Here are a few suggestions & details for interviews: 
WHO STARTED the HH Network: Tim Frentz / current Director of the Helping Hands Network
WHAT: HHN is a network of like minded friends who either use the network’s tools to get help for themselves & others OR to provide help to causes in need. More details can be found at:
Common questions asked:
Where does your funding come from?
We are simply a bridge. Money flows directly from sponsor to recipient. We do not handle funds and therefor do not file as a non-profit and do not claim to be a business entity of any form.
IS HHN 501c3?
We are not a business or formal organization. We do not hold formal meetings or assign formal board positions.
How has HHN grown such a large presence and been so involved in only 7 years with no direct budget?
When a sponsor is not found to cover an expense, our members pay out of their pocket. As founder, I have pledged 80% of my 7 year income to Causes in need.
How can you give 80% of your income?
My only expenses are storage unit fees, credit cards and vehicle insurance. I carpool and bike most everywhere. I live life as a minimalist. I live waste free and I travel with my own RE system which provides my energy needs. I grow most of my food and volunteer at food banks to trade for what I can not harvest on my own. I recycle and reuse as much as possible. I invest and spend wisely. Sponsors provide me shelter when I am in Urban areas and I camp as much as possible during rural projects like park cleanups and such. I use tools like Craigslist and eBay to purchase bargains and flip them for profit. I am also very skilled in the game of darts and there are usually tournaments near project sites which contribute some nice winnings.
The above mentioned Q&A usually covers a good 10 minute interview with follow up comments. If you think our story will fit into your programming get back to us anytime via tfrentz@hotmail.com.

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