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Students need to study the program. Disconnect from the digital surroundings and focus on the knowledge. Question the answers. Discover the true way of the world majority by placing distance between the bias of the system and reality.


The countries that are perceived as “First World” ie. developed by capitalism, have ballooned out of control. These countries have become a diseased plague, long consuming every natural resource in their path. Multiplying human inhabitants beyond the point of resource equilibrium. Producing, using and discarding non degradable materials to the point that they cover the ground in place of the plants of past.
Want & desire over power reason for the less enlightened. Convinced there is a need to barter for more of the very things that are making the Earth sick. More materials for construction and manufacturing. More businesses, clothing, more food options, more electronic gadgets, technology, more appliances, more energy, shoes, jewelry, more money, more more more….. CRAP.

Enlightened reason concludes that less CRAP and more repurposing, reusing & recycling will reverse the plague. The reality however is that the majority will continue to produce beyond the rate of the enlightened reduce sending the wealthiest to the hidden corners of the earth and beyond. The working class will continue to live in the rat race surrounded by the plagues pollution and cancerous diseases while the elite expand the new civilization in space.

Stop your excessive spending on wasteful products and divert it to help reverse the damage before you no longer have the ability. Educate yourself, grow your own food, harness your energy, collect your water, make your own products and generate your wealth while you still can.

9/21 Saturday

My bag was not transferred from DFW to LAX so I would go the first 24 hours without my workout and swim clothes but at least I didn’t have to lug the bag around on the bus to the hotel. Normally I would take the Green line train shuttle bus to the train depot and then take the green line to the Manhattan Beach stop but it was under construction. The city was providing a free bus to the same destination to make up for it. I talked to a really nice girl on the way. She had found a random Disneyland balloon stuck in a bush at the airport and the experience was a fun segway into a longer discussion. We sat up front near the driver and involved her in a three way story telling.

When I arrived at the hotel I got my room key and then went to the room. Once in the room I got some notes from Vanessa and the car key. I then took the car to her current Extreme Makeover – Home Edition (EMHE) film set. It was move in day. This is when final construction touches are completed and the moving truck arrives to dress the sets. We move and assemble furniture and then decorate the rooms with all the small items. My task was to assemble a desk and move items around in the office space and then clean up any mess.

The studio and neighbors agree to a quiet hour of 10pm. This is when everyone has to stop and the set goes dark. So at 10pm we packed up and headed back to the room.

9/22 Sunday

Vanessa headed back to the set first thing in the morning for final touches while I did my morning workout. I had until 4pm to go back to the set for filming. The crew use the term, “Move the Bus”, because for EMHE the big kick off to the reveal segment is when they move the bus and the families get to see their new home for the first time.


From 11 to 3:30 I went to Manhattan Beach to watch the Vikings and do some writing. I walked around during the first half and then went to BrewCo bar for the second half. I paid $10 for a decent salad with Avacado so I could sit down by the TV. After the Vikings beat the Raiders 34-14 I went  to sit on a bench by the beach. While I was getting some writing done this gorgeous model sat beside me and struck up a conversation. We talked about our careers and what brought us to the area. She looked like you was raised in the Greek Islands but confessed that she was from Poland. I had never met someone with Olive skin from Poland before and it was a good reminder that physical appearances may not always be accurate.

Manahattan Pier Poland MonicaManhattan Pier

It was then time to head back to the set for the bus move. It is always fun to experience for the first time in a season. You never really get used to the organized chaos of filming. When I arrived everyone was getting in place and the bus was getting ready to come around the block. We sit behind the cameras and enjoy the public audience cheering as their big moment to be immortalized in film arrives. I like watching the lead actors go through their lines and do their thing. I like Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Modern family and it was exciting to walk around in his presence while he converses with everyone.


After the filming moves into a closed set, we get to go over to the monitors and watch the rest of the filming from the control station. Vanessa has to stay until the end in case there are any questions about her work. After filming was complete, we went back to the room for the night.

