remove bloatware/software.

Every phone has it’s own pros and cons. For my example in this blog, I am using the new Galaxy S4 Active i537 (only made for ATT firmware kernel) w/ JellyBean V4.2.2  unlocked for a TMobile SIMM


*I DO NOT RECOMMEND using the ATT s4 active i537 on NON ATT unlocked networks because it is a lot of work…. You have to install the new networks ROM to get a good signal and standard features like wifi calling and tethering. Even after installing the right rom, you may still have to reprogram receiver signals. I have yet to find a TMobi ROM that works and fixes the following problems!!!


1.) I want to install the WIFI Calling app feature from TMobile (the apk found here DOES NOT work. It reports “wifi calling has stopped” errors. Advice?

2.) When I try to turn on My tethering option… it gives me “mobile data not available or invalid SIM errors”? I have tried to turn it on when I get a 4g signal BUT it still says same thing.

3.) My signal is crap while roaming. How can I improve the signal? I have checked the APN and it is using It is reported that only updating the firmware will fix this problem. By updating the firmware I trigger knox, I lose the ability to control my SD card files and who knows what other problems I would be inviting…. I added TMobi HSPA bands but then my roaming data completely stopped and I have yet to reverse whatever caused me to lose my roaming data.


*I AM CURRENTLY researching how to use SAFESTRAP, ROM ToolBox, and how to install the T-Mobile ROM which is said to fix all of the above mentioned problems!!!


THE FREE UNLOCK ANSWER: Go to and complete an offer you pay be planning on doing anyway. I chose a basic $9.99 deposit to TrialPay Games. Then make a youtube video like I have here: and you will get $10 back!!! My code came in over night and after a few clarifications on their support FAQ, I got the ATT s4 Active unlocked successfully and am using it on TMobile now! They never gave me my $10 back because they wanted my YouTube video sound to be better then I had time to edit it but the unlock service still worked fine and was worth $10. I researched for a month on the best methods to unlock my SAMSUNG Galaxy S4 Active from ATT in order to use it on TMobile or any SIM card I choose at any moment. The government is trying to make it harder for people who use untraceable phones for malice by passing laws which also prevent common citizens from basic phone freedoms. Unfortunately this now forces everyone to pay manufacturer’s and service providers for unlock codes or database access. The newest phones are being loaded with operating system versions that prevent users from simply accessing the developer control module in order to unlock. Older phones are easily unlocked through accessing the devloper module via the dialer keypad.


View tons of guides on this method by doing a simple search on

The DEV control panel is factory locked on most new models. To unlock it, you go to SETTING>MORE and then simply tap DEV OPTIONS six times and then it become accessible!  If everyone stops supporting this trend, the laws will change and all devices will once again be released in unlocked mode. In order to do this I am publishing this blog all over the net and hope you will share it on your social media.


ROOTING the latest Galaxy S4 Active: Why ROOT an unlocked ATT Galaxy S4 Active? Increasing your battery life by minimizing the hidden CPU use of the OEM jellybean kernel is the main reason to root the new S4. FOR ME, I don’t like using the fancy features that drain my battery so it’s not worth the effort to root as of yet. I have not tested my data transfer rates in a TMobile zone while traveling in the midwest as of yet and there is a good chance I may be rooting later on in order to harness both ATT and TMobile towers for maximum transfer speeds but not as of right now. Other then tower data signals being uncooperative,  I discovered a big reason to ROOT…… MY tethering hotspot feature reports and invalid simm due to ATT/Tmobile crossing so I recently rooted using the following method….. But for others…. let me know your reasons for rooting please?


1. Enable “Unknown sources” on the phone to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store by navigating to Settings >> Security.
2. The activeroot file works only on Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (AT&T) SGH-I537. Verify the model number of the Galaxy S4 Active by navigating to Settings >> About Phone.

Steps to Root Galaxy S4 Active (AT&T) SGH-I537 Running on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Firmware
Step 1: Download the activeroot file (ar.apk) directly from your device.
Step 2: Run the ar.apk file on your device. It should give you a message telling you that you have root.
Step 3: Visit the Google Play Store and install SuperSU.

NoteYou MUST download and use SuperSU to manage superuser permissions, nothing else. Only SuperSU currently can circumvent Samsung’s “root blocker” in the kernel.

Step 4: Once the installation process is completed, open the SuperSU app and update binaries.
Step 5 (optional): Donate. Credit goes to geohot for his great work.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active (AT&T) SGH-I537 running on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean firmware is now rooted successfully. You can now install any app that requires root permission. Verify the root status of the device by downloading Root Checker app from Google Play Store.

