CAUSES we Help?

The Helping Hands Network is a collective of team leaders around the world. Members and Fans of the network search for causes in need of help. We then connect sponsors with lucrative resources to the causes in need.

Director, Tim Frentz, often goes on site to lead projects. Please donate to PAYPAL ID: tfrentz@hotmail to contribute towards the causes of your choice. We also accept any chance to manage online sales to earn contributions as well.


Please view our “CAUSES” category on this blog for individual stories, pictures and details!




*URGENT – We are currently trying to raise $1500 to provide an over stressed mother and her 2 young children with a vacation from IL to Arizona to spend time with the grand parents. The mother has been raising the children on her own with minimal local family support and she is at her breaking point. The stress has been breaking her down since her 4 year old was born with minimal fatherly support and they really need to get to AZ as soon as possible. Please contribute what you can to help this family.

~Lavista Nebraska Organic Community is looking for volunteers to build and tend their new land.

~Chisholm Dairy Farm

<a href=’′><img alt=’Click here to lend your support to: Save Chisholm Dairy Farm and make a donation at !’ src=’; border=’0′ /></a>



~The HELVESTON famiy of ORLANDO FL – Being sued and fined for their FRONT YEARD GARDEN????



~Hawkins TX Community Center

~Barron Family needs $ to Pay for or needs assisted Leukemia Treatments

~Humane Enforcement Legal Protection (Animal Rescue Ranch, Tyler Texas)

~ (This is a wonderful couple who sold their material items to fund the building of a green community north of Dallas Texas.)

~Fund raising to help a skilled musician, Jon Baumann, from Grand Island NE get to Shreveport and the Miss Delta Music Scene. We got him lined up with a room to live out of, got him a southern music promoter/manager and there are some day jobs available. We just need to get his car paid off and get him some gas money to remove the excuses for not taking the next step.

~ Volunteer work and Growth Consulting to East Texas Arts and Humanities Counsel



~Susan Owen Cancer Benefit (Peoria IL)

~ Renewable Energy and Green Cause Promoting in Northeastern, NE

~ Small town improvements in Lyons, NE

~ Mediating a domestic dispute and death threats in eastern PA

~ Providing counsel and farm assistance during the loss of a loved one near Fargo, ND

~ Home fire cleanup near Fargo, ND

~ Property remodeling for a single mom near Joliet, IL

~ Roof and home repairs for Elderly in Minneapolis, MN

~ Gulf Coast Wetlands Restoration in New Orleans, LA (With Tab Benoit; Blues Musician of Year 2008)

~ Central Park restoration in New Orleans, LA

~ Property and scrap metal Cleanup near Dallas, TX

~ Property improvement and sale prep in Los Angeles, CA

~ Indigenous Rights networking in Honolulu and Maui, Hawaii

~ Home repairs and sale prep in GI, NE


Below is some info about Founder and Director Tim Frentz.

Timothy Jon Frentz

Visit for active links

Career Goal

Living a helpful and environmentally conscious life while raising resources for those in need through social entrepreneurship and philanthropy.


College Awards

1997-00. Scripps Howard National Foundation Top Scholarship Winner. $3,000 per year.

1999. UNL Center for Entrepreneurship “Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year” for Collegiate Computers.


Recent Activities

Frentz Family Companies Network Coordinator
Frentz Family Website Manager
Christian Motorcycle Association
Junior Achievement
Youth Soccer Coach
Adult Soccer League Competitor

East Texas Arts and Humanities Volunteer

Humane Enforcement Legal Protection Volunteer (Animal Rights) Sustainability Reporter


Recent Awards Volunteer Team Oct. 2009

South by Southwest Team Reporter Sponsored by March 2010

#17 peak RANKING as NATIONAL ARACHNID USA Dart Professional 1998-2008

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