9/23 Monday

To start the day, we needed to go back to the set to put things back in their places for photography day. We de-wrinkle and fluff and clean and move curtains and then get to go have some more fun for the day.

We went to a nice vegan cafe for lunch. Everything is around $15 each but it was delicious and extra healthy. We then went to nap and read under the Manhattan Pier before stopping at the massive and wonderful Manhattan Antique Barn store. Vanessa fell in love with this camel tone leather jacket that fit me perfect so we bought it for only $70. It was well worth $400 but I have such a rare size that they had given up on selling it to all the buff body builders living in the area.

Manhattan Antique 1Manhattan Antique

We finished out the day by meeting several other crew members at the Redondo Pier. We had dinner and drinks at this fun crows nest bar called Tony’s. I discovered one of the crew went to college with me and we most likely were in each others presence many times over the years.

Redondo PierRedondo Tonys

9/24 Tuesday

I began the day with some writing and then hit the gym before going to the beach. I had to leave at 7:15 to make it to poker night at Sherman Oaks. I continued to have good fortune at the Oaks game, finishing up $140.

9/25 Wednesday

Same schedule as Tuesday except we went to the beach together for sunset and grocery shopping.

9/26 Thursday

Morning stretch and workout followed by breakfast and some writing at the hotel. Spent the rest of the day at the beach.

zen garden

9/27 Friday

After our morning yoga, we discussed our road trip plans over breakfast. Then hit the gym before heading for the beach.



9/28 Saturday

After our workout we went the Torrance Market. From there we drove around Palos Verdes and found the Botanical Garden.

Botanical sage

Botanical desert

We spent the afternoon there until it was time to go to a dinner party with our friends Sung and Lani. They set up a wonderful fajita bar and provided some fun drink options. Before we knew it, we were singing karaoke.


We finished the night by going to the next EMO-HE set. It is always exciting to see the different setup choices between each location. There are different team leaders in multiple locations but when it comes down to the final move in day, as many of the crew as possible get together to help each other out. In the final hours before filming and still shots, the main designer goes back over everything and makes their final touches.


9/29 Sunday

Normal workout morning during the NFL and then we headed out to Venice for the Abbott Kinney festival while I followed the Viking game on my phone. The Vikings couldn’t find a way to break through the Bears defense so I was having a hard time enjoying the day. After the Cubs choked in the final week of the season and my Huskers got destroyed at home by Ohio State and I lost at poker, I was in a poor mood. Venice Abbott Kinney

After the festival we walked the canals and took some great pictures. I can always count on the beach to lift up my spirits.

We finished the day by going to a wrap party with all of the EM-HE crew.

EMHE Crew party

9/30 Monday

Basic day of working out and tanning at the beach. I like going to Santa Monica Bhakti Yoga Ashram for Monday night Kirtan’s but tonight I wanted to stay in and do some more writing to make up for being out most of last night.

10/1 Tuesday

Straight to the beach to get a good outdoor workout. V went to do errands at the North Hollywood office and then picked me up at the beach. Spent the night at poker. My luck didn’t change from Friday.

10/2 Wednesday 

We spent the day getting ready for our location change. We did some returns and exchanges in the area and then did some more packing and writing at the hotel. I went to a dart tournament in Lakeside to finish the night. I threw well and played the top local player 9 games in the finals. He won the first set with 6.5mpr cricket leg but I rebounded by winning the next three diddles, a near perfect 501 game and mid 5mpr cricket games on the way to 1st place.

10/3 Thursday

We loaded up and moved to the Azusa area for our final 3 days. For the evening I went back down to Lakeside/Cypress for the largest soft tip tournament in L.A. I shot really well but had a lower level partner and three teams had master players partnered. I averaged 5+ marks per round and 40+ points per dart but as a team we were only 6 marks per 6 darts and around 30ppd while barely losing our tie breaker legs to teams averaging 8.5 marks per 6 darts and 35ppd. It was fun and I had my chances to get by them but came up just short.

