Theft or just non permitted removal?

Posted: March 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

Today’s short story: 
The person living in my duplex unit below has been on 4 months of hospice and a few days ago he was transported for urgent care. The nurse choose a neighboring aid to care for his house 🏠 key πŸ”. 
Today his nurse notified the neighbor and I his spirit has moved on and she removed his medical equipment and returned the key to the neighbor.
1 hr. Later unemployed neighbors who sit around a fire pit drinking most of their day pull up with a previous buyer interested in deceased man’s items and they begin loading up a truck. 🚚 (They got his number from a note on his door)
The deceased was once a very wealthy man but lost most in a divorce but he has kept very top quality items worth a lot. 
I was home early (unknowing to theives) and immediately confronted them and called (NW) neighborhood watch Gregory Mordue; my property owner and the PD and informed the theives they were to reverse their actions before officers were on scene all while my girlfriend was recording and witnessing.
They were caught in posession but with keys and no forced entry, they were given a warning and forced to hand over the key. 


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