ZMODO wireless NVR Problems

Posted: November 16, 2019 in reviews, Table Of Contents, TECH
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The purpose of this article is to document the struggles I have had to go through to use the ZMODO NVR ZP-NL18. I purchased it in January of 2019 and as of November 2019, I still have not found any support forum feeds that have resolved the router conflicts. Hopefully someone reading this will eventually leave a link in the comments that will direct me to the answers we need.

ZMODO tech support has some improvements to make. Their online manual for wireless NVR systems does not address known issues with router conflicts. Their online support forum does not address these issues either. Their chat support takes a very long time to reply and does not give you any real time update while you are waiting so you are left wonder if you are even connected. (I’ve waited over 60 minutes with no reply!) Their email support continuously struggles to improve the knowledge base of their staff. I send an email every month and never get my message forwarded by the initial level 1 tech to a supervisor tech with the required knowledge to answer.

The Problem: 

The NVR does not recognize or connect to wifi cams on the ARRIS DG950A router.

Possible Conflicts:

As of today, I have resolved the issue when I looked into the camera’s settings and seen that the domain name got cut off. I attempted static IP removing the domain name to find that it resolved the issue. I reset the camera back to DHCP and returned to pfSense. Because I use a home network, I was able to login to pfSense, go to Services, then selected DHCP Server, selected the network port, then located domain name, and proceeded to shorten the domain name. After restarting the Zmodo NVR, all of the camera were connecting. Apparently, Zmodo cameras have a set limit of characters that can be set in the domain name field.


Still waiting for someone to share a screen shot of the router settings and more detailed instructions showing what data to enter.


ZMODO Tech Replies:

Every reply I get has failed to address any evidence of researching the ARRIS DG950A for detailed trouble shooting instructions. I always get some type of automated reply similar to the following:

“you can connect a monitor to nvr and go to Device management page on TV and delete offline cams ip address and tap refresh ,auto add”

“its need to set up camera firstly and The default login information for that system is
Username: admin Password: 111111 or left blank
That system will have a pinhole reset button on the back of the system. You may use a paperclip to press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds, and that will reset the system to the factory default login information. (Reset won’t eliminate the recordings)”

“since the nvr is offline and need to set it up then add cameras ip address to nvr by monitor .firstly check the net port light on nvr if power on?”

“What is the ID# of the device that you are working with? The Device ID# can either be found through 2 ways
1. on the device’s sticker below the barcode such as “ZMD12D648000288”
2. located by accessing the “Device Setting” -> ” ID” below the device image on your app. Please pay attention to the difference between 1/I/ L, O/0, B/8, Z/2.
Following is a link of guide on how to locating ID# you may check out”

“Are you using a dual-band router? If so, you will need to make sure that the SSID (WiFi Name) for your 2.4GHz network is different than the SSID for your 5GHz network because our device only support 2.4Ghz currently. Here is a further-reading instruction on how to check/change router settings:

1. Please also pay attettion to the capital letters in SSID and password.
2. Zmodo device alos requires good internet speed for first configuration, it’s better to put it close to router during setup.
3. Settings in the phone will automatically disconnect from ZMD_SAP, ensure that Cellular Data is turned off for iphone/android or Smart Network Switch (only in some android phones)
Please kindly let me know if you need any help on understanding this requirement.”

Best Regards
Vito Gu
Zmodo Support


“you can connect a monitor to nvr and go to Device management page on TV and delete offline cams ip address and tap refresh, auto add”
Best Regards
Vito Gu
12/9 (We actually got a helpful reply today! This reply provided us with a firmware upgrade and a photo of how to install it. Stay tuned. We will be trying to install it soon!)
“your nvr needs to update firstly and you can update nvr by below way”

Best Regards
Vito Gu

12/13  (HOW FUNNY IS THIS ONE?! It has nothing to do with the subject!)
“There is no other options to share the camera with others.
For security purpose, only people who has app account and password could access the camera. You could also share the camera with others, then shared people need to sign up account and receive the invitation and access the cameras.”

Best regards,
Alisa Y

– “your internet router is blocking it from connecting. I would try hitting the WPS security (on the router) button as you are trying to load the cameras. This tells the router you are allowing them to connect. Hope this helps..these little cameras work great”



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