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My very first SxSW was in 2010.

For most of 2008 and 2009 I was in the upper Midwest involved with renewable energy projects and a few charity programs. This led to some press for the Helping Hands Network which eventually led up to our SxSW invite.

The adventure began when I was invited to speak at a Tech Conference in New Orleans as part of the VoDoo Festival and then that same group invited me to SxSW.

I was given an upper level pass for tech, film and music access over 14 days. Only talent, staff and VIP’s had more access. It allowed me to get the full experience from inside any regular event I wanted to go to.  I quickly learned that the music was mostly newer groups looking to get record deals while the big name groups stay away until the Austin City Limits festival. This swayed my focus towards the Tech presentations during week #1.

Right away I learned that anyone can use Tweet Deck to monitor hash tag updates on most any tech related presentations. Between Tweet Deck and live streaming there is a limited need to even attend the presentations. This allowed me to attend one topic forum while following a second online at the same time.

As Tech week winded down, I started to review all the amazing film options. It is quite the challenge to organize all these events you want to see and an even bigger feat to make it to them on time when they can be several blocks apart.

The point of my story is that the films are educational and they are the main reason I like to return to the festival. Unfortunately in 2019, films cost $16 each without a $825 FILM PASS!


Now, on to the 2019 experience!

I stayed home and worked during Tech week. Anytime I was able to be at my desk, I turned on Tweet Deck and followed the action. SxSW also streamed a live feed on their YouTube channel that I monitored. I enjoyed some interviews with the Beastie Boys the most. As Film weekend arrived I loaded up the car and headed for Austin. I loaded the live stream and listened to it during the 5 hour drive.

My first stop after arriving in Austin is Texas Bar and Grill for a dart tournament.

2019-03-26 Darts

As I looked around at the competition it became apparent that I had the highest average in the room. I just needed to avoid two of their top players getting partnered up. It was a good event with a trips pot exceeding $2200. Everywhere I compete there are always some variations in rules or tournament structure and Austin has something I have never experienced before. Normally if there is an odd amount of entries, the tournament director asks for any volunteers to sit out or the director will sit out to keep the teams even. This Austin event is unique because they instead draw for a random player to get to play on two teams. This ultimately could lead to a player getting both first and second place prize money if all goes well.

On this night, I got a newer player for a partner and one of the top Austin players got to be the lucky odd player with two partners. In addition, both of that players partners had more than double the average of my partner. I kept the games close but I eventually ended up in the top 8 and missed out on being drawn for any of the bonus prizes.

On a positive note, I was done by 11pm and had time to cruise around the party scene downtown if I wanted. I chose to head for my camping spot and call it an early night.

I camp in front of a yoga retreat that has a small park just south of the river. As I arrived I was shocked to discover that the park had been sold and it is now fenced in for a beer garden. In past years I was able to do a workout on the padded roof of a food camper in the park but that had all changed. I was now forced to site outside this wall and meditate while facing the sunrise behind a locked gate.


The first scheduled event of the day was the documentary “Community First” which started at 11am. Community First is a community that started as a vision by Alan Graham to feed the homeless through a mobile food delivery service he calls Mobile Loaves & Fishes.

I packed my travel bag and hit the road on the scooter. First stop was breakfast and a cleanup then I headed over to the river trails to do another short workout until it was time for the film. There was a relaxing blues band playing on the bridge so I stayed there and did another workout.

2019-03-26 scooter

As 11am drew near, I headed over to the theater. It was $16 for a mid day film but at least part of the money was going to a great cause. I can’t believe people shell out $825 for a pass and still only go to just a handful of events. They probably average paying closer to $80 per film! SxSW administrators definitely need to restructure their financials.

I knew a little about the Community First village from my Co-Housing community based newsletters so I was excited to see a more in depth follow up. ( & )

I had no idea that it started out as a mobile food delivery service (Mobile Loaves & Fishes / MLF). I also did not realize that it has grown at a very rapid pace and expanded to offer several income generating trade skills for over 500 people while removing them from homelessness. It is an amazing story that started around 1998. I have been slowly forming a similar movement and the MLF model is the perfect example for our Helping hands Network. They are 10 years ahead of us and if HHN just follows similar goals, we hope to be promoting similar results. If you are ever in Austin, please let me know and I will go tour Community First village with you.

