Earth Day Texas 2015

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

At the beginning of the year I had planned on a wonderful book promo tour along with Earth Day talks in southern California while working with my sponsors but unfortunately I got in trouble associating (helping) a risky cause in Texas and am being held in probation by the states legal system.

So, I find myself stuck in Dallas yet again for Earth Day. This time was much more enjoyable then the last however. In 2011 I was at Dallas’ first Earth Day festival and they had a lot to improve on. There was no recycling and a lack of shade and a low quality of presentations. Here is the blog review covering that day.

Earth Day swag

Moving on, I just want to share the best of the best today. I am really trying hard to finish my book, “Life Knowledge” in the next few days so it will be uploaded before Wood County Texas sentences me to a possible jail sentence. This has prevented me from writing many blog articles lately.

So, lets get to today’s highlights!

The FREE event has been relocated to the fair park by the Cottonbowl. Much more room, better parking BUT it now costs $10 unless you take a shuttle from outside the fair, more green space, more vendors (1000+) and way more quality presenters. This years most popular attraction is going to be very hard to beat in the future. The director of the Cove (Louie Psihoyos) premiered his newest film “Racing Extinction” and he brought a secret weapon with him! He got Nascar’s Leilani Munter to drive around with him in a Tesla sports car with an industrial projector and a carbon gas meter. They have been taking the newest version of a “Knight Rider” around cities projecting important animal extinction messages and filming carbon emission gases.

Taking it down a notch, let me tell you about some great companies, doing great things that I got a close look at today. (A plastic’like bag that is actually compostable paper!!!) WHAT? This is a must have answer to those companies that refuse to stop providing single use bags to their customers. They also replace your kitchen and yard waste bags!

Botanical Interests seeds (Promoted by

Botanical Interest – Marigold African Crackerjack (Shraman South Asian Museum)

Nomadic State of Mind Sandals

Texas Conservation Alliance ( &

Aquaponics with Gay Bingham & Phoenix Farms

Vertical Gardening with Shawna Coronado

Backyard Medicine with John Wolf  (

Tibetan Monks Opening Ceremony Prayer

Nissan LEAF test drive & Tesla Motors ride along

Tiny Home by Beth Ann Norrgard

Mark Messersmith Art Exhibit (Seed Ball give away)

art boy scouts

costumes fair park fountains

gay bingham phoenix farm aquaponics grow van hydroponic music Vending

Shraman p7 Shraman p14

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