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Hi, my name is Jan. 22 years ago I suffered a partial spinal cord injury from an unlucky fall in my parents’ home, bruising my spinal cord at the third vertebrae.

Since then I’ve learned to walk with a rolling walker, but after so many years muscle stiffness became more and more worse, which required greater dependence on a power scooter and home health aides. Nothing has been made available to regenerate my damaged spinal cord.

Very recently I was researching online about progress being made in spinal cord injury and one thing led to another. I made what looks to be my greatest discovery yet and it’s not a drug or surgery!

Intermittent Hypoxic Therapy (IHT) teaches your body to use less oxygen like athletes training for higher altitudes have been using for years to enhance their sports performance. For people with spinal cord injury, whether their injury is recent or old or partial or seemingly complete, clinical trials are showing that IHT will be a gamechanger.

IHT adapted to people with spinal cord injury stimulates your muscles and neurons into growing and making better connections. It may heal spinal cord damage fairly quickly!

Since I can walk with a walker and have full sensation, as well as excellent health, I believe I’ll respond very well to IHT and my physiatrist and nurse have given me to green light. The company Hypoxico found at has IHT equiipment the clinical trials use and will allow you to buy or rent it.

I’ve asked many pertinent questions about how the spinal cord injury researchers are using the IHT equipment and would like to rent it (the mask must be bought) for a month for the safest and best results.

I need help with the money, especially since Medicaid is charging me for two social security checks because I had a scooter accident last June (it fell on top of me) and needed hospitalization and rehab for three months after my health care agency dropped me because they changed their accreditation policy.

The frigid temperatures make my muscle stiffness or imbalanced muscle tone from my injury much worse and so I’d like to order the IHT equipment as soon as possible. it should be noted that IHT will help a lot with my energy level so I can walk and exercise more, even if my spinal cord isn’t directly regenerated.

Thanks for reading my story and I hope you’ll agree that IHT is a very promising gamechanger that I’ve been waiting decades for. I’m excited to use it! I’ve felt like I’ve been living in  a prison that keeps closing in on me in spite of trying to heal my cord with nutrition and walking. That’s helped, but I keep getting stiffer.






If medical insurance or medicaid has failed you. We want to hear your story. If you are a victim of a spinal injury and have research of your own to share, we want you to talk about it on our social media channels.

If you know someone who this campaign will benefit or you want to help with these causes, please click on the ASK 4 HELP tab at the top of our main page or directly contact us by emailing the director, Tim Frentz at

The current needs for this campaign are limited to expense funding for IHT Equipment, travel and result tracking supplies. You may also help if you have contacts for these items directly to limit expenses.


We could use assistance in Lincoln Nebraska at this time only but we hope to add more trial locations as this campaign spreads in awareness.



We are now accepting donations to fund our volunteer efforts.  PLEASE DONATE directly to payPal ID:

Thank you!!!!!!!!




Research on Hypoxia

*Check back for updates soon.  🙂


The Helping Hands Network can assist people in many ways. The list is long so we are posting it on the blog so it can materialize as we add to it. Our website becomes crowded as we add lists so the blog is a simpler way to organize them.


We have a long list of partners and supporters. If your company would like to get involved and help others in need for reduced rates, please message us to work out the details.


We have divided our current SERVICES by categories below.




-On site visits


-Care Networking (Stranded in

-Legal Consulting



-Smart Phone Service (Data backup, App training, Performance improvement, Selling & Buying assistance, Music/Media organizing)

-Computer Service (Data backup, Software training, Performance improvement, Selling & Buying assistance, Video/Media editing, Music/Media organizing, hardware repair, accessory/printer/camera consulting)



-Car Repair (Purchase consulting, detailing, repairs, maintenance)

-Mechanical item repairs



-Business Planning, Marketing, Social Media design & management

-Business Networking and lead sharing

-Interior Design (Staging, product placement)



-Art Creation, creative consulting, design (We upload pictures of our inventory for sale on our facebook pages at:

and sometimes our eBay store at )



-Yoga instruction (currently in Texas but available through WEB CAM sessions)


-Fit Training

-Reiki and Crystal stone energy sessions

Updates are posted at:



-*See our latest blog for all our home building, remodeling and maintenance services at:

Tim Frentz


Helping Hands” Comics

“Helping Hands Yogi”

“Life’s Little Secrets”





Timothy Jon Frentz (T) is a practitioner of Ashtanga & Iyengar Yoga who records his spiritual journey in the new age work “the Helping Hands Yogi” and a comic book series called “HELPING HANDS” Comics. His spirit was reborn in Grand Island, Nebraska USA in 1977. His autobiography will first be published in 2015, ten years after he was inspired by his Guru to leave home and give himself to causes in urgent need.

