Life on a Production Set

Posted: May 26, 2017 in Creative Writings, NEW FRIENDS, Table Of Contents, TRAVEL / Gatherings
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This week I have been given an opportunity to live the life of a media production worker. The details I can share are vague until after the production has aired but I can write a general summary of my time on the set.


I am blessed to be dating a special lady whom directs and designs sets and visiting her at work is very exciting. Some productions are in a location only a week which means 15 hour work days with little to no personal time. On short sets you are limited to your travel days, purchase runs and late night hours to do anything to relax but this production required her to be at the corporate studios for 5 weeks and on location for 12 weeks.


When she is on a long production like this, I get to travel to spend time with her. On a large set, I am able to join her as an assistant. The schedule for this production would have her doing orders, directing finish workers and staging the interior sets. The 6th day in rotation is a reveal day and usually results in a reasonable 8 hour work day for the design staff and a full personal day on the 7th.

Most staff set their tasks around the film schedule. Whenever production takes the day off, the set is referred to as dark and most departments get a personal day as well. It is scheduled every 7 days as much as possible to allow everyone to reset their energy.

I arrived on the night before a dark set. This allowed us time together to get me settled and acquainted with everyone at a time when they were not hurried by a deadline.

(more details on this story are published in my book, American Yogi)






















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