2019-03-26 Community

After the film we had a Q&A with the Director, Layton Blaylock. Layton made a comment about being inspired to promote the amazing example of MLF in order to encourage other Community projects to form. As a CoHo consultant on many projects, I felt obligated to speak out so I stood up and introduced myself and assured him that his work was being noticed and consultants like me are following these examples.

After the Q&A, Layton’s wife approached me to have a chat and the lady sitting beside me also introduced herself. They were both interested in my projects and the lady beside me was the Chief Officer of the MLF. Amber Fogarty, MLF CEO invited me to follow up and visit during their consultant weeks. This will be a great project to be more involved with so I told her that I would go tour the village as soon as I can and get back to her. I had other plans to have some nature time on Sunday on my way home so I was not sure if I could make an appointed time.

After the film, I got on the scooter and cruised 6th street for lunch. West 6th street is your Irish St. Patty’s day headquarters and home to the average 30-50 something crowds. It is where I most enjoy the atmosphere. As you travel east down 6th street it becomes more gangster and grunge until you reach the river bend and dip south into Hipsterville. In past years there has been a wonderful Latino festival along the river on the final Saturday but the date must have changed this time around.

Every where you look there are bikes and scooters. It is cool to see people exercising and minimizing the use of gas vehicles. I recommend everyone watch season 22 episode 5 of South Park to get a good insight parody of the situation!

I went in to the convention center to check out the gaming convention and see who was performing on the free music stage. It was an entertaining MidEastern rap group. On my way out I met this wonderful group going around to educate people on the Honey Bee becoming endangered.

From there I completed the trail and bridge around downtown and back over to the park around the Palmer Events Center. This is where there is the biggest stage with some of the better known bands. There is also a workout station that I enjoy to balance out the lazy part of the day.


2019-03-26 save bees2019-03-26 concert


To end the day I headed back to play darts. I forgot to ask where the Saturday night event was so I ended up in the wrong place and arrived to the proper tournament too late. I hung out for awhile and then went to play cards instead. The cards went my way and I made enough money to pay for the whole trip.

2019-03-26 poker The next morning I planned a visit to the Hamilton Pool caves to hike and do my morning yoga workout.


I discovered that the park has limited parking so it has to schedule $11 reservations and charge a  $15 day fee. The reservations are booked full for most weekend days and there are very few week days even open so any visitors traveling through the area will hardly ever get to experience the area unless you get dropped off outside the entrance or ride a bike and talk your way in.







My next stop was to try to drive around Willie Nelson’s Luck Ranch. I was just hoping the gate would be open because I always wanted to visit but I have never been able to get an introduction into the proper circle. I was going to be limited to just flying a drone over head for the time being. Upon my arrival, the gate was in deed closed. I sat in the driveway a few minutes planning my next stop in hopes someone would come greet me or enter through the gate but to avail. I proceeded to drive up to the highest point surrounding the ranch so I could get a nice aerial view and take this picture of the Luck Ranch sign which mimic’s the Hollywood sign. (top left corner)

2019-03-26 Willie

My next stop was to find food and brush my teeth. Around the next corner was a nice taco shack and my quest was successful. I met a wonderful traveler with a very similar life to mine named Demetri Triant while waiting for our food. I also coordinated a visit with one of my cousins who lived a few blocks down the road. We had last met when we both lived in LA in 2013 so our reunion was long over due.

2019-03-27 Jen

It was getting late by the time we were done talking so I had to skip trying to sneak into Hamilton pool and the route to Community First village was 3 hours out of the way so going back through to the East edge of Austin was not going to be possible. It was time to head back to our projects at the Hawkins Learning Center.