T describes how his experiences inspired him to sell his possessions and hit the road. Several times in his life, Frentz was robed of resources but instead of relying on a flawed legal system to recover his loses, T accepted the loses as a lesson from God who was faithfully guiding the course of his current life.

T’s writings document his early life in central Nebraska, college days at University of Nebraska, visits to spiritual communities, meetings with various saints, training of disciple volunteers, building of the Helping Hands Network, his time helping causes in need and finally his steps to become a new age yogi.

T’s spiritual experiences fit into two general categories: the yogin type which focus on the experience of enlightenment and the traditional tribal type which focus on defending the earth through natural living.

T teaches a new age form of meditation called, “Creative Meditation”. This is achieved through combining meditational practice with the act of artistic expression and creation. T is known for his wood sculpturing and other jewelry art which is largely created during prayer.

T continues publishing books & comics, teaching yogi & fitness, and enjoys telling his stories when asked. His foundation, “The Helping Hands Network” is growing daily in the United States and continues to connect causes in need with thousands of resources through

T can be reached at:


~~~~~~~~~~~~~SHORT VERSION FOR OPEN PUBLICATION~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


IMG_20130425_101349  Tim Frentz is an author, artist, spirit guide, philanthropist, business consultant, fitness trainer, yoga teacher and adventurer.

  T’s writings document his visits to spiritual communities, his meetings with various saints, his training of disciple volunteers, his building of the Helping Hands Network, his time helping causes in need and finally his steps to become a new age yogi.

Helping Hands” Comics     –    “Helping Hands Yogi”    –    “Life’s Little Secrets”


The Helping Hands Network was gifted extremely rare, one of kind art

directed by GORE COMIC KING



These 20 pages of Bill the Bull art, were co-produced by Hart Fisher and Tom Floyd.  The original art and hand written letters between the 2 are priceless. To raise funds for the Helping Hands Network they will be auctioned in the coming months as a part of a promotion tour for the release of the Printed Comic and eventually an animae film and the release of Frentz’s book “the Helping Hands Yogi”.


Images art blacked out until after the release of the printed copy.




Bill the Bull
by Hart Fisher, Duncan Rouleau & Tom Flotd


Check out this amazing story!

Here is the history of BoneYard Press –




In 1991, FISHER directed BILL the BULL under the BoneYard Press Label

Hart created Bill the Bull in 1991 and sold copies of the character in school. Several issues were created in print under the BoneYard press label. In 1993, another character was created and Dark Horse comics wanted to present it with a tougher brand image. Many features of Bill the Bull can be seen in that character!

The first commissioned artist on the Bill the Bull comics is famous MARVEL COMIC artist Duncan Rouleau.


In 1994 Hart commissioned Texan/Nebraskan Tom Floyd of Freehand Studios to continue in Duncan’s place as he moved on to a project for Venom. This issue was going to reveal the secret of how Bill the Bull was created within the Super Hero world.

The art was lost in the mail and Hart and Floyd stopped the Bill the Bull series.

The art was discovered by Tim Frentz 20 years later! THIS is the story of the art that stopped the production of Bill the Bull for 20 years AND ultimately gave HB the fast lane to take it’s place. THIS Art is in all actuality, THE BEGINNING STORY OF  what we all know as a very similar icon in pop culture. 




The beginning of 1992 brought a spinal injury to vicious Boneyard attack dog, Misty, and a burglary to the Boneyard compound. You can’t keep a good pain machine down for long, with projects like Bill the Bull: Burnt Cain in the pipeline (drawn by a then undiscovered Duncan Rouleau. Duncan would go on to draw for Marvel Comics on hot projects like Wolverine and Alpha Flight and Image comics, Bill the Bull was Duncan’s first published comic book work) there was no slowing down Boneyard Press’s forward momentum. Long time Boneyard creator, William Harms, had his first book, Tears, on the schedule and the second Rectum Errrectum book was waiting in the wings for another shot at the public eye. It was an idea by ex-Northstar Productions publisher Dan Madsen, that would become Boneyard Press’s most infamous publication, Jeffrey Dahmer: An Unauthorized Biography of a Serial Killer.




In 1992, Hart Fisher created a comic book based on Jeffrey Dahmer. It got him media attention from Sally Jessy Raphael, Jerry Springer, Larry King live and much more. Hero Illustrated magazine included Fisher on its “100 Most Important People in the Comic Book Industry,” calling him the “most dangerous man in comics.”