10/4 Friday

V went to do some errands so I hitch hiked up to the mountain trails. I walked about 30 minutes before being picked up by a real nice man. He was going to the same area so we got a brief conversation in while driving the final 10 minutes to the trail head. The trail I had him drop me off at ended up being closed due to last season’s fires. It was only about 20 blocks over to the next trail head in Azusa so I headed over there. The path was bordered with Lavender, purple Sage and Juniper so the fragrant aroma was delightful. I found a nice park to take my lunch break in the shade and then continued on. I stopped at a small taco shack and got a quesadilla to take along. A few blocks further I found two white Sage bushes growing in an empty lot. They are very rare to find away from a canyon.

A few blocks further I found a Buddhist Monastery with an amazing meditation garden.

There were lovely rock arrangements and sculptures. I decided to sit down and do some writing instead of going hiking. By the time I got this far, I only had 2 more hours until V would be back to pick me up.

V came and joined me to enjoy the quiet surrounding of the avacado forest. Then around 5 we started heading back to work on the next set location.

The final location for this first season was one of the largest so there was more for me to do. I helped put a bed together and arrange things in a toddler room and then we spent the rest of the evening organizing a craft room together until midnight.

10/5 Saturday

We did another workout and then ate breakfast at the hotel before heading out to explore the mountains. We drove an hour up and down the Mt. Baldy pass and found a field of white Sage then went over to the Azusa pass. We found their little community park which offered some lovely trails. We hiked to a stream bed and climbed on a giant boulder to relax for lunch. I did some writing and then we went to socialize with other friends of the EMHE crew at the hotel bar.

10/6 Sunday

It was our final day in sunny California. After breakfast we said our good byes and hit the road for the Grand Canyon. We had a nice glamping location just south of the Grand Canyon park. It was dark when we pulled in but we could hear chickens clucking around. We settled in to the yurt like structure and then went back out to collect some fire wood for the wood stove.

10/7 Monday

We loaded up went to a cafe for breakfast before heading into the Grand Canyon south rim. After some exploring of the Supai native reservation and picture taking on the south rim we took the road east. We went up to the north rim and then headed north to Zion national park. Our glamping location for the night was in another large tent structure at a resort on the southern boarder Zion.

It was dark when we arrived so it was a bit of a challenge finding our spot. Once we got settled in we went back outside to enjoy the stars for awhile before crashing.

10/8 Tuesday

When the sun came up I went outside to stretch and take some pictures on the way to the lodge for breakfast.

After breakfast we went exploring around Zion until noon and then headed southeast towards our evening reservation in Truth or Consequences New Mexico.

We got to Truth or Consequences about 11pm so it was too dark to see much of our destinations features. We found our way to a fancy adobe dome structure framed with metal and papercrete walls. The interior was laid out in a very pleasing way with a shower/bath area walled off from the rest of the dome.

10/9 Wednesday

Shortly after sun rise we headed out to the hot spring








Over 20 years of research is finally published and available for purchase in this daily self help, DIY reference book. Please contact me directly ( to purchase so I do not have to give the marke-teers >60% of my revenue! 


You can also view more previews at Google Play Store & Google Books –


This book is full of lesser known knowledge, guides, advice and facts surrounding the culture of the United States circa 2020. In this book you will also find my recommendations for some of the latest products and technology that improves our standard of living. The best way I can summarize IT all is to just call the book, LIFE Wisdom.

The following pages share my efforts to organize and shed light on the most useful information in my life. This book categorizes the knowledge based on whether IT involves helping, simplifying, making, stretching, spending, living or sharing something.

The main objectives of this book are:
1. Educate the reader.
2. Connect with sponsors and increase funding for the Helping Hands Network volunteer and emergency cause programs.
3. Connect with global connections to help establish international programs.

Please submit any product or other helpful information you would like to see included in future editions and you will receive future editions for FREE!