———————- BELOW ARE SOME PreTRIP NOTES ——————————–


**NOTE TO SELF – bring the scooter AND the cable lock….  😉




2019-03-15 (1)





Community First, A Home for the Homeless
Director: Layton Blaylock
Community First, A Home for the Homeless, is a feature documentary about a totally unique concept for mitigating homelessness. Conceived and created in Austin, Texas, Community First! Village is truly transforming the lives of homeless people. (World Premiere)


I Am Richard Pryor
Director/Screenwriter: Jesse James Miller
I Am Richard Pryor tells the life story of the legendary performer and iconic social satirist, who transcended race and social barriers by delivering his honest irreverent and biting humor to America’s stages and living rooms until his death at 65. (World Premiere)

It Started As a Joke
Directors: Julie Smith Clem, Ken Druckerman
It Started As a Joke documents the decade-long run of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. The film celebrates Eugene’s unique brand of humor and reminds us of the healing properties of comedy – even in the most challenging of life’s circumstances. (World Premiere)


Director/Screenwriter: Numa Perrier
A true story. In the last days of her mother’s life, 19-year-old Tiffany crashes with five family members in a Las Vegas studio apartment. In order to make ends meet, her sister, a phone sex operator, introduces her to the world of fetish cam girls. Cast: Tiffany Tenille, Numa Perrier, Stephen Barrington, Bobby Field, Brett Gelman, Rockwelle Dortch, Zoe Tyson, Dennis Jaffee, Jessa Zarubica (World Premiere)

Amazônia Groove
Director/Screenwriter: Bruno Murtinho
Leaving Belem and crossing much of the Para State Amazon region, its towns and riverside villages, Amazônia Groove reveals artists and their traditions, faith and mysticism, music and life that pound in the northern region of Brazil. (North American Premiere)

Director: Brian Loschiavo
Discover the origin stories of megastars like Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift while following emerging singer-songwriters as they chase their dreams inside The Bluebird Cafe, Nashville’s accidental landmark that has altered the course of music history. (World Premiere

The Mountain
Director: Rick Alverson, Screenwriters: Rick Alverson, Dustin Guy Defa, Colm O’Leary
A well known physician, in the decline of his career, takes a young man on a desperate tour of rural mid-century hospitals, advocating for a new controversial procedure. Cast: Tye Sheridan, Jeff Goldblum, Hannah Gross, Denis Lavant, Udo Kier


Cobra Kai Season 2
We are proud to present a special screening of the second season ofCobra Kai, the hit YouTube Premium Original Series, starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka. Exclusively premiering at SXSW, YouTube and Sony Pictures Television will screen the first two episodes of the second season followed by a Q&A panel with series stars Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso), William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence) andMartin Kove (Kreese) along with the Cobra Kai series creators and executive producers Josh HealdJon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg.


How Rednecks Saved Hollywood with Joe Bob Briggs
Director/Screenwriter: Joe Bob Briggs
America’s drive-in movie critic uses 200 video clips and photos to tell the 500-year history of the American redneck in a multimedia comedy performance

The Trial (United Kingdom, U.S.) 
Director: Johanna Hamilton
Meet the lawyers tasked with defending 9/11 suspects against the U.S. government.




The Beach Bum
Director/Screenwriter: Harmony Korine
The Beach Bum follows the hilarious misadventures of Moondog (Matthew McConaughey), a rebellious rogue who always lives life by his own rules. Co-starringSnoop DoggZac Efron, and Isla FisherThe Beach Bum is a refreshingly original and subversive. Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Isla Fisher, Stefania Lavie Owen, Jimmy Buffett, Zac Efron, Martin Lawrence (World Premiere)


The Highwaymen
Director: John Lee Hancock, Screenwriter: John Fusco
The outlaws made headlines. The lawmen made history. From director John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side), The Highwaymen stars Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson in the untold true story of the legendary detectives who brought down Bonnie and Clyde. Cast: Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson, Kathy Bates, Kim Dickins (World Premiere)


Pet Sematary
Directors: Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, Screenwriter: Jeff Buhler
Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King. The new Pet Sematary trailer premieres online tomorrow! Click here to be one of the first to see it. Cast List: Jason Clarke, Amy Seimetz, Jeté Laurence, Hugo Lavoie, Lucas Lavoie and John Lithgow


Director: Alex Horwitz
A feature documentary about the emerging technology of self-driving vehicles and the big questions they raise: what is control and who do we become as we relinquish it to machines? (World Premiere)




Friday 3/15/19


Richard Pryor Documentary Premier



Irish Music @ BD Rileys & the Convention Center


Saturday  3/16/19







Register online Saturday night!
Camping near Hamilton Pool ($11 online advance registration required ; $15 per car at gate) Construction delays. Registration in 9-1p and 2-6pm slots only!  THIS SUCKS but the beauty is worth it. We will see if I get kicked out for trying to spend the whole day on Sunday.

