I’m customizing a Lenovo Twist s230u (8gRAM; 128gbSSD, 64gb SD; i7cpu) running Windows 7.


The link below shows my first few changes.


*I prefer using Chrome bookmarks to access my online sites instead of cluttering a bunch of apps so I did not install the Buttons and Docks used in the guide above. My daily sites are mostly eBay and Craigslist so I have added shortcut buttons for them on the desktop after taking the screen shot below but that’s about it.


Fences Desktop hider..stealth tool is a must have.


Get it here:




The auto rotate sensor is not supported in Windows 7 so I am looking for a one touch button that will control the screen orientation.

Until I find one, I have installed http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloads/detail.page?DocID=DS014959

and I created a shortcut to the display control panel to manually adjust orientation with two taps.


I changed my desktop wallpaper, system sounds, cursor and icons into Star Wars themes. I got the files from:



I use Dragon Speech engine to assign tasks to speech commands. I use this to open the shortcuts, open programs and type messages mostly. When I’m in chrome, I then use the google speech tool for browser tasks.


For those Phone Apps that you absolutely must have because they work better then the website for whatever reason…. Install BlueStacks and then you can use APPs within this program just like you were on your phone.

I will make a video soon to show smooth this setup works.




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