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Chapter 1

There are so many tid bits of wisdom that can help make life easier. Some of this knowledge is promoted as secretive by marketing gurus trying to profit but I rather just highlight the most helpful information in this book. I am always questioning if this is the best format to publish this wisdom? Maybe you can comment and share some helpful ideas that may make this book a smoother read!

 As I travel along my path I record the most helpful secrets and organize them in the following pages. Let’s begin with some of the amazing creations in the world today that you may not know about. The 1% profit from hiding and suppressing these inventions and they do everything they can to keep them from you.


[] A Japanese inventor named Akinori Ito was fed up with all the plastic litter in the world so he studied large industrial machines used to extract the oil out of used plastic and designed an extractor small enough for home use.

The smallest model of his Blest Machine is listed with a sale price in the neighborhood of $10,000 but the unit could be assembled out of raw materials for much less.

You insert plastic into a sealed holding chamber that heats the plastic until it vaporizes and the oil and impurities separate. The impure vapor escapes leaving the oil to condense upon cooling. It is then ready to be used for things like cooking, heating and biofuel mixing. It would be great to have a similar device with our volunteer teams when they are picking up recycling in littered areas. The down side is that the small mobile units take a few hours to break down the plastic and the chamber only holds about the equivalent of a standard plastic grocery bag.

Affordable small scale recycling machines like the Blest model needed to be available since the beginning of the plastic revolution in the 1920s. Without introducing a proper disposal and recycle education to consumers in the beginning, civilization quickly lost control of the plastic plague.

Most scientists didn’t think about the harm their creations would cause to the planet. Industry leaders were so excited about all the possible products they could make that hardly anyone cared about the consequences of the waste.

Today, nearly 100 years later, we are surrounded by a plastic prison of wasteful products that strangle mother earth. As you read this, look around and you will see some form of plastic. If you are reading a digital copy of this book, the reading device is likely made of molded plastic.

The danger lies in the chemical composition of the plastic and how it is used by the consumer. The companies that decide what chemicals are used are all part of an association called the American Chemistry Council (ACC). They team up together to contribute to politicians and legally fight off regulators that try to pass or enforce laws against the use of their chemicals. They also form internet sites to promote their products with illusions of being in the best interest of the world. They use names like Progressive Bag Affiliates, Save the Plastic Bag and a variety of plastic bag recycling groups.

If you are not worried about the transfer of cancer causing chemicals into the bodies of innocent children unable to defend themselves maybe some other points of interest will convince you to stop contributing to the plastic plague. Think about the following facts reported in the documentary “Bag It”.

– Approximately 300 million cups alone are used 1 single time and disposed of every day just from coffee shops surveyed. That does not include soda cups from gas stations and fast food chains which could easily be another 300 million a day. Now, add a realistic guesstimate of around another 100 million cups and plates that come from irresponsible home users for parties and those used outdoors.

– The average person purchased 800 lbs. of packaging in 2010

– Disposable plastic diapers amount to over a ton of waste per year per child.

– Approximately 1.036 BILLION plastic bags are used in the U.S. every DAY!

A source cited in the documentary “Bag It”, claims that less than 5% of these non aluminum items are recycled back into industry. If a business would step up and provide their own recycling bins for their products and return them back to their manufacturing facilities it would make a noticeable difference to their local landfills and overflow waste transporters.

Compare the recycling rate of plastic, glass & paper with nationally valued materials like copper and aluminum for example. The metals are easily cashed in at facilities everywhere so they have a much higher rate of being turned in for recycling.

There are good forms of plastic made out of hemp and other natural compounds but these products are mostly custom ordered. Corn and hemp based cardboard paper packaging, bowls and similar products made by a company like Cereplast, should replace the petro plastic items as well. TetraPak is another good source for biodegradable packaging.

Toxic petro plastic items should not be allowed to come in contact with our food and water. It should also not be used in any products that are at risk of being chewed on. Several varieties of plastic release toxins just by touch and most of the time you are not wearing gloves so your skin is absorbing those toxins. If that is not enough reason to stop using plastic straws, consider the fact that they have a dominant presence on the best ocean beaches in the world.

 There are studies that explain how BPA had leached into nearly 90% of people by 2015. BPA stands for Bisphenol A. BPA is a chemical that has been used to make plastics since the 1960s. BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Polycarbonate plastics are used in containers that store food and beverages, such as water bottles. They are also used in other consumer goods.

