Tired of looking through forums for FREE download sources for needed manuals?

Here is my list of sources. Please comment and message us with additions to help everyone else…

*If you do not find what you are looking for easily, I will help you find it for a $5 donation to our Helping Hands Charity. You can read about it at and transfer via payID using friend to friend transfer to user ID tfrentz@hotmail





2004+ are free at

<2004 – Dodge refers users to TechAuthority who charge $16-$88


Go here:

In the top box enter B12 and then any other 10 numbers, then click the login button, This will bring you to an online Chilton's manual. You might have to try a couple of times. When you get the pages you want, download/print them out for convenience in case you can't access the site when you really need to. 
*They have connected this to a database that confirms actual DL #s in 2014 so it is a crap shoot to guess a legit DL # now.


Check the AUTOZONE archives:

*as of 2014 you have to login with a user account to access the archives. Often there is an error accessing the archives.










1995 Dodge Ram Van –


1984 Mercedes Diesel TD300 –


1981 Honda 750 Motorcycle –


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