Note: Many Samsung devices store a flash counter that keeps track of how many times you have flashed custom firmwares to your device. Triangle Away can be used to reset the flash counter to zero.

Thank’s to all fellas at XDA who first tried out this rooting technique. This method was originally posted via XDA-Developers original thread.

*NOW that your phone is unlocked and unrooted you need to remove problem causers like the knox file and ATT updates.

HOW TO REMOVE ATT UPDATE Use a root enabled file explorer (Like Root Explorer) and navigate to: /system/app/

Rename or delete wssyncmldm.apk

If you want to get rid of AT&T’s nannying nagging message about root access delete or rename KNOXAgent.apk  (only on JB 4.3+)

Install App Quarantine, go into settings and uncheck Hide system apps and disable AT&T Updater   HOW To REMOVE KNOX App Knox was not included until 4.3 and higher updates!

*Now that you have the threats removed, you want to replace the inefficiency. You want to install Greenify to maximize battery use (GooglePlay Free);  SuperSu (gives you developer control over all apps) ; RootExplorer (APK torrent download/install. Instructions below); Titanium Backup (safely create a backup so if you mess up, a default restore can be performed)


UPDATE SuperSu Binaries? *I’m waiting for help on what this means exactly because if we just installed it than it should already be updated but I see several threads talking about doing this for some unknown reason. NOT sure yet IF I should move this to “SYSTEM APPs”?


HOW TO CHANGE ATT Boot AUDIO and VIDEO ANIMATION Convert any audio file to an ogg file. I prefer WinAmp because it does pretty much everything. Download RootExplorer from a torrent location or pay $4 on GooglePlay Load the APK file into an easy to find location on your phone and then open it from your phone. With RootExplorer open go to: system/media/audio/ui AND rename PowerOn.ogg to something like PowerOn1 No rename your new audio file “PowerOn” and move it into the ui directory. *the original file is 75k and 2 seconds so keep your new file close to the same.   The ATT animation file is located: system/media/ bootsamsung.qmg & bootsamsungloop.qmg & shutdown.qmg GET the Non ATT Samsung animation files from here:      


FIXING TETHERING “mobile network not available or invalid SIMM” ERROR *FIRST make sure you are not roaming? IF you are, turn on DATA ROAMING!!! *Still looking for 4.0+ Solutions? -You can try the easy route and swap the TetheringProvision file with one found here:

This is not working for me so far… but I am not in my Tmobile zone and I am searching for a strong data roaming signal to test if this is the issue!   -You can waste time getting complicated and Quarantine ‘TetheringProvision’ to disable the software lock on hotspot then Use ES File Explorer to configure and turn on the hotspot as read here: -You can pay for FoxFi service without rooting   (on JBean pre 4.0 ONLY… Post 4.0 JB does not allow 3rd party APN programs) -Download “apn backup and restore” Install it

-Open titanium backup and set it as a system app.

-Open apn b&r and click ok on the ics error check. Then hit menu and disable ics check. Then hit the back button [not home but back] Now open apn b&r and backup all your apns. Now go to your apn settings and copy on a piece of paper your apn settings. Now re open apn b&r and delete all apns. [Not your backup] Now go back to your apn settings and re enter your tmobile apn.



1. Disable Wi-Fi, mobile data, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. if you are not using.

2. Turn the Power Saving Mode on.

3. Adjust screen brightness to a low level, and reduce your screen timeout duration.


Improve the WIFI Connection

1) Settings => Connections and tap Wi-Fi. Then tap Menu; advanced; and make sure Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep is set to Always.

2) Or turn off Wi-Fi power save mode on your S4. Type *#0011# on the phone dialer, thenMenu => Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi power save mode to Off. (CHECK AFTER EVERY RESET OR POWER UP because this will reset to default ON)

3) Or change your router settings to 802.11 model


IMPROVE Tower Signal Strength

You can add the TMobile 4G HSPA spectrum in addition to the standard 1900 Spectrum already set up on the ATT S4 Active by following here:


*You can change the frequencies being received by dialing *#*#4636#*#* * You can try changing to a Cingular APN:     But also consider that TMobile has began adding 1900/freq towers as reported here:




1. Settings => More => Application Manager => All => Tap Apps One by One => Disable

2. Settings => My Device => Lock Screen, then tap Unlock Effect and change it to None

3. If the home button lags, you have to double press the Home Button to launch S Voice, then press the Menu key and choose Settings to uncheck Open Via the Home Key.



Hold down the MIC button on the Samsung keyboard to open the pop up keyboard option which allows you to relocate and shrink the size by 15% or Invisible Keyboard – costs $3 but it is the only keyboard app I have found that allows you to decrease to 2 lines of keys in order to max your screen viewing.



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