 Epoxy resins are used to coat the inside of metal products, such as food cans, bottle tops and water lines. Some dental sealants and composites also contain BPA.

 Research has shown that BPA can seep into food or beverages from containers that are made with it. BPA can have negative impacts on the brain and prostate gland, children’s behavior and cause high blood pressure.

There are plenty of good uses for bio plastic in technology. Without plastic moldings we would not have devices to mass communicate and coordinate our efforts to reverse the destruction of human civilizations. The biggest problem is that the wrong ingredients are being used to create the plastic products. Petroleum and non biodegradable additives are being used instead of silicone or degradable plant oils like algae, hemp, corn or soy.

Silicone containers are slowly replacing the harmful plastic containers. Silicone can be more flexible which allows it to be flattened or folded like bag containers but yet sturdy enough to be stackable.

Ford Motor company shows that is possible to avoid petroleum based fiberglass and plastics by using hemp based versions. Ford promoted an all hemp car in the early 1920s. Read all about it at [] In 2015, oil prices dropped below $39 a barrel. Only a few times this millennium has the price dropped that low. This happens when environmental hot topics like electric vehicles, renewable energy, and recycling reach a trending point that the Petroleum groups and American Chemistry Council feel threatened. They lower the prices to increase demand until the trends decrease. For example, when prices are so low, recycling centers have to shut down because it costs more to process the used plastic than it costs to purchase new plastic stock from manufacturers.

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Are YOU in Pain

It is with great sadness that I sit at my desk tonight writing a good bye letter. So many emotions to channel. How do I deal with what just happened?

Within the Helping Hands Network, supporters direct our mental health experts to people at risk and vice-versa. We want to help, yet at the same time we pray no one ever needs it.

Recently we were connected with a close friend of the network. They posted a cry for help but like most, it was hidden. It was a brief outburst of anger and frustration. It only lasted a few minutes and then it was removed from public eyes. MOST people didn’t even see it because they don’t know how to view their facebook feed in “MOST RECENT” mode.

In fact, even if you followed post alerts for the person in pain, the odds are that you still never even saw their cry for help. Higher powers seem to guide these types of posts to us at the Helping Hands Network and I immediately reached out with words of encrouragement.

Their first response registered as minimal risk and we kept the conversation going.

I waited a few days to let them cycle through the stages of acceptance and depression and then we conversed some more.

The next conversation showed improvement and inspiration to move on so I waited a few more days before following up again.

Then….. a few days with no response. :-/

and then…. the call…. 😦

Looking back, what if? WHAT IF????

I let my close relationship with this person cloud my intuition. I knew he was financially stable and had children and siblings and parents to hold him up so I was convinced that he was at no risk.

He knew he had me to help him with the less important shit. He understood from a past experience that the pain from traumatic heart breaking divorces will pass but yet…..

I know to make voice contact when someone cries out.
I know to bring my mental health trauma expert into the circle.
I know to get at least 1 other person to send post cards and call to keep a close watch over people in pain.

….and yet I let this person slip deeper into the abyss.

This experience should remind all of us, IF YOU see the slightest sign of suicidal tendencies, bring attention to it with an expert immediately. Even those of us with a lot of experience counseling people through depression and other mental health issues can be fooled.


In light of recent events, I am establishing a new fund specifically for providing assistance to those who suffer from mental health in this person’s memory. IF you are in any position to donate after receiving extra Covid stimulus money or whatever please send to paypal ID with “Mental Health” or any other cause dear to your heart in the comments! We also have all the other cash transfer apps. Just email me for the ID.

Stay healthy in mind, body and soul everyone.

Tim Frentz
Founder: Helping Hands Network

Here are the basics of the CARES Emergency Relief Act

I am receiving tons of messages asking for help blazing a trail through the relief programs so this blog will continue to be updated every time I answer a new question.

How Covid 19 has Affected me?
I started the year with high hopes. We had a medium size build and January was normal but then in Feb. my partner panicked from the virus and he choose to withhold my pay. I can’t blame him. The world is a survival of the fittest society more than ever now.
Basically I’m seeing this everywhere I look because people have panicked and they don’t know which way we are going to go from day to day.