At times the line may be blurred between opinion and fact but I do the best I can. My definition of fact refers to a first encounter experience by myself or another credible source. Some of your experiences surrounding certain wisdoms may not hold up to my experiences I share in this book.

Updates after publishing can be followed at [] We look forward to publishing many more editions.

The proceeds from sales go to help fund our programs so if you are given a copy please consider contributing to our cause through paypal id or mailing a check payable to Tim Frentz.



About the Author

Tim Frentz (T) is an artist, eco activist, gardener, soccer player, business consultant, fitness trainer, author and practitioner of Yoga who recorded his spiritual journey in this new age work “the Helping Hands Spirit” and a comic book series called “the ventures of HELPING HANDS”.

He was reborn in Grand Island, Nebraska USA in 1977. His early autobiography was first published in 2012, seven years after the death of his father whom inspired T to leave home and give himself to causes in urgent need.

T describes how his experiences inspired him to trade in his possessions and hit the road. Several times he was robbed of resources but instead of relying on a flawed legal system to recover his losses, T accepts it as a lesson from his former guru’s.

This early autobiography shares T’s early life in the central United States, his college days at the University of Nebraska, visits to spiritual communities, meetings with various saints, his training of disciple volunteers, T’s building of the Helping Hands Network, his time helping causes in need and his steps to become a new age yogi.

T brings a new age meditation method known as “Creative Meditation” into the light. This is achieved through combining traditional meditational practice with the act of artistic expression and creation. He is known for his wood sculpting and other art which is largely created during a meditative state.

T continues publishing books & comics, teaching yoga & fitness, and speaks widely in the United States. His organization “The Helping Hands Network” is growing daily in the United States and continues to connect causes in need with thousands of resources through

FRIDAY June 28th, 2019!!!

Time to pack up!

I’m on the home stretch of publishing my next book about all the gems of wisdom I’ve learned over 30 some years and this trip should give me the solitude I need to finish “LIFE WISDOM”.




We checked in to our accommodations for the week and then headed to the La Brea Tar pit park. This is one of my favorite places in L.A. Today was Latin Music day at the Amphitheater so we had an extra special treat while enjoying the park.

To end the day we went to watch Aladdin at the Chinese theater. It is such a beautiful place to enjoy films.



We try to make Sunday’s our extra spiritual morning and beach afternoon. We went to the Studio City market and then to explore Simon Rodia’s WATTS TOWERS before heading to Venice for the day.

We ended the day by going to a Studio City pub called “Darts Darts Darts” to watch the men’s soccer team get past Curacao in the Gold Cup quarter finals. Then we took a pizza back home to close out the night with a movie.



I spent the morning working on my book and this blog before exploring the neighborhood. Tujunga Ave. is a lovely area with wild plum trees and Mediterranean flowers everywhere. One thing that was lacking was the presence of Orange trees.

I found this amazing tree house. It was three levels and included some ornate features like wood shutters.


I eventually found my way to the park and got busy with a full leg workout. There are several nice body weight machines at the Woodbridge park. There was also an outdoor workout group for us to mingle with.

V on scooter

We then got on an electric scooter and rode around the hood. There was this lovely rose plastered wall with tile steps and beautiful flowers down the road.

V on scooter



Started the morning with some blog updates while loading the Dart Connect stream on my phone so I could follow the first PDC qualifier while hiking.

While I got caught up on the blog and photos I watched the USWNT defeat England in the Women’s Wolrd Cup. After the game was over I went and explored the area around the Universal Studios on a BIRD scooter. I learned not to get within 2 blocks of their riding dead zones. It took me 10 minutes to cross a dangerous intersection by the interstate that was under construction and then the scooter shut down saying I was too far out of the riding zone. I couldn’t shut off the billing timer until I returned to the safe zone. It took another 10 minutes to cross the intersection again and then the scooter gps didn’t report accurately so I had to go another 10 minutes back towards where I started before it would finally let me log out. I ended up paying $12 for $4 worth of a scooter ride.

Don’t get even try to go close to the boarder if you are in this situation.

