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Posted: September 7, 2014 in CAUSES, Creative Writings, NEW FRIENDS, Table Of Contents

The first week of October 2014 had been a very encouraging one.


A discovery of art in the charity inventory had been lost for 20 years until I starting researching it. The art turned out to be the issue of a comic that was supposed to explain the origin of Bill the Bull. This Bill the Bull character, was on a path that would have led it to a multi-million dollar brand but when the art was lost, the publisher and artist split ways and a personal tragedy kept the publisher from inking the deal which would become what we all know as HB. Grasping the fact that the Helping Hands Network, has the original art for the comic issue that introduces this character and is one of the primary causes that HB as we know it exists, well, that’s just mind blowing to us.


The next day, I got an email from the Utopia project which is the current focus of our twitter discussions. The project has a $50million backing by Fox studios to shed light on Rural Community based living. This way of living is so crucial to the survival of American Society that I invest great energy to help consult the cast and film staff and I even agreed to make an appearance soon. See:


The next day, I got an msg from a country music singer I admire discussing when I can get her a copy of the Helping Hands Yogi. I also got a wonderful letter of support from a cast member/contestant on a popular survival show.


These events seem to find me always when I am at a point of questioning my path, so I am very thankful for all of you who continue to support me.

Here’s a letter I just got today and the heart felt reply that it inspired me to put down on paper/screen.  ❤


wow. I feel both surprised and genuinely intrigued by your messages and the link you sent me- the synchronicity of this and my life is propelling my interest. I have found myself sifting through the helping hands link you set me- excited by the possibilities. Will you please explain to me, in your own words, what your intent is with this. Thank you for reaching out to me- i have found myself in a stagnant mind frame- the therapy work I do weights heavy on me sometimes…and you showing me this light has lifted my spirit, knowing that there are many people reaching to help others is an important reminder for me right now



The light you speak of, has surrounded me and all among me since I survived being hit by a car in 1997. Near death experiences are associated with the awakening of reincarnated spirits in manuscripts back to the beginning of such.


With every mentioning of the Helping Hands movement or my name, more and more is asked of me and the leaders whom associate with me. I enjoy the invitation into new experiences and the glam that often comes with it but at the same time I maintain a balance by returning to a place of solitude for weeks at a time.


I admit, I do find inspiration by the successful people who value my words as a source of encouragement, hope and muse.

******* you ask ******

my intention? The intention was to push an idea of joining loving caring beings with enlightened spirits into a central organized network AND to provide all with a place to post ideas that need help or ways and resources that can in return provide the help.

My intent has been achieved years ago and now that I have bonded with so many great leaders around the US, I am finally able to focus on my own manuscripts.


I’m assuming you friended my profile here, I will link you to the movements page. The next few months will be interesting. I have a book tour pending with the help of the radio/media friend I have just made and I am considering a 2 month business consulting offer during my winter stay in the Los Angeles area.

I’m so glad I was available today to share my light with you and yours.

Please share anyway I may help lift the dark above you….. namaste




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