For the same reason, I had two deals scheduled that have postponed their remodels and no one is showing any interest in scheduling free remodel consults.
My publishing and art orders are way down. And we have not had any donations to the foundation. We dare not even ask for funding over $100 until this is resolved.

Our shop sales decreased week to week and now there is a Mandatory Lock down so there will be no sales income until that is lifted.The STAY AT HOME ORDER was just activated for our counties and all the major city counties initiated this or are initiating it shortly. FOOD or work related travel only.

One positive out of this is that my computer consults are increasing. I am preparing a few advertisements to make up for the remodeling shortage.

I am also having more time to focus on my self care, wellness, gardening, art creation, house/vehicle chores and writing etc.


Here are the answers to the CARES ACT and stimulus questions. Keep asking and I will keep updating.

$600 plus your states weekly unemployment amount

Section 2102 (II) Explains:
Covered Individuals INCLUDE:
(II) is self-employed, is seeking part-time employment, does not have sufficient work history, or otherwise would not qualify for regular unemployment or extended benefits under State or Federal law or pandemic emergency unemployment compensation under section 2107 and meets the requirements of subclause (I)


DISASTER UNEMPLOYMENT ASSISTANCE program (File with your state office)
Everyone gets at least 13 weeks, along with the extra $600 payment.
Self-employed workers will also be eligible for the additional $600 weekly benefit provided by the federal government.

FAMILY CARE STIMULUS (File your taxes today!)
$1200 ea. plus $500 per kid deposits are being processed and deposited within 3-4 weeks for those who have filed taxes or file ASAP.

Section 4023: Interest FREE / Penalty FREE Loan Forbearance of Residential Mortgage
Mortgage payments and thus existing rent payments are to be suspended for 30 days and can be extended up to 2 additional 30 day periods interest & penalty free. The borrower just needs to write their loan officer and explain Covid19 has put their tennants or selves out of work and into a financial hardship. LOAN HOLDERS MUST CALL and request the 30 day extension prior to the 30 day expiration OF EACH FORBEARANCE PERIOD. Loans are simply extended as if this forbearance period never existed.

FOR LOAN HOLDERS: IF your loan officer gives you any trouble, get it in writing from an email with them and then I can help you get it higher up the ladder for approval.

Eviction efforts are outlawed as explained in 4023 (d) until the forbearance expires.

*In addition, most of the utility and phone companies have informed customers that their payments can be suspended without disruption of service, fee’s and interest.

IF you have children, you just declare that you have to stay home to home school and provide daycare and this protects you by law from loan payments, rent and from being fired from employment. There are plenty of other reasons COVID19 has caused us economic hardship so the eligibility requirements are extremely vague.

What ever your situation is out there, please stay safe and blessings of health to everyone out there!


For more details see:

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*As written in LIFE WISDOM: Pandemic Prep by T. Frentz



Gather some stems of an Aloe vera plant or Aloe gel. This keeps the alcohol from excessively drying out your skin and provides the gel like substance. Without Aloe vera, the mixture would be more like a spray.

There are a few essential oils you can use for sanitizer. The most recommended essential oil to use for sanitizer is tea tree. Tea tree oil features antibacterial properties as well as anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antiviral properties. While research is limited on which viruses tea tree essential oil can successfully combat, it is thought to fight off the pathogens associated with acne, staphylococci, micrococci, Enterococcus faecalis, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Cinnamon is another recommended essential oil for making hand sanitizer. A 2015 study published by Tuoro College found that cinnamon effectively “deactivated” the viral components in some organisms. To make your sanitizer smell good, use 8-16 drops of lemon, orange, peppermint, or lavender.

If you’re using 91% Isopropyl alcohol use a 3:2 ratio; 3 tablespoons alcohol to tablespoons of Aloe. If you are using 99 percent Isopropyl alcohol, you will want a 2:1 ratio. With 91 percent Isopropyl alcohol for example, pour 1 cup into a mixing bowl and add 2/3 cup Aloe and the oil.  Mix it all together with a spoon, then use a funnel to transition the mixture into a bottle with a pump.