23 miles west of Austin on Hwy 71

**CHECK out Willie’s Ranch as I drive by….






The cold weather is allowing me extra time in the studio and it feels great to get caught up on the HHN publishing.

2016 was so full of excitement that issue #12 will include 2 extra pages! It will be published tomorrow, Thursday January 18, 2018. Here is a sneak peak. I hope it continues to inspire everyone to support the Helping Hands Network and all the causes we sponsor.


Full Issue in Kindle Format available here:





We have been focusing on fundraising so fiercely the past 3 years that we let the graphic comic novel books get behind schedule. During the holiday break and the cold weather we have been working hard to get caught up. The 2015 issue will be ready very soon. Here is a sneak peek at what is coming.

For those who prefer the Kindle format version, here is the link to purchase all our books via Amazon.




(*Feedback appreciated. Video Uploading soon.)


HH Logo 1

The Helping Hands Network started as the vision of one but quickly evolved into a global movement.

In the fall of 1995, the founder, Tim Frentz was studying the role of business and advertising in society. He and a close friend got together to form a technology company.

In 1997, at age 20, Tim nearly escaped death after being hit by a car while riding his motorcycle. After nearly 2 years of experiencing how technology could help the disabled, Tim had become temporarily paralyzed and used his own computer solutions for more then a year of recovery.



TechCare, a specialty division was created during this time to provide in home technology training as well as other assisted living solutions. His home town paper even did an editorial feature on the business success.

All appeared well, but then some major changes occurred. Tim and his father, Jerry, were very close and often adventured together. A few days a week they would escape to their home town area to work on rebuilding Jerry’s dream home. The two of them had trusted Tim’s financial partner to invest their nest egg money while they focused on their projects. One day, they went to ask for a few thousand and were told they couldn’t have it and no legal procedure would help them recover it.




Jerry’s stress, as well as his poor health, quickly wore him down. Jerry became disabled by a series of heart problems and Tim was left with the overwhelming tasks of finishing the home build by himself. He also had a major project in the works with his own country home, as well as the troubles between him and his partner back at the office.

Jerry passed away in 2005 after battling cancer and heart problems. His father and his grand parents left him money and praised him to make a difference in the world. Frentz resigned from corporate america and formed what is now the Helping Hands Network.


Before he could even begin planning to invest his inheiritance, his business partner emptied the companies bank account and Tim was faced with a massive decision. Either pay his staff that dedicated their days to his company or, turn his back on them and retain his funding for the non-profit endeavor.

Tim choose the right thing and paid the staff. He then established the website and social media to enable those in need of help with all the contacts available to provide the needed support.

Frentz then liquidated the company and sold as much of his personal items as he could before packing his van and motorcycle up for life on the road.




And on the road he has remained since 2007. The first destination was to help a man in deep depression in MN. His wife had died from a seizure when a doctor gave her the wrong type of medicine and his home burned down shortly after.

The next stop was in rural northern Nebraska. Tim would spend a year helping form several renewable energy ventures with a man whom was trying to do the best he could alone. This time also allowed Frentz many opportunities to volunteer on the areas Native reservations and to help local farmers with construction projects.


V1.4 p1


In 2009, Tim turned south and followed the rivers until reaching New Orleans where he would spend a month aiding hurricane Katrina victims. He was asked to speak at a conference at the VoDoo Festival and then with the same promoter at Austin’s South By Southwest.

20098 TexCartoonSxSW

From Texas, Frentz was sponsored to visit LA and the Island of Maui and research the negative effects of United States capitalism on the native Hawaiian culture. Other projects included volunteering with local groups such as the Save Venice Beach Boardwalk Coalition.

In late 2010, he returned to projects between Nebraska and Texas. His help was then needed back in L.A.

Tim had just arrived in Los Angeles in 2011 when the Occupy movement began. Most of the fall, Tim dedicated his efforts to Occupy related events and causes. Here you see him and friends protesting for fair health care and middle class wealth distribution.

2011 Occupy Art


2012, provided many opportunities to give back to the lower class communities in East L.A. Tim volunteered with the city tree nursery and helped coach youth soccer. He was then requested to help with his current project in Nebraska where he is helping battle unfair debt practices by the IRS and friends with medical emergencies.