I went back to the apartment and rested before my Tuesday poker tournament. The Tuesday night game in Sherman Oaks is one of my favorites. It is a $50 entry and the pot usually reaches around $1800 making for good payouts.

Due to the 4th holiday the turn out was a bit low but I still got 2nd place and made $360 to pay for my trip. I have made money at this game all four times I have been able to go.



Today I was getting ready for our trip to Vegas so I stayed close to the apartment. I watched more of the PDC qualifiers and the USMNT beat Jamaica to advance to the Gold cup final vs. Mexico.

I spent most of the day doing different work outs in the park and having wonderful conversations with new friends. I met this very interesting Russian born model, psychologist and spiritual life coach women named Nakita. I’m helping guide her on a quest to establish a Spiritual Center similar to what I am forming in Hawkins Texas.

I picked V up from work and we went to dinner with actor buddy, Rod. We went to this lovely outdoor cafe again Aroma’s. It is decorated very similar to what we want to do at the Edom shop with this amazing pergola.

After dinner, we headed up the mountain to do some exploring during sunset. We found some lovely abandoned areas with the remains of unique structures. A few areas around the parks were being zoned to allow new homes to be built which added this cool ambiance from having the combination of the two.

Clarita Canyon


We got up at 6am to load up. By 7:30am, we were on the road to head for Vegas for the World Series of Darts and Poker.

If you are not on the road early, the sub 4 hour drive becomes a 5.5 hour nightmare. We dodged all of the traffic and made it in under 4 hours. We had one slight moment of excitement that was a once in a lifetime experience. We didn’t really notice but we drove just a few miles to the east of one of the larger earth quakes in California in the past 30 years. This 6.4 earth quake was just west of the interstate to Vegas.

When we arrived we did a lap around town before scoping out the PDC Dart scene at Mandalay Bay.

We then went to Excalibur and checked into our room. We went to the pool for a few hours before going back to the Mandalay Bay for dinner.

We went to the Noodle Cafe and the world #6 PDC dart pro, Michael Smith sat next to us with his family. I took a few pictures and told him “I enjoyed his game; it was nice to him; and wished him some straight shooting in the finals tomorrow.” Michael said thank you very much and told me he was feeling good as he shook my hand.

After dinner we spent $27 each and went to the pool party and firework show. It was midnight by the time we got back to Excalibur so we called it a night.

Vegas fireworks partyVegas Fireworks


Started the morning by getting an all day buffet pass for $38. The food was worth it if you go for all 3 meals.

I spent the morning watching darts and poker at the pool. Then after lunch I hit the gym until 3:30. I did a little more writing and then headed over to the Rio to watch the WSOP Main event action and play a little poker.

Upon arriving at the Rio there was a line of poker players being escorted to a new table assignment so I followed them to the hot zone. We walked through the casino gambling hall and rounded a corner to the entrance of the convention center. As I continued down the hall more WSOP signs and advertising was on display. The hall opened up to a grand entry area that housed all the WSOP clothing merchandise. Beyond the grand entry was the first entrance to the biggest room called the Pavilion.

As I walked around the tables in the Pavilion I was able to watch some of the higher profile players including Norm McDonald, Kevin Pollak, defending champion John Cynn, Jamie Gold, Shaun Deeb and Jesse Sylvia.

I was near Kevin Pollak’s table when one or two players started standing up at each table and quickly headed for the exits. I couldn’t understand what the commotion was all about but a few seconds later people near me started pointing at the ceilings!

We were experiencing a slight after shock and the light platforms along with any other lose items were swaying back and forth. I was moving around stretching during the 3 seconds of the shake so I didn’t even notice it. The WSOP Director announced that the players were to take an early dinner break and return in 90 minutes for safety reasons. The dealers had to stay at the table and guard the chips during the commotion.

I wanted to get to the ESPN filming area known as the Thunderdome before the convention center was locked up. It was possible that the tournament may be suspended for the remainder of the night and I wanted to experience the featured tables in the Amazon room so I worked my way through the 4,000 some players to reach the Amazon.

