GARDEN NOTES – SOIL prep; bug management

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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#SOIL prep #recipe for your #GArden

gravel (2 inches)
wood mulch (2 inches)
dirt (1 inch)
compost (horse and chicken mix 1 inch) nitrogen
sand (1 inch)
dirt and wood chips (1 inch) nitrogen
cardboard – Carbon
compost (food scraps with phosphate egg shells and potassium banana peels 1 inch)
pine ash, sand and needles (1/2 inch) nitrogen
dandelion leaves (1 layer) nitrogen
dirt and grass clippings (1 inch)
earth worms
wood chips after sprouting to keep soil moist


earth worms

milkweed for butterfly feeding

flowers for honey bees

mint and marigold to deter mosquitos and veggie eating beetles


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