More details can be discovered in the “Helping Hands” Comics and Frentz’s current book called “the Helping Hands Yogi”.

For current updates please visit

When we find a cause in need of support, our members work together to help. We build bridges connecting those who can help with the Causes in need of HELP.

Visit our Fundraising pages.


Helping People in need.


Company Overview
Don’t give your money to a large global group or church who doesn’t show you where the money goes. WE HAVE A LONG GROWING LIST OF AMERICAN CAUSES IN NEED OR URGENT HELP. We provide videos and photo blogs of the results from your contributions. We drive around looking for people to share your random acts of kindness on your behalf. HELP US HELP OTHERS PLEASE!

This Helping Hands Organization is a circle of friends who care about all things good and healthy. When we find a cause in need of support, our members work together to help.

If someone is having a really bad day, we send text messages, hugs, facebook support comments and just love in general to remind them that there are people in the world who care about them.

When shelter, food, water, friendship and other main ingredients of life are missing, we are here to reach out and help.

Founder, Tim, is dedicated to raising this support and uses his life to improve the world every day. A typical day may simply be used to lead healthy activities such as yoga, trail rides, team sport gatherings, and art group meetings, musical jams, field trips etc. Search Amazon for our Comic Books and Tim’s first novel, available summer 2013.

Other days we organize recycling cleanups, food drives, home maintenance repairs, sustainability seminars, zero waste living talks and other great activities to better the world.

General information
Join our group today and help change the world. Use it to organize any group events in addition to the Facebook events platforms to increase your events success.

FAN PAGE Announcements:

GROUP PAGE Organizing and Mobilization:
Sign up for Nebraska focused Renewable Energy News emails by sending an email here:

This fall we are working on helping restore a farm in northeast Nebraska, fixing autos and winterizing for Native friends, volunteering at to increase youth programs in Lincoln NE area community gardens and much more to be reported in coming blog updates.

We are also now adding a blog titled “Americana Picts for Fundraising”

High res files of these picture are now available for any sized donation which will go to the projects causes listed above. One picture will be added each day (we hope) for several weeks to come.

“Applez in the Sky” 

“The white Knight”

– you can only see signs of the presence but he/she is near to rescue you when you need. (Part of the daily Helping Hands Americana photo Series being sold tø raise money for fall community garden & farm projects)

“Free Range’n on the Prairie”

“Wind Milled”


1 year (3 issue) subscriptions and limited edition numbered and signed prints are available by donation to paypal id

Contributions help with printing costs and marketing to increase awareness to potential sponsors and media outlets. 80% of contributions can go towards any cause requested by grantor.

V1.3 p2 V1.3 p3

Monday 2/13
Started my day by having last weeks dream turn into reality! I got reaquainted with an old fling on facebook who found my post looking for her off an outdated myspace page.

I spent the day packing ebay sales and replying to charity cause inquiries and posts. I was informed of a new wetland park in central LA that the Harbor Freeway bus goes right past so I stopped on my way downtown. As I left the train station at home, there was a well used scooter being donated in the platform trash so I had SP come take it home for me. What a blessing cause I had been fighting the temptation to invest $30 on one for weeks.

The South LA Wetland Park was blocks in to the gang territories of Compton but the bike ride seemed safe in the light.

On the bus there was a great character behind me. He struck up a smooth conversation with the lady next to him and he had her interested right up to the point where he started talkin about being fresh out of prison, on his way to get public assistance, with 6 children, part time work, and he was a retired jigalo dancer before holding his ex hostage.

I hope this gent gets some spiritual training on how to ease into these issues.

Once I arrived at the park there was a nice fence all the way around it but they didn’t install the litter catcher at the base. The park was beautiful but had not been mulched yet and the mud was catching a lot of the litter putting the fowl at risk of choking.

I hope they have benches in the plans for the path. There was at least one gate that was unlocked without a path so visitors were tromping the delicate seedlings.  8+(

As I sat typing away, I noticed the high school soccer field across the street. I was suddenly lifted to a new level at the discovery I could play a palada at the same visit.

I was inspired to locate the park committe and volunter to attach my city service grant time to them. 20 hours a month.

If I had at least one wealthy sponsor for the Helping Hands Charity, I would have been able to pay the maintenance and tow fee for the single mom having car problems. A gent was looking the car over to help her find the problem so I moved on.