I had to wait for the next person to open the door in order to gain access into the locked area. Once inside it was amazing. The featured tables were highlighted by neon signs and surrounded by camera equipment and video screens. I took some video and pictures and then explored the rest of the area while waiting for the tournament to continue.

WSOP thunderdome

I spent the rest of the night, until 1am, watching the featured tables with Jamie Gold and Jesse Sylvia. You can see me in the background of the day 1c programming on ESPN! Vanessa was keeping busy with some entertainment of her own.  😉

Vegas buns

I returned back to the Excalibur to walk Vanessa back to the room from the lounge she was relaxing in.


The previous 2 days were so busy with the PDC Darts and WSOP events that I didn’t have much time to play any poker myself. I jumped out of bed at 7am and headed to the Excalibur poker room to get some action.

At 11am it was time to check out. We loaded up the car and headed to Red Rock Canyon park West of town.

We made it back to L.A. about 6pm and went straight to a pool party at the top of Laurel Canyon.

After the party we went to check in to our new accommadations where V will be staying in L.A. before hitting the road for filming.


We started the day by watching the USA women’s national team beat the Netherlands in the World Cup final. We then went to explore another new farmer’s market. This time we were at a Laurel Canyon / Encino market.

Encino Market

After the market we went to the Mediation Gardens on Sunset. It is one of my favorite Sunday destinations.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


After the garden, it was time to head to a sports bar to watch the men’s Gold Cup final against Mexico.

Soccer party

We ended the night by going to stand up night at the Comedy Store on Sunset. A few well known comedians were on the line up.

I went straight to the airport after the comedy finshed at 10p. Unfortunately the traffic was extra slow and there were no delays on my flight. The biggest problem however was that I was in such a hurry, I missed a sign redirecting me between two terminals and the next thing I knew I was passing through a security exit. This caused me to have to start the check in process all over and repeat the previous 13 minutes of the journey. Once I arrived to the gate that was listed on my ticket, the gate display said Orlando instead of DFW. I asked the service rep and she explained that the gate was changed from 39 to 34. I then gave up because after all the delays, I was already 8 minutes past the final boarding time.

By the time I made it to gate 34, the service rep told me the flight was departing and I would have to get in line for a stand by ticket. I quickly met 4 other parties that were about to begin the same tedious game of stand by with me. We didn’t know it then, but we would be playing 5 rounds of this game over the next 10 hours. Our original flights were scheduled around midnight and finding an open seat on any other flight would be left up to luck due to others missing their boarding as well. LAX to DFW is one of the most highly demanded flights because they transport a large portion of international travelors.

This father, son, wife and their dog were first in line. Followed by a young girl wanting to transfer to a sooner flight, a young man traveling solo and then me. There was also this elderly Asian man who would ask the same question over and over each time we were transferred to a new flight and gate.

The mom, dog and son got on a flight at 6am. The young girl got a seat on a 7am flight. There were no seats open on the 8am and 9am flights. The father, the young man and I all finally got a seat on the 10am flight.

I made it to DFW at 3:30pm and there were no seats available on the 5pm flight but I was given the final available seat on the 9pm flight. The 5pm flight was canceled due to possible lightning and I quickly took the opportunity to make friends with a businessman who clearly had his life together. We discussed sharing a rental car and he picked one other businessman to join us. There was no sense in me waiting around the airport for another 4 hours with the high probablility that the flight would be canceled anyway.

It turned out that the other passenger fella lived next door to my most recent customer out in the middle of nowhere Ben Wheeler country side.

We dropped off the Ben Wheeler man at his house and then siad our good-byes at the Tyler airport bringing my July Los Angeles adventure to an end.

Stay tuned for my next journey. In late July and early August I plan on taking my bi-annual birthday adventure to the Colorado Rockies, Black Hills and Sturgis motorcycle rally!