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Here is a little peek at the Pandemic Prep chapter in “LIFE WISDOM” by T Frentz. For more info visit:

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Being prepared for chaos is something that you should consider a daily priority if you want to live comfortably during a pandemic. In some instances chaos may explode with only minutes notice while others may give you weeks of warning. For example, an asteroid can be discovered weeks in advance but predicting the affected area would cause more damage than the asteroid itself. Predicting a target zone in advance would cause mass panic and extreme chaos. The pandemonium from fear would shut down crucial life baring systems before the asteroid damage. For this reason, the media would never predict the location of a large strike until the last 24 hours. Only the highest people on the pyramid would be notified any sooner.

The highest probability for chaos belongs to a biological pandemic. It has happened many times over recorded history. And it will continue to happen more and more often with the damage being caused to our climate by the human species. One positive thing about a biological pandemic is that most of the world will have plenty of notice to increase their preparations at a safe and calm rate. I recommend watching the Netflix documentary called “Pandemic” to help you understand what happens during an outbreak.


The purpose of this chapter is to share how I prepare and live comfortably through these biological pandemics. Some viruses may spread from person to person through pathogens attached to water droplets. This means it can spread faster and further then imaginable through numerous avenues.

The initial strain could be created by the bacteria of two different life forms combining to create a new unknown virus with no working cure. Bats are one of the leading carriers of bacteria. Bats could simply drop their bacteria over produce or seafood at a market. Once that bacteria infested food is eaten or even touched, the next person or animal in contact begins to mix their bacteria with the other two and before we know it, a super flu type of virus is being spread.

It spreads fast and may even spread silently with long delays in symptoms. The region where it first spreads may just think that it is a common strain. It usually takes weeks of testing to realize it has unique symptoms that can not be cured with existing medicine. By the time local experts declare the new virus it will be too late to contain it in that region. Anything that can be spread by breath and infected droplets on a surface will spread similar to a wildfire. People will touch the virus infected droplets and it will attach to their body. The droplets then transfer to ports of entry and enter the blood stream to multiply. You itch your nose and eyes every few minutes on average. You often touch your mouth or touch a glass and then the droplet on the glass touches your mouth for example. A list of how droplets transfer would be several pages long. The further an area is from the origination, the longer the people there will have to prepare. Unfortunately, the disease will travel fast on airplanes and you will not have very long. Large transporters like planes and boats will unfortunately bread the virus to a lot of the people on board.

To minimize the risk of exposure you have to wash your hands after every time you touch something at risk of being infected. You need to spray disinfectant on anything in question. You need to have disinfectant wipes for things that you don’t want to spray or wash. You need a sanitizing gel for situations where you are not near running water and soap. If you have facial hair and refuse to shave it off while in an infected area, you may want to rub sanitizer through it often. You will also want to put Triple antibiotic gel in your nostrils to kill infected spores as they enter.

You do not need to change much about the way you live, you will just need to help remind everyone you know to follow these basic hygiene rules. One of the biggest changes will be your actions around others with weak immune systems. You will need to sanitize your items and hands before entering the personal space of others with high risk. You will also want to drink plenty of electrolytes and take a variety of the immune boosters I discus in the health section of this book. And don’t forget to increase your fitness activities and wellness practices.

When you notice someone questionably ill nearby, avoid them. You can still go out in public but use common sense as noted above. As shown in previous pandemics, most every public event and venue would need to be closed for about 4 weeks to allow the spread to be quarantined. Even those of us who do our best to avoid infection will still have to stay away from public places. No going to work, school, stores, church, concerts or other similar public places for a few weeks to allow the health care facilities time to process the increased traffic of people in critical condition. These public events expose too many people to the virus in tight quarters and many new hot zones are traced back to them.

The businesses that provide services in demand during the pandemic will adapt to meet new health regulations. They will either deliver goods or provide drive up window exchanges. Most businesses will reduce their hours to increase efficiency. Most public spaces like parks, resorts, sport facilities and restrooms will be sealed off.

People showing infected symptoms will struggle to get tested. After the first few days of discovering a community spread, test kits will not be assembled at the same rate of people being infected and people will be refused testing. At first, only those with severe symptoms will be tested and the rest will be instructed to self isolate and treat themselves with increased hygiene procedures and electrolytes. People with pre-existing illness or immune diseases along with the very young and the elderly may not be able to cope with the respiratory symptoms on their own. They will need to occupy a medical bed and breathing machine. If they are too ill to eat or breathe on their own they will need IV drips full of nutrients.

Care facilities will be overwhelmed because there will not be a cure or vaccine for a long time and patients will be continuously cycled in and out of emergency rooms and intensive care units. The majority of US citizens will finally agree that insurance has no right to be involved with health care.