I pray everyday I will get one of my successful followers to sponsor a charge account to help those in life threatening situations. Today was another day I cried a bit as I was forced to watch unsuccesful in the task. It was not the worst gang hood but it was far from safe and the weather was 40 and rainy/windy.

The park also needs wind breaks, weatherproof print literature, ground brush, recycling bins and year round shade trees.

I went back to the bus and moved on to SI to help coach me Boyle Heights kids. The bus ride was a memorable one. The driver was having a bad moment due to her route timing and break being delayed from a break down. The bike rack was full which 99% of the time means I have to wait for the next one which meant I would have been late for my kids practice.

Yet another blessing from beyond came as the lady in all her negativity, politely told me I could carry the bike until a rack opened. Wow. So many blessings today.

On the bus we had a great group chat between some Americorp volunteers and us as well.  I learned not only do the schools run students in half days, they also rotate vacation months like college semesters to help reduce the over population.

After practice, I crashed early because I was volunteering for Dodger Stadium park maintenance at 7am Tuesday.

Tuesday 2/14 – 2/16 I volunteered with the LA County Nursery.

It was a chilly ride but I made it to the nursery at 5 minutes to 7. The first to show was the office manager, Mannie. He grilled me with about 5 questions to test my pysique before giving me the approval to start. Next, in came Rita who would be me supervisor. She showed me all the gear and then gave me a tour.

Half the tree’s had been damaged by a wind storm and my objective would be to stand them up, fix their tie straps and stakes and water and shovel dirt run off.

After about 2 hours of that, Mannie grabbed me and said we were going to fix some landscaping in front of the Chinese Theatre on star walk in Hollywood. While we were there pulling steel bars out of the ground, there was as a digital billboard being installed above us.

On the way back we went over Elysian and wrapped around the LA Zoo road to avoid Sunset traffic. This took us past the train museum where a good Bruce Willis scene was filmed.

The afternoon was spent watering the trees. After I left thee nursery I biked past a thrift store district where all the clothes at Goodwill were $1. They roll new totes out every 30 minutes and people run after them to get the first picks. I found a pair of new brown Adidas street gear shoes with a touch of paint for $5 and 1 left foot Adidas predator cleat that I needed to play soccer.

As I was heading down the road I noticed another thrift sign on a side road. As I got closer to it I discovered St. Vincent de Paul was a massive 10000sq. Ft. Plus warehouse full of tons of everything. I picked up a pair of $100 Accenture Outdoor Pants for $7.50. For VDay they were running an additional 50% off!

When I got back to SI, I just wanted to pass out. I had not got up at 5:45a since running in the mornings with Alli. As I was about to kick back with a bowl, Will came in and said we were going to a free comedy show with Scott Naviski from the show, Chuuck. It was being produced by one of our boys in a penthouse club called the Pirch downtown.

I got my picture with Scott and enjoyed several other acts as well that were on MTV and Comedy Central.

Wednesday, Feb. 15, the volunteer day at the nursery was uneventfull. It sprinkled off and on so eventually we had to go home at lunch. I spent the afternoon buying a few items to put on eBay at the thrift store while waiting for the rain to stop long enough to make it home dry.

Once I arrived, I could not find my phones. I remembered putting them on the window ledge by the bike at the store so I could put my jacket on. I called the store but kept getting hung up on after a transfer. I also got the manager once just long enough to tell him and then got hung up on again. Will and I drove back to the store and he got them on the phone again. By the time we got there my publishing phone and my new $500 LG 2x were no where to be found.

When we got back to the house I tried to call the phone. I didn’t want to do it earlier because it risked getting the attention of a dishonest person. I didn’t even get to the point to text my code word to receive the GPS location. Scott’s super hero ears told me he picked up a vibration near the couch. Sure enough they had fallen out of my bag and into the dark hole of a couch cushion.

It was such a roller coaster ride; getting all worried, then heart broke at the thought they were gone for ever, then back to the top when discovering them again.

I then went over to help coach my soccer kids but either the season was over or it was too cold for them because no one was around.

Back at Shhmokewear, we closed a $5000 order this week so I helped package and tag hundreds of wrist hookahs before falling a sleep.