It is one of those days where so many thoughts have pilled up that I struggle to focus on the tasks ahead. As quickly as possible I must begin writing anything and everything on my mind in an attempt to move forward successfully. Skip the long morning workout, avoid TV and social media. Get a cup of hot tea and some fruit and get outside to a nice creative space in the garden.

I am constantly battling between the nomad world and the world of the capitalist. I’m a starving artist, a missionary with a lifetime mission, and I find that I am actually at war with myself more than any theoretical opponent. In this day and age, I must clear my mind from time to time to increase my strength.

One half of my world is fine with living in nature and spending months in between the solitude leading an army of volunteers to make a positive change. The other half begs me to maintain a fort with tools and treasures in order to provide stability. I can not live happy and healthy in one world without the other so I choose to live in balance. Yin and Yang. Back and forth I march, doing the best I can to please those who support me.

I live the dream. The dream that I am walking the world in a time before the industrial revolution where living among nature was all there was. A world where possessions where few and money did not dictate how we lived. A world where you could just gather your food and enjoy time with friends and family without despair. Perhaps the dream lives me.

I have a life partner who is happy with my efforts to build the financial wealth needed to provide shelter and security. I also have supporters who are happy to see me venture the world leading efforts to make positive change.

Recently I have been focusing on strategic moves that make progress on both fronts.

To progress in the capitalist war, I have established a permanent center of operations in Hawkins Texas. A center that invites the community to gather and learn about positive subjects. I share knowledge on health, fitness, art, spirituality, gardening, renewable energy and other positive topics. This center offers communal gardening, art studio space, fitness room and a gallery to aid in raising money to offset the $800 a month in expenses.

To keep moving forward in my nomad battle, I must continue creating works of art and increase efforts to promote them in order to survive.

For years I lived with no worries, no bills, no “To Do” lists. I lived the dream.

And now….

I need to…..

  • give my loved ones some love ( I realize I am lacking in this because of the stress I’m attempting to release by posting this blog.)  xoxoxo
  • review and edit a land lease for the center
  • promote remodeling and computer / phone services to generate income to pay for the center
  • promote the center to connect with members who will make financial contributions to support it (Any artists, gardeners, fitness students, nomads in the Hawkins area?)
  • setup the lower level of the learning center
  • complete the final edits on a 10 year writing project (Life Wisdom) and get it published
  • write a 6 minute short story about my life and audio record it for a Tyler Texas story telling event deadline
  • sell tons of antique furniture and art in our inventory to relieve some of the financial burden
  • go spend some volunteer time at the mission around the corner
  • go for a jog around the lake down the street
  • ????  I know I’m forgetting a few things”




I was recently asked by local media to give some input on the current status of recycling. I know most of my readers like to get updates on GREEN issues so I am sharing my letter with all of you as well.

Here is what I had to say.

Thank you for asking for my input on the current state of recycling.
I coordinate park cleanups and recycling drives north of Tyler in the surrounding areas north of Tyler State park…
I really encourage you to include an early paragraph in your article that explains that the root of the recycling problems in Texas originate from political candidates driven by funding from those who insist the possible recycling incentives actually be re-directed to other programs that benefit industry growth.  Thus there has never been and may never be any state funding to support and off-set recycling related businesses. Texas may be the only state to never initiate funding for recycling programs at the state level. Thankfully several cities step up and absorb some recycling program related expenses but this is always visible in the tax rates that pay for it.
Despite this main cause, Rivers Recycling in Liberty City pushes forward to provide the areas recycling services even though they barely break even financially.
The City of Tyler does a great job to process recycling and I encourage you to mention where they send their items and some of their financials.
Another key fact in your article should be to mention the global demand shift and the economic trends. It is more efficient and profitable to produce most manufacturing and packaging from new/clean sources than it is to deal with recycled vendors so the majority of purchasing agents for recycled materials represent only companies that have a GREEN Policy where they feel it is their ethical duty to use recycled material sources at a premium cost.
The majority of USA recycling is shipped to international buyers. The largest buyer until 2016 was China.  China has now changed their national policies to discontinue purchasing most American recycling and other products partially in response to the current political cabinet’s trade war tactics. Every recycling facility is now nearly full to capacity and actually sending most of our nations reusable materials off to be incinerated or buried instead.
Their input on how their business model has been affected by all of this would be a crucial inclusion in any article as well.
We must do our part and reduce and reuse above all before recycling. If our articles and media posts do not highlight this need for a paradigm shift in our own habits, we are not doing our duty.
Those who ignore what is happening and refuse to change their buying habits in order to generate far less waste are abruptly destroying life as we know it. The world is being buried in trash more and more every day and the world portrayed in sci-fy films like Wall-E and Idiocracy are proving to become reality much sooner than anticipated.



