Power Abusers

This one is for you, Mr./Mrs. Communal Position Abuser of Power. Dedicated to logging all the bullshit harassment I experience while living on the road.

So many variables. I just want the keepers of the peace to remember their creed.

“I must possess complete integrity
For temptations will bestride my path;
I must be tidy in my thoughts and person
For pride, ambition, will demand this.
Patience and courage are my twin companions…..
Patience paves the way for my lucid thinking
While courage should be boundless.
My rank instills in me a sense of power
Which I must discipline so that no man need fear me…..
Except there be good reason.
And by these concepts I will be strong…..
A true servant and guardian of THE LAW.”

and “to protect and SERVE”

Since homeland security has you all training in fear and directing that fear back inoto the people, these types of harassment are getting out of hand.

10/22 – Thurston County Sheriff Deputy

Pull me over for running a stop sign 1 mile in front of you? You didn’t see me already stopped and on the side of the shoulder talking on my phone from the other side of the crest of the hill!!!

Then you harass me about a rusty old .22 that I was just given by a sponsor to gift to a gun enthusiast kid friend of mine. You waste 20 minutes of our time to search my van and interrogate me hoping to find that big score so you can earn your brownie merit badge.

You then tell me my tail lights are not working so I act like I am replacing a fuse when I really do nothing to affect my lights…and you act surprised when they really did work now that the sun is not blocking your vision. Have a nice day!

11/5 3pm Bancroft State Patrol

I thought State Patrol stuck to the interstates? Well officer K. Bruning badge #294 why did you feel I was running away from you when I passed my turn and had to turn around legally in a driveway? Why did you try to tell me I was speeding in town when by the time you turned on to the same street as me I was crawling through a school zone at 15 miles an hour?

Thanks for the warning ticket and making me 2 minutes late to the bank across the street from where you pulled me over and would not let me run inside to cash my check you son of a …..

Did you all know Nebraska State now prints tickets on a printer instead of using the old paper pad tickets?


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