Thursday was a normal day of watering trees at the nursery. It was my 3rd day in a row getting up and motivated before 6am. If you ever find yourself in a rut and constantly getting up late, you just force yourself to get up super early 3 days in a row and you will be back on track.

I would be up by 7:30 quite some time after 3 early alarm days in a row.

After my time at the nursery I rushed to pack up at SI and return to South Bay. As I was leaving I received a text from the dance instructor I spent my December with. As always the day after Valentines day, single women are sad and looking for companionship.

Julia asked me if I was promised to anyone yet and then we exchanged messages as I rode the train home. She was hoping to see me soon but I was on my way camping and working in Vegas all week.

On the train home I met an old classmate who played on the Husker football team during 97 and 98. We shared some stories about the party days and then swapped cards. When I got home I had an interesting email from the Paris girl which I am most anxious to get to know. She asked me ideas for locations to get multiple signatures fast for her groups anti human slavery campaign.

She delicately explained she was just beginning to be monogamis with a guy and it was early so I would have to wait awhile to take her out on a romantic date.

Friday, I took SP food shopping until mid day and then worked on ordering supplies at SI most of the evening. We spent the night packing for a backpack campingventure.

Saturday, Feb. 18. We were out of the house by 8am and in Azusa to meet our adventure group by 9. We drove 15 minutes into the Canyons to Glenn Canyon trail head. From there we hiked a yuppie paved ranger road 6 miles along the river up to Glenn camp.

After we were all set up, I went to hike the canyon stream to see if I could make it to the other campground on the south side. About 20 minutes up, I came to a beautiful waterfall with a wall of nearly 80 feet. I would have to get gear to safely make it any further.

I went as high as I felt safe climbing without a spotter and then sat on a tree branch to write about my experience. There was a spot with some anchored climbing rope so I went up it to get some great shots and then went to try climbing the other canyon wall.

The east side had two huge trees fallen up against it so I climbed one. I had to cut back thorn branches along the way bur after 15 minutes I made it 40 feet up the tree. Unfortunately the ferns were covering the jagged steep rocks so it was again too dangerous to make it over the ridge without a spotter.

I returned back to camp and shared my find with the group of others who may be interested. The cutest girl, Telena, was excited to see it so they formed a group to follow me back into the canyon. We took a bunch of pictures and then the rest of the night she and I bonded.

She asked me to walk her to get supplies and then the rest room after that. There was this huge flat rock on the edge of the camp that I laid on to look at the stars while waiting. She came over and laid beside me and we snuggled up while pointing out constalations and talking zodiac.

In the morning I got up and did my push ups, crunches and yoga. I relaxed in the limited sunny areas while eating and meditating, then wrote a bit.

As I sat by the fire stitching my pack up, Telena came over and continued to show interest while in a sober state so I continued where we left off.

We hiked the whole way back together and got to know details about our lives. We made plans to get together to watch a movie like “I heart Huckabee’s” or “Over the Hedge” when I return from Vegas and then said our goodbyes.

We returned home and started packing for Vegas.



Joel Reams is a Tyler Texas Wood carver with many published articles on Carving Wood Ship models. J.  REAMS spent his early days as a sailor in the Navy and now has retired from a career as a water purification technician.

Many of his carvings, models and painting are influenced by his wife and days at sea. He has lived in Hawaii and several Islands where surfing took up a lot of his free moments.


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J. Reams has generously donated over 100 of his finest works to benefit the Helping Hands Charity Network with the value of over $50,000! We are so thankful for his contributions and hope you will purchase one of his items to benefit any of our causes you so chose. See our “WHO WE HELP” and “CAUSES” tab on the blog for all the CAUSE options please.

ALL ITEMS details and pictures can be seen on Picasso and Facebook.


Purchases through the net can be made by transferring the funds to PAYPAL ID:

Purchases in person can be made at the Tyler Studio at:  ???? AND/OR the ARTISTS Palestine/NoonDay Studio (directions and time to be provided by request)

Hello, I am 6 yr. old Castalia Barron and my family needs your support to help cover my medical treatments and related expenses for Leukemia.

