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(Gain back control of the country from the banks by moving your accounts TODAY please!!!)



First this:



Anyone have a scoop on Cap1 shady practices on the Personal Banking side?

IS there a joint action being organized right now????

We have been reading a lot of complaints that they raised their accounts monthly fees from $4.95 to a staggering $8.95 with no internal online messaging notices.

I personally was affected because we do not use snail mail and there were no email alerts sent out or apparent internal messages.

We had an account for our Texas division emergency fund and auto pay of a credit account with Cap1. I have min balance alerts sent to me for all our company accounts. A few weeks ago I got a notice that the account was charged off and the credit card past due!!!

I got NO notices. No email alerts. I looked over the account and noticed we had been charged $8.95 a month for the past 18 MONTHS and maybe more (I can’t go back further) THEY had to have back charged and changed the records or something because there is no way I would have not noticed and shut off the account sometime between now and then.

Now instead of having an additional $72 ($4 fee increase over 18 months) that should be in the account, we are being charged off for owing them $123….  wtf