In 1993, FISHER expanded into film. In the midst of filming in 1993, Fisher’s girlfriend, Michelle Davis, was raped and murdered by Eric Daniels during an armed motel robbery, where she worked. Fisher was now presented with a story line and real life gore topic.
Daniels was convicted of her murder and given a death sentence. In 2001, then-Illinois Gov. George Ryan commuted Daniels’ death sentence to life in prison. Fisher testified for the prosecution at Daniels’ trial.
In 2008, Fisher released the film The Garbage Man, which he wrote and produced, about an African-American serial killer and released it on DVD.


HART co-authored the underground comic A Taste of Cherry with Christian Moore, which was released by VEROTIK, where Fisher was co-editor in ’94 and ’95. This now took FISHER into the EROTICA realm for collectors as well.

In 1998, Fisher published, through Boneyard Press, writer Stephen Elliott’s first novel, Jones Inn, as well as Elliott’s poetry in the comic book anthology Flowers on the Razorwire.

From 1999 to 2008 FISHER focused on completing The Garbage Man film.

In 2008, Fisher, as reported by Rolling Stone magazine, accused former protege Gerard Way, an American musician and comic book writer, of using some of the comics Way created while with Boneyard Press and taking portions of them to another publisher and calling them his first comics. Boneyard Press 13 years earlier had published Way’s first comic book, On Raven’s Wings.

Also in 2008, he founded the film company American Horrors, a horror channel on FilmOn. This is his current project focus. has now earned Fisher another title on his wall of fame as the “Scariest man a live”.




Fisher currently lives in Los Angeles, California.






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(*Feedback appreciated. Video Uploading soon.)


HH Logo 1

The Helping Hands Network started as the vision of one but quickly evolved into a global movement.

In the fall of 1995, the founder, Tim Frentz was studying the role of business and advertising in society. He and a close friend got together to form a technology company.

In 1997, at age 20, Tim nearly escaped death after being hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. After nearly 2 years of experiencing how technology could help the disabled, Tim had become temporarily paralyzed and used his own computer solutions for more then a year of recovery.



TechCare, a specialty division was created during this time to provide in home technology training as well as other assisted living solutions. His home town paper even did an editorial feature on the business success.

All appeared well, but then some major changes occurred. Tim and his father, Jerry, were very close and often adventured together. A few days a week they would escape to their home town area to work on rebuilding Jerry’s dream home. The two of them had trusted Tim’s financial partner to invest their nest egg money while they focused on their projects. One day, they went to ask for a few thousand and were told they couldn’t have it and no legal procedure would help them recover it.




Jerry’s stress, as well as his poor health, quickly wore him down. Jerry became disabled by a series of heart problems and Tim was left with the overwhelming tasks of finishing the home build by himself. He also had a major project in the works with his own country home, as well as the troubles between him and his partner back at the office.

Jerry passed away in 2005 after battling cancer and heart problems. His father and his grand parents left him money and praised him to make a difference in the world. Frentz resigned from corporate america and formed what is now the Helping Hands Network.


Before he could even begin planning to invest his inheiritance, his business partner emptied the companies bank account and Tim was faced with a massive decision. Either pay his staff that dedicated their days to his company or, turn his back on them and retain his funding for the non-profit endeavor.

Tim choose the right thing and paid the staff. He then established the website and social media to enable those in need of help with all the contacts available to provide the needed support.

Frentz then liquidated the company and sold as much of his personal items as he could before packing his van and motorcycle up for life on the road.




And on the road he has remained since 2007. The first destination was to help a man in deep depression in MN. His wife had died from a seizure when a doctor gave her the wrong type of medicine and his home burned down shortly after.

The next stop was in rural northern Nebraska. Tim would spend a year helping form several renewable energy ventures with a man whom was trying to do the best he could alone. This time also allowed Frentz many opportunities to volunteer on the areas Native reservations and to help local farmers with construction projects.


V1.4 p1


