The Helping Hands Network was gifted extremely rare, one of kind art

directed by GORE COMIC KING



These 20 pages of Bill the Bull art, were co-produced by Hart Fisher and Tom Floyd.  The original art and hand written letters between the 2 are priceless. To raise funds for the Helping Hands Network they will be auctioned in the coming months as a part of a promotion tour for the release of the Printed Comic and eventually an animae film and the release of Frentz’s book “the Helping Hands Yogi”.


Images art blacked out until after the release of the printed copy.




Bill the Bull
by Hart Fisher, Duncan Rouleau & Tom Flotd


Check out this amazing story!

Here is the history of BoneYard Press –




In 1991, FISHER directed BILL the BULL under the BoneYard Press Label

Hart created Bill the Bull in 1991 and sold copies of the character in school. Several issues were created in print under the BoneYard press label. In 1993, another character was created and Dark Horse comics wanted to present it with a tougher brand image. Many features of Bill the Bull can be seen in that character!

The first commissioned artist on the Bill the Bull comics is famous MARVEL COMIC artist Duncan Rouleau.


In 1994 Hart commissioned Texan/Nebraskan Tom Floyd of Freehand Studios to continue in Duncan’s place as he moved on to a project for Venom. This issue was going to reveal the secret of how Bill the Bull was created within the Super Hero world.

The art was lost in the mail and Hart and Floyd stopped the Bill the Bull series.

The art was discovered by Tim Frentz 20 years later! THIS is the story of the art that stopped the production of Bill the Bull for 20 years AND ultimately gave HB the fast lane to take it’s place. THIS Art is in all actuality, THE BEGINNING STORY OF  what we all know as a very similar icon in pop culture. 




The beginning of 1992 brought a spinal injury to vicious Boneyard attack dog, Misty, and a burglary to the Boneyard compound. You can’t keep a good pain machine down for long, with projects like Bill the Bull: Burnt Cain in the pipeline (drawn by a then undiscovered Duncan Rouleau. Duncan would go on to draw for Marvel Comics on hot projects like Wolverine and Alpha Flight and Image comics, Bill the Bull was Duncan’s first published comic book work) there was no slowing down Boneyard Press’s forward momentum. Long time Boneyard creator, William Harms, had his first book, Tears, on the schedule and the second Rectum Errrectum book was waiting in the wings for another shot at the public eye. It was an idea by ex-Northstar Productions publisher Dan Madsen, that would become Boneyard Press’s most infamous publication, Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer.




In 1992, Hart Fisher created a comic book based on Jeffrey Dahmer. It got him media attention from Sally Jessy Raphael, Jerry Springer, Larry King live and much more. Hero Illustrated magazine included Fisher on its “100 Most Important People in the Comic Book Industry,” calling him the “most dangerous man in comics.”




In 1993, FISHER expanded into film. In the midst of filming in 1993, Fisher’s girlfriend, Michelle Davis, was raped and murdered by Eric Daniels during an armed motel robbery, where she worked. Fisher was now presented with a story line and real life gore topic.
Daniels was convicted of her murder and given a death sentence. In 2001, then-Illinois Gov. George Ryan commuted Daniels’ death sentence to life in prison. Fisher testified for the prosecution at Daniels’ trial.
In 2008, Fisher released the film The Garbage Man, which he wrote and produced, about an African-American serial killer and released it on DVD.


HART co-authored the underground comic A Taste of Cherry with Christian Moore, which was released by VEROTIK, where Fisher was co-editor in ’94 and ’95. This now took FISHER into the EROTICA realm for collectors as well.

In 1998, Fisher published, through Boneyard Press, writer Stephen Elliott’s first novel, Jones Inn, as well as Elliott’s poetry in the comic book anthology Flowers on the Razorwire.

From 1999 to 2008 FISHER focused on completing The Garbage Man film.

In 2008, Fisher, as reported by Rolling Stone magazine, accused former protege Gerard Way, an American musician and comic book writer, of using some of the comics Way created while with Boneyard Press and taking portions of them to another publisher and calling them his first comics. Boneyard Press 13 years earlier had published Way’s first comic book, On Raven’s Wings.

Also in 2008, he founded the film company American Horrors, a horror channel on FilmOn. This is his current project focus. has now earned Fisher another title on his wall of fame as the “Scariest man a live”.




Fisher currently lives in Los Angeles, California.






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