INSURANCE will be the biggest hurdle for treating the sick. INSURANCE will stop care providers from doing their job by declining to pay for treatments.

INSURANCE will force infected people to be refused testing and it will push them back into the community where they will continue spreading the disease. THE REST OF THE WORLD that practices socialized health care will flatten the curve of spread at a much more successful rate because everyone will be tested and treated at a consistent rate.

In locations where there are not enough care facilities, people will be left in their beds praying for home visits. In many cases, these people will be transferred to large facilities and forcefully quarantined from any outside contact. Entrances will be guarded and sealed. People will be examined for symptoms and possibly segregated from loved ones by force. People near death will be removed from the machines before they take their last breathe. The shortage of machines will require it to be this way to allow a higher probability of recovery for those in the early stages of the disease. Just think back to all of the Nazi videos and stories you are familiar with. This is the reality of a biological pandemic.

Tests will be too sparse at first and the lack of people being able to be tested will obscure the true numbers of those infected. This will contribute to the improbability of accurate data to assist in the fight for a cure.



This book is full of advice on how to be prepared for a pandemic. For more details on how to make home remedies, collect your own energy, grow medicine and other survival guides email or message us on our social platforms.


For more info visit:

ANOTHER frustrating #EastTexas moment today….. First stakeout of the year… thankfully I avoided having it escalate to a full blown #ShakeDown
Being a wellness trainer and health educator in the heart of an oil loving, meth addicted, under educated land of traditional thinkers makes me appear a threat often here.
I’m a fairly large muscular male with a shaved head which at first glance can strike fear in some that are scared easily. To others my physique may be less feared and more attractive but my actions result in a “concerned citizen call” to the local PD. Sometimes it is for wearing clothing with radical renewable, organic thinking messages or hemp emblems on my vehicles, or individual non christian thinking ideologies on my literature or sometimes it is just for not having much of anything on or with me while being in a public park near children!
It is so frustrating that very few people here do outdoor fitness activities. So few that when people do see me or a few of my friends while we are doing bar workouts, the majority think we are mentally unstable or dangerous in some other manor so their first instinct is to report us to the police.
Today this happened again to me while doing a bar routine in the park. Mostly it is women who see men near a playground as a threat to their children. I get that. But those of you guilty of letting fear instantly over power your ability to assess the full situation and innocent intent of a stranger need to calm the f* down! Count to 100 backwards and meditate while you take in the big picture. The fear driven by fictional drama’s shows on television needs to be boxed up.
I had to restructure my workout while a local officer had to spend critical time away from helping people with real emergencies to run license plates on all the cars in the parking lot. I was ready to leave but he had a duty to stake out the scene for an extra 20 minutes and I could not approach my vehicle because the dirty headlight gave him “due cause” to harass me and shake me down for my ID and search my private property and vehicle and then site me with as many fines as he saw fit. Instead of using his time to self educate on pandemic procedures he had to circle the block and hide around corners hoping I would approach a vehicle for another 20 minutes.
I had to use the extra 40 minutes to continue additional sprints and other cardio instead of going to do my swim workout and read a book at the lake. I took the opportunity to introduce myself to the mother before leaving. It was clear from the first moment she arrived that she was the concerned citizen. I saw her pull her children back as they first approached the opposite side of the playground. She immediately lifted her phone and made a call and I knew the next hour of my day was going to be tense. She left the park earlier while clearly talking to the PD and then returned once the patrol arrived.
As I approached her fear had already been subdued by the PD and she gave me a half smile as I introduced myself as a local mission leader, wellness instructor and author. She was quick to apologize for reporting me and asked me to forgive her for causing me duress. The officer she spoke too apparently was one that was familiar with my community contributions. Her children quickly intervened to ask about my workout and my stories. I asked her to be more patient when assessing the situation in the future and to consider altering her approach on teaching her children lessons of fear and we departed ways as friends.
Once the officer finally did leave and I was able to rush to the lake, I could not shake off this stake out stress enough to concentrate on my reading so I returned back to this keyboard, sharing yet another stake out story.
Life Wisdom


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Over 20 years of research is finally published and available for purchase in this daily self help, DIY reference book. Please contact me directly ( to purchase so I do not have to give the marke-teers >60% of my revenue! 