In 2009, Tim turned south and followed the rivers until reaching New Orleans where he would spend a month aiding hurricane Katrina victims. He was asked to speak at a conference at the VoDoo Festival and then with the same promoter at Austin’s South By Southwest.

20098 TexCartoonSxSW

From Texas, Frentz was sponsored to visit LA and the Island of Maui and research the negative effects of United States capitalism on the native Hawaiian culture. Other projects included volunteering with local groups such as the Save Venice Beach Boardwalk Coalition.

In late 2010, he returned to projects between Nebraska and Texas. His help was then needed back in L.A.

Tim had just arrived in Los Angeles in 2011 when the Occupy movement began. Most of the fall, Tim dedicated his efforts to Occupy related events and causes. Here you see him and friends protesting for fair health care and middle class wealth distribution.

2011 Occupy Art


2012, provided many opportunities to give back to the lower class communities in East L.A. Tim volunteered with the city tree nursery and helped coach youth soccer. He was then requested to help with his current project in Nebraska where he is helping battle unfair debt practices by the IRS and friends with medical emergencies.


More details can be discovered in the “Helping Hands” Comics and Frentz’s current book called “the Helping Hands Yogi”.

For current updates please visit


(Gain back control of the country from the banks by moving your accounts TODAY please!!!)



First this:



Anyone have a scoop on Cap1 shady practices on the Personal Banking side?

IS there a joint action being organized right now????

We have been reading a lot of complaints that they raised their accounts monthly fees from $4.95 to a staggering $8.95 with no internal online messaging notices.

I personally was affected because we do not use snail mail and there were no email alerts sent out or apparent internal messages.

We had an account for our Texas division emergency fund and auto pay of a credit account with Cap1. I have min balance alerts sent to me for all our company accounts. A few weeks ago I got a notice that the account was charged off and the credit card past due!!!

I got NO notices. No email alerts. I looked over the account and noticed we had been charged $8.95 a month for the past 18 MONTHS and maybe more (I can’t go back further) THEY had to have back charged and changed the records or something because there is no way I would have not noticed and shut off the account sometime between now and then.

Now instead of having an additional $72 ($4 fee increase over 18 months) that should be in the account, we are being charged off for owing them $123….  wtf

DARTS 101 now available in all eBook formats

Darts101 e2013 Cover

DARTS 101 shares the most current information on the game of darts in the United States up to date.

The purpose of this book is to share the author’s experience and research in the USA’s darting communities.

If you enjoy reading pointers to improve your game plus a ton of other dart information like the newest in components, training games, strategies, player profiles and the latest in tournament flyers then this book is for you.

More current updates after printing can be found at We look forward to publishing many more.

The proceeds from sales of this publication go to help fund the Helping Hands Network Foundation outreach programs so if you are given a copy please consider contributing to our cause through paypal id or mailing to the address on the website payable to Tim Frentz.



Forward 4

I History – 5

II Rules of Play – 7

III Dart Components – 11

IV Technique – 16

V Strategies – 20

VI Classic Team Names – 33

VII Player Profiles – 34

VIII Tournament Schedule – 52

IX Training Ideas – 93

 About the Author 94

Darts 101 teaser

To receive your copy today send an email to – $5 can be transferred any method of your choice. Just tell us what file format you need.



*This blog will be updated with pictures/video and volunteer reflections over the month of July as we are on the scene of Colorado’s largest wildfire in recorded history. PLEASE view the most current updates for this project at:

Black Forest Profile Pict


The HHN is leading a team over a several week period to assist in fire emergencies. There will be several phases of this project and the estimated over all costs will be about $25 per volunteer in addition to $1500 a week in equipment and material expenses.

Many of those effected are now homeless and being forced to wait for a government approved hazardous waste cleanup crew to clear each site before volunteers can come in and start salvage, cleanup and rebuilding.

PHASE 1: 6/28-7/7
temporary housing building project for the Johnson family and friends

Johnson family land salvage and cleanup

Johnson family horse barn/ranch rebuilding

PLEASE repost this link on your social profiles and Contact us today if you want to get involved.



Pikes Peak Community Foundation Emergency Relief Program

