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ANOTHER frustrating #EastTexas moment today….. First stakeout of the year… thankfully I avoided having it escalate to a full blown #ShakeDown
Being a wellness trainer and health educator in the heart of an oil loving, meth addicted, under educated land of traditional thinkers makes me appear a threat often here.
I’m a fairly large muscular male with a shaved head which at first glance can strike fear in some that are scared easily. To others my physique may be less feared and more attractive but my actions result in a “concerned citizen call” to the local PD. Sometimes it is for wearing clothing with radical renewable, organic thinking messages or hemp emblems on my vehicles, or individual non christian thinking ideologies on my literature or sometimes it is just for not having much of anything on or with me while being in a public park near children!
It is so frustrating that very few people here do outdoor fitness activities. So few that when people do see me or a few of my friends while we are doing bar workouts, the majority think we are mentally unstable or dangerous in some other manor so their first instinct is to report us to the police.
Today this happened again to me while doing a bar routine in the park. Mostly it is women who see men near a playground as a threat to their children. I get that. But those of you guilty of letting fear instantly over power your ability to assess the full situation and innocent intent of a stranger need to calm the f* down! Count to 100 backwards and meditate while you take in the big picture. The fear driven by fictional drama’s shows on television needs to be boxed up.
I had to restructure my workout while a local officer had to spend critical time away from helping people with real emergencies to run license plates on all the cars in the parking lot. I was ready to leave but he had a duty to stake out the scene for an extra 20 minutes and I could not approach my vehicle because the dirty headlight gave him “due cause” to harass me and shake me down for my ID and search my private property and vehicle and then site me with as many fines as he saw fit. Instead of using his time to self educate on pandemic procedures he had to circle the block and hide around corners hoping I would approach a vehicle for another 20 minutes.
I had to use the extra 40 minutes to continue additional sprints and other cardio instead of going to do my swim workout and read a book at the lake. I took the opportunity to introduce myself to the mother before leaving. It was clear from the first moment she arrived that she was the concerned citizen. I saw her pull her children back as they first approached the opposite side of the playground. She immediately lifted her phone and made a call and I knew the next hour of my day was going to be tense. She left the park earlier while clearly talking to the PD and then returned once the patrol arrived.
As I approached her fear had already been subdued by the PD and she gave me a half smile as I introduced myself as a local mission leader, wellness instructor and author. She was quick to apologize for reporting me and asked me to forgive her for causing me duress. The officer she spoke too apparently was one that was familiar with my community contributions. Her children quickly intervened to ask about my workout and my stories. I asked her to be more patient when assessing the situation in the future and to consider altering her approach on teaching her children lessons of fear and we departed ways as friends.
Once the officer finally did leave and I was able to rush to the lake, I could not shake off this stake out stress enough to concentrate on my reading so I returned back to this keyboard, sharing yet another stake out story.
Life Wisdom

This month Helping Hands Network founder, Tim Frentz, publicly introduced the Hawkins Texas Learning Center fundraiser to the local community.

The Network set up a booth at the Hawkins Festival and representatives of local media interviewed Frentz to help us spread awareness.

The teaser and one FULL interview was released today on

Hawkins booth promo




The Helping Hands Network (HHN) founder has spent 2 years building a support network in the East Texas community of Hawkins Texas. Business partners have been established; volunteers have been organized and trained; and now a community Education center is ready to be developed.

First option to purchase the community center property has been offered to HHN and they need to raise $35,000 to finance and improve it.


(You can visit this link on FLIKR to scroll your cursor and look around the studio space!)

The location of the property is perfect for the newest HHN addition because there are several groups working together to improve the impoverished neighborhood.

The Hawkins / Holy Lake Ranch area churches work together to support one central Helping Hand Mission to provide food, shelter and household emergency items to those in need. This mission is one block from the HHN education center.

The Hawkins area Chamber of Commerce is developing a business incubator location to provide job training to help improve the poverty and homeless problems. This location is 2 blocks from the HHN site.

The City of Hawkins has developed a community park with updated features on the same street as the HHN site.

There is a partnering motel on the same street that can provide emergency shelter to those homeless during disaster relief situations.

The HHN is working with these groups by providing business skill training, survival workshops, wellness classes and other wonderful events at the community education center property. The two story complex is perfect for the program.


(You can pause the youtube video & drag your cursor to look around the property.)

The upper level provides office space, storage and a wellness studio where visitors have events like yoga and movie/game nights. The lower level will be developed for emergency shelter, group meals, classroom training and art studio space. A community garden is in the second year of growth on the surrounding property.

IF enough money is not raised by March 2018, the property will be sold to the public and the community center and garden program will be forced to start over so please donate if you can. Direct deposits via paypal ID (tfrentz @ hotmail) are preferred to accelerate the processing time. 

Thank you for your consideration.



ANY gifted amount receives 6 FREE Tech/Computer Consulting Service Calls

$100+ receives a free home repair valued up to 25% of the amount gifted AND 5% off any item listed on our eBay store per $100 gifted. Visit 

$500+ receives a 25% discount on 6 home repair service calls & 6 free tech services.  

$1000+ receives a 25% discount on 12 home repair service calls & 12 free tech services AND a voting seat on the Education Center Board of Directors.


*What is the vision of Helping Hands Network – what kind of future do you want for
Using technology to solve problems in our communities. Our supporters connect with any like minded people they meet and bring them into the network so we can make bigger impacts.


*What are the core values of Helping Hands Network – what values matter most for the journey toward that future?
Team work, minimization of waste, efficiency of resources and community sustainability


*What is the mission or mantra of Helping Hands Network – what does Helping Hands Network do to turn that future into a reality?
Over and over again through our social media outlets, I see our supporters working
together to create the needed changes. Our blog is full of stories and results that I
love sharing with anyone who contacts us through


*How can people get involved with Helping Hands Network?
Social Media via the


*What are your strengths and how do they play out in your personal life, at work, and in the community?

Motivation, leadership
My life and my work are one in the same. If yours are not then you are in the wrong
field. Every day we have an example of how our efforts motivate and lead in
communities everywhere. Using the foundation of the arts allows our reach to expand beyond comprehension. Be it our publications being read, song lyrics telling our stories, social media posts, podcast recordings, google picture albums, wordpress
blogs, youtube videos and so on.

*What core values does Lincoln put into action that make Lincoln a great community?

We are a national group and we are just getting started here in Lincoln but I have
already had a chance to network with great causes like the Chisholm organic dairy
farm, community garden groups, an IRS harassment case, injury and disability causes and a few others.

The Lincoln community has great opportunities if one knows where to look. This a prime example of using our social media tools. We build group activity pages on facebook and then use them to organize these community opportunities.

Being in a region where it is too cold to recreate outside 4 months out of the year
has built some not-so-healthy communal habits like the lack of interest in outdoor
group gatherings but for the most part, Lincoln is far more positive in the wellness
category then other communities of similar size and location.


*What is Lincoln’s message to the world and in what ways can we grow to make the world a better place?

Unfortunately, growing is not the answer. It is not human nature to understand that our population has long out numbered our resources. Survival instinct has created this too big to fail economy based on capitalism and money. I know my reply is off the intended path but I answer this question the same for every one who asks.

Everyone needs to grow their own food and create their own resources such as fuel and energy if we are ever to return the balance and “make the world a better place”.