I have been doing construction ever since my father let me use his tools. Over all these years I have put many different types of construction gloves to the test. I have been wanting to record my notes on all the different gloves for a very long time and I am finally taking a few moments to put this blog together.

I hope all of this information is helpful to those of you still reading. There are a lot of cheap gloves available and I have given most of them a chance. It is time I start giving the more expensive brands a chance to compete.

I am looking to try some gloves from CRL and Deluth Trading Co. to add to this test group soon. IF anyone reading this has connections to higher quality glove brand sellers or manufacturers and would like to submit some gloves for review, please send me a message.

Lets get started with a few options from Dollar General.

This leather model at Dollar general is soft and can handle rough material for about 14 hours before wearing through on the most used finger tips. It is common to find poorly stitched seams. It is also common for some of the fingers to be poorly sized. Make sure you try them on before purchase.


This synthetic option at Dollar General looks and feels very comfortable. I really had high hopes that the material would last a long time but if practically disintegrated the instant any rough material scrapes it. I’m going to soak it in waterproofing Mink oil next chance I get to see if that will slow down the deterioration.



This pair from Family Dollar has good stitching and a comfortable insulate liner. It also has reinforced knuckles and velcro wrist. Unfortunately the palm material is very thin and does not last more than about 20 hours of hard use.


I don’t like promoting Harbor Freight because the majority of their products come from China but here is a look at some of the gloves they offer. The stitching is improved from the Dollar store products and the leather lasts closer to 40 hours. I often find that the stitching fails before the leather wares thin.


Lowes has a few good options. I plan on adding more to this review as I have a chance to test them. The first pair I have tested is the low end priced Blue Hawk. The material lasts about 30 hours but the stitching fails in several places.

Lowes Blue Hawk


CRL & Duluth Trading Co. products coming soon.

$35 CRL – https://amzn.to/2Tha0IG


$22 IronClad Ranch – https://amzn.to/2FDwADd

IronClad Ranch

$20 IronClad Command Utility Touch – https://amzn.to/2sgQwZv

IronClad Command

$16 IronClad High Utility Durable – https://amzn.to/2tUvqQQ

IronClad Heavy

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