An “Up to the minute” Volunteer opportunity List is available by emailing BFFVOLUNTEER@ELPASOCO.COM

If you are a fire victim who needs assistance click on the ASK 4 HELP tab at the top of the page.

Our group and the families we are helping will need campers, chainsaws, skid loaders, hauling trailers, food, water, generators, fuel, gift cards and camping equipment.

Coalition for Upper South Platte or call: 719-748-0033
Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

CLEANUP – There will be a group of volunteers working on the clean up of Meadow Glen Lane in Black Forest Colorado tentatively scheduled for June 29-July 7

REBUILD – Groups will start rebuilding in mid July. Add our facebook page to stay posted for exact dates and times or book mark this page.

If your are interested in volunteering or contributing items on our list, please email


We are now accepting donations to fund our volunteer efforts. Click on the link to donate:

Waldo Canyon and Black Forest Fire Emergency Relief FACTS:

Acres Burnt: 14k+
Evacuated: 39k+
Homes Lost: 511+
Damage Cost: >453m+
Human 2
Animal NA

Acres Burnt: 18k+
Evacuated: 32k+
Homes Lost: 346+
Damage Cost: 453m+
Human 2
Animal NA

Great Video of 2012’s Damage (similar to the current situations)


NBC early days

NBC mid Fire

CNN mid fire Victim interviews

ABC Night 1 w/ Animal coverage (11min)

Private Drive AFTER fire Videos




$180 travel from Nebraska
$20 food


Morning: We met with those we are helping and toured the burn areas and then toured location of the temp home setup. We spent morning collecting and delivering animal items with the Black Forest Saddle Club donation drive.

Afternoon: Spent replacing some double doors in the temp home.

Evening: Had some fun with the host family at a rodeo fundraiser event and then setup sleeping quarters in the garage at the temp home.

$20 travel

$25 food


Morning: Finished temp home door install and tile work. Fixed leaky roof.

Evening: Started horse fencing project at temp home.

Horse Fence

*What is the vision of Helping Hands Network – what kind of future do you want for
Using technology to solve problems in our communities. Our supporters connect with any like minded people they meet and bring them into the network so we can make bigger impacts.


*What are the core values of Helping Hands Network – what values matter most for the journey toward that future?
Team work, minimization of waste, efficiency of resources and community sustainability


*What is the mission or mantra of Helping Hands Network – what does Helping Hands Network do to turn that future into a reality?
Over and over again through our social media outlets, I see our supporters working
together to create the needed changes. Our blog is full of stories and results that I
love sharing with anyone who contacts us through


*How can people get involved with Helping Hands Network?
Social Media via the


*What are your strengths and how do they play out in your personal life, at work, and in the community?

Motivation, leadership
My life and my work are one in the same. If yours are not then you are in the wrong
field. Every day we have an example of how our efforts motivate and lead in
communities everywhere. Using the foundation of the arts allows our reach to expand beyond comprehension. Be it our publications being read, song lyrics telling our stories, social media posts, podcast recordings, google picture albums, wordpress
blogs, youtube videos and so on.

*What core values does Lincoln put into action that make Lincoln a great community?

We are a national group and we are just getting started here in Lincoln but I have
already had a chance to network with great causes like the Chisholm organic dairy
farm, community garden groups, an IRS harassment case, injury and disability causes and a few others.

The Lincoln community has great opportunities if one knows where to look. This a prime example of using our social media tools. We build group activity pages on facebook and then use them to organize these community opportunities.

Being in a region where it is too cold to recreate outside 4 months out of the year
has built some not-so-healthy communal habits like the lack of interest in outdoor
group gatherings but for the most part, Lincoln is far more positive in the wellness
category then other communities of similar size and location.


*What is Lincoln’s message to the world and in what ways can we grow to make the world a better place?

Unfortunately, growing is not the answer. It is not human nature to understand that our population has long out numbered our resources. Survival instinct has created this too big to fail economy based on capitalism and money. I know my reply is off the intended path but I answer this question the same for every one who asks.

Everyone needs to grow their own food and create their own resources such as fuel and energy if we are ever to return the balance and “make the world a better place”.


#EPA #exxonmobil #pollution #oil #poison #report available here &