This is her story:

Six-year-old Castalia Bella Barron, the only child of Joe and Summer Barron of Longview, and the only grandchild of Debbie Townsend of Hawkins, was recently diagnosed with Pre-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Castalia came into this world on the California coast a brave little warrior while daddy, a decorated Purple Heart Marine formerly of Hawkins was on the front lines in Iraq. True to her name in the Latin form, she is “Pure Beauty”. Not the kind leukemia can temporarily take away, but the kind that exudes from inside a truly beautiful person. Everyone who has ever been graced with her presence or been within earshot of her contagious giggle went away a better person. Not a typical girlie girl, her favorite colors are not the pastels one thinks of as girl colors but instead passionate, bright reds and purples; attributes of her strong spirit. To understand the adventurous courage of Castalia, you need only know that she was diagnosed while in California on a summer trip to learn to surf. So determined was she to get all she could out of that adventure, when the acute symptoms began to manifest themselves she blew them off and rationalized logical excuses for them. Only when the symptoms became serious enough for her to go to the emergency room did she give in to the reality of her condition. The hope for Castalia is to one day see her on a surf board hanging ten stronger and more beautiful than ever; inside and out. Castalia’s family has no insurance and have ahead of them what is projected to be an enormously expensive two-and-a-half-year fight to beat leukemia. Donations to Castalia can be made at any Austin Bank to an account in the name of Debbie Lee Townsend FBO Castalia Bella Barron. To follow Castalia’s story, look for Castalia’s Crewsade on facebook soon.

Many fundraising events are being scheduled to raise funds for Miss Castalia Barron’s medical & transportation needs back & forth to Children’s Medical Center for chemo treatments etc. The following are a few of the fundraising events being scheduled, Online Auction & Raffle, Bake sales across our surrounding areas, as well as garage sales, car washes, motorcycle run, fish fry, live auction, benefit concert etc. with 100% of the proceeds raised benefiting the Barron family. Please keep checking back for updated events.

Current Fundraising Events Scheduled:

Saturday, September 10, 2011 @ 8:00am – Sept. 15, 2011  – Auction&Raffle 4 Castalia Barron – by Lil’ Bits & Bows is holding an online auction, which is being held here: Lil’ Bits & Bows is donating 100% of the proceeds raised to Castalia’s medical expenses. Please help with ANY donation that you can make! A few examples:boutique items, bows, clothes, unopened toiletries, baby/kid items, household items that can be shipped, services, ANYTHING that can be sold WILL make something to help out this family in need!! Please visit for more information about this event.

Saturday, Sept. 24 @ 10:00am – Sept. 25 @ 1:00am– Castalia Barron’s Leukemia Benefit “Pure Beauty” Benefit Bike Run, Fish Fry, Auction & “Wes Jeans” in Concert.  The goal is to raise $10,000 from this event to help this family through what is predicted to be a minimum 2 ½ year process to beat this disease. All proceeds from the bike run, fish fry, auction, t-shirts, koozies, wristbands and more will go to the family. Please help us help them!

 Registration begins at 10:00 a.m. – $10.00 per person

First Bike Out 11:00 a.m. – Last Bike In 3:00 p.m.

 Fish Fry Starts 3:30 p.m.  

Live Auction Begins 4:30 p.m.

Concert 9:00 p.m.-1:00 a.m. ($5.00 Cover Charge)

 Cash donations can be made directly to Castalia’s family at any Austin Bank location to the account in the name of: Debbie Lee Townsend FBO Castalia Bella Barron

 For more info call 903.539.0296 – Email: – Facebook: ParadiseHarbor

Help us print fliers & pass them out everywhere you go in order to spread the word about this important cause. The flyer is located under Castalia_Flyer.doc located at:

Please help us contact all the area motorcycle clubs. If you know anyone who is part of a motorcycle club, please have them contact Debbie via call or text at 903.539.0296 or or at If you know any businesses or individuals who may want to donate items or services for the auction, please ask them to contact us as well. We are also looking for sponsors to help with setting up a children’s area. Wes Jeans in the concert! Please share this event with all of your friends. All proceeds benefit Castalia Bella Barron.

Thurs. Oct. 6, 2011 @ 9:00am – Sat. Oct. 8th, 2011 @ 6:00pm – Fundraiser Garage Sale in Golden, Tx. with 100% of proceeds raised benefiting the Barron family. *Donated items for garage sales & silent auction, are currently being accepted & GREATLY appreciated.


You can visit for more information.


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