How to Watch American Horrors on Kodi XBMC

With Halloween season in full swing, you probably found this blog because you are looking for new horror films to experience and you want to know the best options to watch them.


Welcome to the world of Kodi. Where all your favorite media content becomes available for free under 1 simple control panel.


Kodi is a fully customizable open source program that can be ran on most any modern day platform and hardware.


Visit the Kodi forums to read all about it at:

Now, on to the details for watching the station within Kodi.


1) install Kodi via (soon to be

2) check out this forum discussion here:

3) download the zip file (if the newest plug-in is not working with the TV guide Plug-in please let me know a different download file to list here instead)


4) open Kodi and go to system – install zip file and install it


5) shut down and re open Kodi



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