I just finished watching this amazing film portrayal of the final year of #Chief #SittingBull through the witness of #CatherineWeldon called #WomanWalksAhead
My ancestors were some of the pioneers invading Lakota land and my bloodline may not have directly harmed a native soul but as a collective of asylum seekers fleeing one thing or another, they failed to cohabitate in peace. #NativeAmerican as well as all #human #rights will always be one of my highest priorities along my path of philanthropy. I can not hide from the shame of our pioneer’s violence but I can dedicate my life towards making things right.
Sitting Bull was a hero who tried to use peaceful negotiations to protect his civilization from repeated invasion and atrocity fueled by greed. He did not deserve to be murdered while in the restraint of the Standing Rock reservation.
Learn from our history. Remember that unless you are of Native decent, perhaps your elders once were asylum seekers. It is a never ending cycle. Your family was probably at one time seeking some type of freedom and they were allowed to cross these same borders with open arms.
The earliest of elders failed to settle peacefully but over generations we have improved. Now it is your turn to be the Native! Are you standing at the border with hate and anger to react violently or are you going to welcome them and work towards peaceful and fair treaties?
IF you feel the current freedom seekers do NOT deserve to enter, then you are in denial and are directly bringing shame onto your ancestors whom wore the very sandals you now wish to turn away.

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The feature of this issue is about the Community Zen Center we are trying to fund in Hawkins Texas. This is an effort to provide a center for the community to learn about positive change issues like Gardening, Renewable Energy, Art creation and communal networking through events like shared meals & movie and game nights.

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In a Social media world full of visual presence, the art of literary expression seems to be fading.

The majority of my self expression these days is done through visual Instagram posts but as i write this I am inspired to tell the SxSW story by the dimly lit austin river walk.

As I enter downtown Austin 7 patrols have the road blocked as they are arresting some trouble makers. Proceeding through checkpoint Charlie, I go 6 blocks up Lamar and find a quaint dark side street to set up camp.

Soon as I shut off the engine, the car is still vibrating as a train roars 10 feet behind me. Ok, let’s try this again. I go further up the street and discover something special. An air stream camper surrounded by what appears in the dark to be some lovely garden landscaping. There is a short path over to a shipping container food both with a ladder to the roof. “This will work”, I say to myself. “What sun rise view will delight me in the morning”, I wonder.

I begin my trek towards the music in the air. First stop, Alamo theatre district. Very similar to my college town Haymarket. A few block further to the river and I find a nice hill with benches to rest and write these thoughts down. On one side of me, two high school girls are making out. On the other, a woman with a few health issues in her 60s with a German Shepherd is smoking a joint.

Music from the main stage is below in front of me. Over my left shoulder another band is playing on a paddle boat as it approaches.

The music at this stage comes to a stop and the departure of the crowd tells me it is time to search for the next stage. Time to cross the river and see what we will find next.

The cold weather is allowing me extra time in the studio and it feels great to get caught up on the HHN publishing.

2016 was so full of excitement that issue #12 will include 2 extra pages! It will be published tomorrow, Thursday January 18, 2018. Here is a sneak peak. I hope it continues to inspire everyone to support the Helping Hands Network and all the causes we sponsor.


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