the Helping Hands Yogi

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Bookmark this blog post because it will rotate chapters of Tim Frentz’s next book,

“the Helping Hands Yogi : Networking Causes in Need” (part 1)

This week’s inside look: THE FORWARD

Feedback appreciated as always!

Cover Page Final



Let’s get straight to the point of this book!
I have invested years and my entire inheritance to help causes in need and make a difference in the lives of all who cross my path.

The main purpose of this book is to help me reach TWO remaining lifetime goals.

The first goal is to teach an abundance of information that can improve quality of life while providing the opportunity to be the change.

The second remaining goal is to build relationships among a network of people who have the resources to provide the change needed.  I wish to be able to call upon others when our foundation needs help supporting great projects. I pray that ONE successful decision maker per year who is reading this will budget $5,000 in an investment account and trust me to invest it where it will do the most good towards their chosen causes.

This book tells you the story of how I invested over $15,000 a year in solving the root of the problems presented to the Helping Hands Network instead of wasting resources on solutions. If we stop the problem together as a network, we eliminate the need for solutions and this is what makes our movement worth it.


Perhaps, you are asking what you may get in return?

I’m always willing to give a sponsor a tour through a cause project or introduce you to the rustic living communities I write about as a guide in exchange for your helpful contributions.

Maybe you have been stranded or had your life threatened and wished the next person passing you by would stop and help.

Have you ever had your credit card denied with an empty tank of gas and had to ask a stranger for a few dollars to get where you needed?

Maybe you have had your car stolen with important items inside while you stepped away for just a minute or just maybe your house burned down and you felt like walking straight into the fire and giving up.

Have you ever gone to your favorite nature spot to discover it is covered in trash or wished the empty lot on the corner could become a public food garden?

We love creating videos and comics that show the world what your help has provided. Spread the word and please send this book to your friends today.


The following pages tell the stories of the Helping Hands ventures and cite sources relating to the topics. Some details have been altered at the request of those involved.

The events that happen after printing can be followed at

We look forward to publishing many more.

The proceeds from book and comic sales go to help fund HHN outreach programs so if you are given a copy please consider contributing to our causes.

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For bank account #s or a Mailing address please email

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