You can also view more previews at Google Play Store & Google Books –


This book is full of lesser known knowledge, guides, advice and facts surrounding the culture of the United States circa 2020. In this book you will also find my recommendations for some of the latest products and technology that improves our standard of living. I also share everything I have researched about minimalist and survivalist living and prepping for pandemics. The best way I can summarize IT all is to just call the book, LIFE Wisdom.

The following pages share my efforts to organize and shed light on the most useful information in my life. This book categorizes the knowledge based on whether IT involves helping, simplifying, making, stretching, spending, living or sharing something.

The main objectives of this book are:
1. Educate the reader.
2. Connect with sponsors and increase funding for the Helping Hands Network volunteer and emergency cause programs.
3. Connect with global connections to help establish international programs.

Please submit any product or other helpful information you would like to see included in future editions and you will receive future editions for FREE!

At times the line may be blurred between opinion and fact but I do the best I can. My definition of fact refers to a first encounter experience by myself or another credible source. Some of your experiences surrounding certain wisdoms may not hold up to my experiences I share in this book.

Updates after publishing can be followed at [] We look forward to publishing many more editions.

The proceeds from sales go to help fund our programs so if you are given a copy please consider contributing to our cause through paypal id or mailing a check payable to Tim Frentz.



About the Author

Tim Frentz (T) is an artist, eco activist, gardener, soccer player, business consultant, fitness trainer, author and practitioner of Yoga who recorded his spiritual journey in this new age work “the Helping Hands Spirit” and a comic book series called “the ventures of HELPING HANDS”.

He was reborn in Grand Island, Nebraska USA in 1977. His early autobiography was first published in 2012, seven years after the death of his father whom inspired T to leave home and give himself to causes in urgent need.

T describes how his experiences inspired him to trade in his possessions and hit the road. Several times he was robbed of resources but instead of relying on a flawed legal system to recover his losses, T accepts it as a lesson from his former guru’s.

This early autobiography shares T’s early life in the central United States, his college days at the University of Nebraska, visits to spiritual communities, meetings with various saints, his training of disciple volunteers, T’s building of the Helping Hands Network, his time helping causes in need and his steps to become a new age yogi.

T brings a new age meditation method known as “Creative Meditation” into the light. This is achieved through combining traditional meditational practice with the act of artistic expression and creation. He is known for his wood sculpting and other art which is largely created during a meditative state.

T continues publishing books & comics, teaching yoga & fitness, and speaks widely in the United States. His organization “The Helping Hands Network” is growing daily in the United States and continues to connect causes in need with thousands of resources through





I have been doing construction ever since my father let me use his tools. Over all these years I have put many different types of construction gloves to the test. I have been wanting to record my notes on all the different gloves for a very long time and I am finally taking a few moments to put this blog together.

I hope all of this information is helpful to those of you still reading. There are a lot of cheap gloves available and I have given most of them a chance. It is time I start giving the more expensive brands a chance to compete.

I am looking to try some gloves from CRL and Deluth Trading Co. to add to this test group soon. IF anyone reading this has connections to higher quality glove brand sellers or manufacturers and would like to submit some gloves for review, please send me a message.

Lets get started with a few options from Dollar General.

This leather model at Dollar general is soft and can handle rough material for about 14 hours before wearing through on the most used finger tips. It is common to find poorly stitched seams. It is also common for some of the fingers to be poorly sized. Make sure you try them on before purchase.


This synthetic option at Dollar General looks and feels very comfortable. I really had high hopes that the material would last a long time but if practically disintegrated the instant any rough material scrapes it. I’m going to soak it in waterproofing Mink oil next chance I get to see if that will slow down the deterioration.



This pair from Family Dollar has good stitching and a comfortable insulate liner. It also has reinforced knuckles and velcro wrist. Unfortunately the palm material is very thin and does not last more than about 20 hours of hard use.


I don’t like promoting Harbor Freight because the majority of their products come from China but here is a look at some of the gloves they offer. The stitching is improved from the Dollar store products and the leather lasts closer to 40 hours. I often find that the stitching fails before the leather wares thin.


Lowes has a few good options. I plan on adding more to this review as I have a chance to test them. The first pair I have tested is the low end priced Blue Hawk. The material lasts about 30 hours but the stitching fails in several places.

Lowes Blue Hawk

$16 IronClad High Utility Durable –

I have been using this glove for a few weeks and I’m pleased so far with the durability. The trade off however, is the comfort. The thicker material causes a bit of discomfort in the palm and gripping smaller items is more challenging. IronClad packages their gloves with a nice sticker to help increase their brand awareness. They also attach a durable information tag which fully describes all the features of each model.

IronClad Heavy gloves IronClad durable



CRL & Duluth Trading Co. products coming soon.

$35 CRL –


$22 IronClad Ranch –

IronClad Ranch

$20 IronClad Command Utility Touch –

IronClad Command


This is a frequent comment on our social sites. It makes my life achievements feel appreciated when I get to have intellectual conversations on this topic. Years back I published a list on our expired MySpace platform and a recent request has motivated me to share this updated blog.


FIRST to begin, I ask you to make a list of topics that are close to your heart.

HH Logo 1

MAKE YOUR LIST NOW before reading further to avoid this articles premature influence.

SECOND, I urge you to now do a search on documentary films and books related to your topics. Dive into a few of them and refer back to your original list to make any last minute changes.  You can compare your list to mine:

A New We

NOW, let us discuss some details surrounding some of these topics.

Protecting nature and all life on Earth is a primary cause for me. Our human species is destroying everything around it.

The PROBLEM: We are selfish and wired for primal survival above all else. This leads the majority of the species to ignore the scientific sins of our ways. We continue to pollute and destroy the very systems that give us life. Nature will survive beyond the Armageddon brought by climate destruction, future meteors or other alien threats.

These systems will survive beyond our self destruction so they do not rely on human defense for survival but our ability to survive comfortably most definitely relies on keeping nature in balance. We must do our part to keep the balance.

A SOLUTION: My primary cause focus is the protection of nature and all life. I advocate for peace, permaculture education and the defense of all life by forming community centers. These centers provide education, community gathering events, artistic creation and expression, food growth and over all community action related to this ideology.

A lot of individual causes fall under this mass topic. Within the chaos generated by individual organizations it is easy to lose track of the over all mission. MY MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO YOU is “FOCUS ON IMPROVING THE PROBLEM. Do not put energy into trickle down effects or you will just be going in circles.”

For example, if you rake your leaves and then leave them in a pile, they will just blow around the yard tomorrow. You must think outside the realm of the status quo. IF your cause is to “prevent leaves from mixing with your garden plants” THEN either remove the tree entirely or create a barrier around your garden.

Replace the leaf example with plastic waste and you have a whole new thought process of defeating nature pollution. Our Helping Hands Network social page groups post a lot of updates on our events which are structured around this philosophy. Turn on your alerts for our posts and attend some of our events when you feel the desire to make a change!



Animal rights are one of the most popular causes but yet they are massively under financed. I am very skeptical in my stance on animal rights. I think they deserve a natural habitat and territory of their own just as much as humans. When a species is left alone in their habitat they do not need our interference. They really only need our protection from other uneducated or impassionate humans.

HEALTH related causes do not need your efforts. Your time will barely be noticed because health causes already have more support than they should. Every day you see wealthy people and organizations providing donations to health related groups instead of nature and universal life change makers. Again, we can not stress enough that this is because of the human nature to survive and scientifically alter the law of natural selection. We want to wage a war against nature so we can survive longer. We want to defeat cancer, we want to stop disease, we want and we want but we refuse to accept that nature knows what is best. We must accept our natural selection of fate. Our disobedience has resulted in more disease and more over population beyond what the natural resources of the world can provide. 


HOMELESS HUMANS pull at our heart strings. We want to help but we need to sit back and study their story before reacting at times. As cold hearted as it is, we must accept that humans living in poor conditions is due to a large variety of reasons. Some reasons deserve more help than others. The mentally disabled (addiction or otherwise) and abandoned for example, need to be provided a full time protector. Any help short of that is just “raking the leaves.” Physically disabled and most other human’s living in poor conditions are usually under educated. One of the best ways to help them, is to take them to a community center like the HHN where they can receive survival education. This will enable them to make more positive choices. They can stop engaging in crimes to collect money and redirect their energy towards growing or building the resources they actually need.


There are so many causes that this article is actually just an insert from my full length book, “Life Wisdom”. I encourage you to order a copy and read far beyond these thoughts to transcend your enlightenment today. I look forward to your comments and from time to time I will respond by adding a paragraph on this blog.  Thank you again to all of my supporters. Your contributions to our Helping Hands Network will provide much needed help for as long as our members maintain their passion.


The purpose of this article is to document the struggles I have had to go through to use the ZMODO NVR ZP-NL18. I purchased it in January of 2019 and as of November 2019, I still have not found any support forum feeds that have resolved the router conflicts. Hopefully someone reading this will eventually leave a link in the comments that will direct me to the answers we need.

ZMODO tech support has some improvements to make. Their online manual for wireless NVR systems does not address known issues with router conflicts. Their online support forum does not address these issues either. Their chat support takes a very long time to reply and does not give you any real time update while you are waiting so you are left wonder if you are even connected. (I’ve waited over 60 minutes with no reply!) Their email support continuously struggles to improve the knowledge base of their staff. I send an email every month and never get my message forwarded by the initial level 1 tech to a supervisor tech with the required knowledge to answer.

The Problem: 

The NVR does not recognize or connect to wifi cams on the ARRIS DG950A router.

Possible Conflicts:

As of today, I have resolved the issue when I looked into the camera’s settings and seen that the domain name got cut off. I attempted static IP removing the domain name to find that it resolved the issue. I reset the camera back to DHCP and returned to pfSense. Because I use a home network, I was able to login to pfSense, go to Services, then selected DHCP Server, selected the network port, then located domain name, and proceeded to shorten the domain name. After restarting the Zmodo NVR, all of the camera were connecting. Apparently, Zmodo cameras have a set limit of characters that can be set in the domain name field.


Still waiting for someone to share a screen shot of the router settings and more detailed instructions showing what data to enter.


ZMODO Tech Replies:

Every reply I get has failed to address any evidence of researching the ARRIS DG950A for detailed trouble shooting instructions. I always get some type of automated reply similar to the following:

“you can connect a monitor to nvr and go to Device management page on TV and delete offline cams ip address and tap refresh ,auto add”

“its need to set up camera firstly and The default login information for that system is
Username: admin Password: 111111 or left blank
That system will have a pinhole reset button on the back of the system. You may use a paperclip to press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds, and that will reset the system to the factory default login information. (Reset won’t eliminate the recordings)”

“since the nvr is offline and need to set it up then add cameras ip address to nvr by monitor .firstly check the net port light on nvr if power on?”

“What is the ID# of the device that you are working with? The Device ID# can either be found through 2 ways
1. on the device’s sticker below the barcode such as “ZMD12D648000288”
2. located by accessing the “Device Setting” -> ” ID” below the device image on your app. Please pay attention to the difference between 1/I/ L, O/0, B/8, Z/2.
Following is a link of guide on how to locating ID# you may check out”

“Are you using a dual-band router? If so, you will need to make sure that the SSID (WiFi Name) for your 2.4GHz network is different than the SSID for your 5GHz network because our device only support 2.4Ghz currently. Here is a further-reading instruction on how to check/change router settings:

1. Please also pay attettion to the capital letters in SSID and password.
2. Zmodo device alos requires good internet speed for first configuration, it’s better to put it close to router during setup.
3. Settings in the phone will automatically disconnect from ZMD_SAP, ensure that Cellular Data is turned off for iphone/android or Smart Network Switch (only in some android phones)
Please kindly let me know if you need any help on understanding this requirement.”

Best Regards
Vito Gu
Zmodo Support


“you can connect a monitor to nvr and go to Device management page on TV and delete offline cams ip address and tap refresh, auto add”
Best Regards
Vito Gu
12/9 (We actually got a helpful reply today! This reply provided us with a firmware upgrade and a photo of how to install it. Stay tuned. We will be trying to install it soon!)
“your nvr needs to update firstly and you can update nvr by below way”

Best Regards
Vito Gu

12/13  (HOW FUNNY IS THIS ONE?! It has nothing to do with the subject!)
“There is no other options to share the camera with others.
For security purpose, only people who has app account and password could access the camera. You could also share the camera with others, then shared people need to sign up account and receive the invitation and access the cameras.”

Best regards,
Alisa Y

– “your internet router is blocking it from connecting. I would try hitting the WPS security (on the router) button as you are trying to load the cameras. This tells the router you are allowing them to connect. Hope this helps..these little cameras work great”